May 24, 2024

For everyone asking how much money does Messi make, this article covers all that you have to know about it. Read down to discover even more about this.

How Much Money Does Messi Make? | $54 million in 2023, See How!

Lionel Messi, the record-holder of seven Ballons d’Or awards, which makes him the most decorated player in the history of the sport, has also been the world’s highest-paid player for several years—a fact that surprises no one.

This Argentine superstar continues to dominate the global stage, having scored three goals in the 2022 World Cup, a performance that has led his country to the quarter-finals in Qatar, where they are set to face the Netherlands.

However, Messi faced a pivotal moment in his career last summer when, for the first time in his professional life, he departed from Barcelona to join Paris Saint-Germain upon the expiration of his contract at Camp Nou.

This move was a surprising turn of events for one of the greatest players of all time, who, alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, has been the dominant force in the sport for over a decade.

Messi holds numerous records and notably stands as Barcelona’s all-time record holder for appearances and goals. He has clinched La Liga titles ten times and the Champions League four times.

When it comes to international football, Messi represents Argentina and holds the record for the most goals scored for his country. In July 2021, he led Argentina to their first-ever Copa America title.

Beyond his superstar status on the field, the 35-year-old has amassed substantial wealth.

Here, we present the remarkable financial statistics of how much money Messi makes.

What is Messi’s net worth?

As of June 2022, Messi’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $400 million. This translates to roughly £325 million in British pounds and €380 million in euros, using other major currencies as reference points. Right now he is worth $600.

In a study conducted in 2021, Messi’s wealth was found to be twice that of his former Barcelona teammate, Neymar, who has now reunited with him in Paris. Neymar himself is a commercial powerhouse in the world of football.

However, Messi’s wealth falls short of the total amassed by Cristiano Ronaldo.

How Much Money Does Messi Make?

How Much Money Does Messi Make?

Messi is the world’s highest-paid athlete, earning a whopping $130 million in 2022, according to Forbes. This is more than any other athlete globally. And he made $54 million in 2023

In this financial race, Messi is just ahead of Ronaldo, who earned $115 million during the same period. Neymar, another famous footballer, is third with $95 million in earnings.

After these top three, there’s a big drop in earnings, with Mohamed Salah at $45 million and Kylian Mbappe at $43 million, making them the fourth and fifth highest-paid footballers.

It’s interesting to note that Messi and his long-time rival, Ronaldo, both earn the same amount from endorsements alone, which is a massive $55 million each.

Since these financial assessments, Messi has moved to PSG, while Ronaldo became a free agent after leaving Manchester United. These changes likely affected their wealth figures.

A study from L’Equipe on March 22nd revealed that Messi has the second-highest salary in French football, behind only Neymar. At PSG, Messi’s annual basic wage is €40.56 million before taxes, which translates to a weekly sum of €780,000 from the club. However, it’s important to mention that this calculation was made before Kylian Mbappe signed his new contract, suggesting that Messi may now have the third-highest wage at the club.

When we break down Messi’s earnings into shorter timeframes, it’s quite astonishing. In 2020, he earned a total of $126 million, which means he made $10.5 million per month and had a weekly wage of over $2.4 million. On a daily basis, Messi’s earnings were like winning the lottery, totaling $345,000. Going even further, he earned over $14,000 every hour, $233 per minute, and nearly $4 every second.

Throughout his incredible career, Messi has earned over $1 billion before taxes and expenses, making him part of an exclusive club, with Ronaldo being the only other player to have achieved such a financial milestone as of 2020.

Messi Has Many Hotes He His Making Money from

Since 2017, Messi has been the proud owner of a hotel chain called MiM Hotels, and it’s managed by the Majestic Hotel Group. These hotels can be found in beautiful locations like Ibiza, Majorca, and Barcelona.

In 2021, something exciting happened! The hotel chain opened its first winter resort in the Pyrenees, right in the heart of the Aran Valley. It’s a four-star hotel with 141 rooms, and you won’t believe the amenities they have. There’s a relaxing spa, a cool indoor swimming pool, a fitness center to stay active, and even mountain guide services for those who love adventure. Forbes had all the details!

Now, here’s an interesting twist. Messi had to make a tough decision about a hotel he owned in Barcelona. He bought that building back in 2017 for $35 million, but there was a problem. The city had already approved it for demolition because the balconies were too big.

Messi wanted to fix the issue, but it wasn’t that simple. Any attempt to remove or shrink the balconies could have made the whole hotel collapse! So, he had to say goodbye to that hotel in Barcelona.

Messi Has Many Hotes He His Making Money from

Messi’s contract leak

If you have followed the news very well you will understand that in early 2021, there was a big uproar in the football world when Messi’s last contract with Barcelona got mysteriously leaked. It was like a blockbuster movie plot unfolding.

Here’s the juicy part: This contract, signed back in 2017, had the potential to be worth a jaw-dropping $555 million! But hold on, that’s not all. Just for putting his signature on that dotted line, Messi pocketed over €115 million as a bonus. Can you imagine getting that much just for signing a piece of paper?

But wait, there’s more drama! Messi also had a loyalty bonus of €78 million. This was like an extra reward on top of his already hefty salary and the money he made from his image rights.

