July 22, 2024
kyra from reba now

What if we told you that Kyra from the Reba comedy series was one of the children in the late legendary singer Michael Jackson’s Heal The World video, would you believe it? But the question remains, where is Kyra from Reba now? Well, Kyra, played by Scarlett Pomers, was on the music video. There have been situations where actors that were hugely successful in their younger years suddenly disappear, and we do not find them for a long time. For some of them, it is probably because they decided to quit and focus on other endeavors, which Kyra from Reba did.
Most times, these disappearances from the actors leave their fans in a fix.

kyra from reba now
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Take, for instance, Judy Winslow suddenly didn’t appear in the series Family Matters even when she was a big favorite of fans. No reason was given. Nothing. It can be alarming sometimes. When Kyra became scanty in appearances in Season 5 of Reba, there were suspicions raised. Also, you know when rumors will follow too. Some said, perhaps, Kyra, played by Scarlett Pomers, quit or had a life-threatening illness. Well, this article will explain if these allegations were true or are still true now—the question of where Kyra from Reba now will also be addressed.

Kyra Reba Now: Why Was She Absent From Reba?

Scarlett played Reba, the child of Reba McEntire, with the queasy attitude. She was the second child, and boy, did she play her role well? Most child actors grow to become established actors. Others, well, not quite so. For Kyra from Reba, she appears to be on the side of the latter. The Reba sitcom became the launchpad for some of the cast on the show. For Pomers, her music career launched from here.

Before we go into all of that, why was Kyra absent in the Season 5 of the show? Well, with a little body, any health change will become visible to people. Before the filming of Season 5 of Reba, Kyra’s health issues became apparent. After dropping to 73 lbs, it was obvious there was a problem. Fans didn’t know, but Pomers was suffering from anorexia. For this reason, she didn’t take part in the filming of the show’s fifth season. Instead, she was hospitalized to treat the disease.

Kyra Returned in Season 6 of Reba

With concerns for her health, Kyra only appeared in two episodes of Reba. However, after her full treatment of anorexia, she made a return to the sixth season of the show. She was able to finish the sixth season.

Kyra From Reba Now Has A Band

After the end of the sixth season of Reba, Pomers didn’t have many roles to play. She has always loved music and photography. With no role forthcoming, Pomers switched to music. She created a band called SCARLETT. It was a band focused on pop music. They released an Extended Play (EP) in 2010 called Insane. Well, after that, they haven’t had too much success.

Kyra From Reba Announced Retirement From Acting

Shortly after the end of the show, Scarlett announced she was retiring from acting for a while to focus on music and photography. Well, these were her passion after she became an adult. You will recall that she was snapped up when she was just three years old. Also, if Scarlett had wanted to continue acting, she probably would have gotten roles. Her performance as Kyra in Reba received critical acclaim.

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kyra from reba now
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Scarlett Pomers Was in Star Trek: Voyager

Before her role in Reba, Scarlett was on Star Trek: Voyager, where she played Naomi Wildman, a half-Ktarian and half-human. This earned her the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Drama Series from a Supporting Actress. Only if Scarlett had consolidated on this award, perhaps, she would have become one of the biggest actresses in the industry. The talent is there, of course. If there is any doubt, then her role as Kyra from Reba now should clear all doubts.

Scarlett is an Ambassador for Eating Disorders Association

After her infamous mini exit from the sitcom Reba due to anorexia, Scarlett has taken up an ambassadorial role for the National Eating Disorders Association. The association has also launched a program called Arch-Angels that helps to secure funding for the treatment of people with eating disorders.

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kyra from reba now
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Today, Kyra from Reba, played by Scarlett Pomers, is laying low in the acting scene while becoming more visible with her photography and music. It is a decision she took, and she is ready to follow suit. Perhaps, one day, she may reconsider returning to the acting scene.