May 24, 2024
Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie Hanna is not new to online scandals and loose talks. The YouTuber has, over the years, fashioned out a way of being in the news, although most times, for the wrong reasons. Her YouTube series “Confessions of a WashedUp YouTube Has been” has gathered a lot of controversies. Recently, Gabbie Hanna and Peter Davidson have been in the news. But, one thing Gabbie won’t stop is getting into trends with her weird takes and opinions. This is just who she is. 

Gabbie Hanna
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There have been reports that the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson is fake and a distraction from the incident of Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert. While there is no basis for this conclusion, many fans have taken to this assumption. For Gabbie Hanna, though, she is coming from another angle – she wants Pete Davidson to dump Kim Kardashian and date her. Oh, she has made this known on several TikTok and YouTube videos. Next, we will look at why she believes the Saturday Night Live comedian should quit his relationship with Kardashian and be with her. 

Who is Gabbie Hanna?

Gabbie was born Gabrielle Jeanette Hanna. On February 7, 1991, she was born in New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States of America. She is known for her insanely popular show, The Gabbie Show. But before her show, she was famous for making vine videos and her YouTube channel. Gabbie is a graduate of Pittsburgh University, where she earned a degree in psychology and communications. Little wonder she has excelled as a social media personality. Gabbie has gathered millions of subscribers to her YouTube show, where she talks about the most random things in the world. Unfortunately, there is no information on her parents and siblings. Although, we know she has five siblings. 

Gabbie Hanna’s Rise to Fame

There are only a few who were Vine sensations that aren’t as popular as they were. Hanna’s fame initially came from being a star on Vine, where she dropped short comedy videos which went viral. With success from her viral videos, she relocated to Los Angeles from California to establish herself as a social media content creator. With sheer hard work and controversies, she became popular with fans, and in no time, she accumulated millions of subscribers on YouTube and millions of followers on Instagram.

Gabbie has worked with several content creators like Landon Moss, Chad Perez, Lilly Singh, Brennen Taylor, and many more. Hanna exudes the aura that gets people to want to know her more with her comedies and videos. 

Gabbie Hanna is Private

As much as she loves to get into the thick of controversies, Gabbie Hanna is quite a private person. She doesn’t share materials that are private to her. This side of her makes her even more appealing to fans who love mystery. 

gabbie Hanna
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Gabbie Hanna and Pete Davidson

We must say that Gabbie used to be in a relationship with Payton Saxon, but unfortunately, the relationship ended. Perhaps, this is why Hanna has launched a full flirtation scheme at Pete Davidson. After the pictures of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson holding hands together leaked, the social media star has taken to her platforms to talk about Davidson.

In one of her videos, she uploaded a short clip with the caption, “When I found out Pete Davidson was pretending to date Kim Kardashian.” In the video, she said, “Come on Pete you’ve been my celebrity crush since 2015 ditch the superstars and date a loser like me for a change of pace #arianagrande #petedavidson #kanyewest #kimkardashian #gabbiehanna.” The video has received a lot of views and comments. 

Gabbie Hanna Gives Reasons Why Pete Davidson Should Dump Kim Kardashian

In another video, she wore a bathrobe and a facemask, claiming that she has five reasons why Pete Davidson should dump Kardashian and look at her. 

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For her first reason, Hanna claims she saw Pete first before Ariana Grande did and had been crushing on him since 2015. Her second reason is that she believes both of them are “mentally ill” and are known for public mental breakdowns, so they share something in common. Hanna also claimed that they are both fans of the Kardashians. 

The loquacious YouTuber said she was ready to leave Los Angeles for him for her fourth reason. But, she finally said, “we both hate social media, so P.D., if this video somehow found itself on your radar, I encourage you, stop reaching for the stars and reach down to a washed down f**k up like me.”

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While these videos have made the rounds, we do not know if Gabbie Hanna seriously wants to date Pete Davidson or it’s just for clout as she always does. 

gabbie Hanna
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It is left to be seen if Gabbie Hanna’s intentions were genuine or for the gram. As we speak, there isn’t any confirmation from both Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian that they are dating, but the coziness and them always seen together shows something intimate going on with the two superstars. Gabbie Hanna, which way now?