What’s even more intriguing is that Barcelona claimed they had nothing to do with this leak. The secret spilled out first in El Mundo, a newspaper, and it caused a massive buzz worldwide. It’s the kind of stuff that keeps the football world buzzing with excitement and intrigue!

Deal with PSG

In 2021, Messi made a move to PSG, and it was quite the deal! He signed on for two years, and there’s even an option for a third year if he’s up for it.

Now, let’s talk money. Messi’s paycheck is pretty sweet. He reportedly earns around $43 million each year (that’s about €40.5 million or £35 million).

But here’s a fun twist: Messi gets a loyalty bonus worth €15 million gross every year, but there’s a catch. He only gets it if he’s still part of the squad when the summer transfer window closes. Loyalty pays off, literally!

Oh, and there’s more to the story. Messi’s deal got even more attention recently when it came out that he received part of his payment in cryptocurrency. Yep, you heard that right! He got a bunch of PSG fan tokens. These are like special digital coins that fans can trade and use to vote on minor decisions involving their teams. It’s like a whole new way to be a part of the action!

Who sponsors Messi?

Who sponsors Messi

Messi’s got some big names in his corner when it comes to sponsorships, deals, and contracts, and the top dog is Adidas. They’ve been in cahoots with him since 2006, and it all started after a showdown with their arch-rivals, Nike. On the field, Messi laces up their boots, and off the field, he’s the face of various other Adidas products.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo’s dance partner in the sponsorship game is Nike.

But hold on, there’s more! Messi’s star power has drawn him into partnerships with some major global players. We’re talking about the likes of MasterCard, Pepsi, Gatorade, Huawei, Dolce & Gabbana, Gillette, Turkish Airlines, and Audemars Piguet. That’s a lot of big names!

He’s also been the face of Pro Evolution Soccer for Konami and a key player in EA Sports’ FIFA gaming series. These partnerships have been like a money tree, adding more branches to his income alongside his Barcelona wages over the years. Messi knows how to make the most of his fame!

What businesses does Messi have?

Messi is quite the entrepreneur, and he didn’t stop at just sports kits with Adidas. He even launched his own clothing line. You can check it out at the Messi Store in Barcelona, which opened its doors in 2019.

But here’s a cool twist: Messi’s business ventures have been a bit more low-key compared to some other players. He’s been pretty selective, making sure his deals are tied to his performance as a player. He’s not the type to shout about products from the rooftops.

Oh, and did you know that Messi’s got a family touch in his business? His hotel venture, MiM, is run by his brother. Talk about keeping it in the family!

Messi’s not just about clothes and hotels, though. He’s into property too. He invested in a community project called Azahares del Parana near his hometown of Rosario in Argentina, and he’s got an apartment building in the city center.

And just to show that he’s a man with a plan for the future, Messi recently dropped £3 million to build a brand-new mansion nicknamed ‘The Fortress’ in his hometown. Talk about living in style!

But that’s not all. Like any smart investor, Messi has a range of investments to help his wealth grow.

And let’s not forget the good stuff. Messi’s all about giving back. He’s got his own foundation and has been a longtime ambassador for Unicef. Plus, he’s even pitched in to help the World Health Organization in their fight against the spread of coronavirus. Messi’s not just a football superstar; he’s a superhuman when it comes to making a difference!

What are his cars and assets?

What are his cars and assets

Messi sure knows how to enjoy the finer things in life! He’s got a collection of luxury cars that would make any car enthusiast green with envy. We’re talking about a Ferrari F430 Spider, a Pagani Zonda, a Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale, and an Audi R8 Spyder. These wheels are worth a pretty penny, some in the six or seven figures!

But that’s not all. Messi likes to soar through the skies in style too. He’s got his very own private jet, worth a cool €15 million. It’s not your average plane; it’s got a kitchen, two bathrooms, and 16 seats that can even turn into beds. And here’s a sweet touch: he’s had the names of his wife and kids etched onto the steps of the plane. How thoughtful!

Home is where the heart is, right? Messi’s got a swanky mansion in Castelldefels, near Barcelona, and it comes with a view of the beautiful Catalan mountains. But it’s not your ordinary mansion; Messi added some cool stuff. There’s a football pitch, a swimming pool, and a playground for his kids. It’s like a dream home!

And that’s not the end of it. Messi’s got a one-of-a-kind eco house custom-designed by Luis Garrido. He’s dropped over $2 million on renovations for this unique piece of real estate.

Now, let’s talk about Miami. Messi spent a cool $10 million on an apartment in the Porsche Design Tower. It’s not just any apartment building; there’s a fancy lift that lets you park your car on the same floor as your luxury suite. Talk about convenience!

Off the pitch, Messi indulges in yacht trips on a $50,000-per-week rental with room for 10 guests in four cozy rooms, an outdoor bar, and sunbathing space, showcasing his love for the good life!

How many followers does Messi have on social media?

Messi avoids personal Twitter, opting for an Adidas-run account, but you can still find him on Facebook with a massive 105 million followers!

Messi on Instagram has a following of 341 million fans, and his move to PSG gave his Insta presence a major boost, proving he’s not just scoring goals but also scoring likes!

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