July 22, 2024
Luther Ford Biography Age, Height, Wiki, Net Worth & GF 2023

Let’s look at Luther Ford Biography Age, Height, Wiki, Net Worth & Girlfriend in 2024 so you can learn and understand better who this icon is.

After his appearance in the series The Crown as Prince Harry, netizens could not contain their excitement with the acting of Luther Ford, and they are now scouring online, including his Wikipedia, to learn more about the charming Prince.

Luther Ford is a multifaceted actor, editor, and director who has made a creative force in the entertainment industry.

He is famous for TV shows like While the Going is Good and Woods at a very young age.

He also received the July Award for Best Student Short Film in 2020; for Woods, he served as producer and writer.

Furthermore, fans show him admiration and love thanks to his well-earned fame from his acting career.

Renowned for his role as Harry in The Crown, netizens are now eager to find out the age and other details of Luther Ford through Wikipedia.

Luther Ford Biography Age, Height, Wiki, Net Worth & GF 2023

How Old Is Luther Ford?

After getting huge appreciation and stunning performances in the series, Luthor Ford is yet to have a Wikipedia page.

But we have brought you this article about the Wikipedia of Luther Ford as per public demand.

The Crown Prince Harry actor Luther was born in March 2000 in London, UK; he is now 23.

Who plays Prince Harry in the crown?

With the final episodes of Netflix mega-hit ‘The Crown’ dropping today, we’ve got the royal reunion everyone’s been waiting for… In their first-ever daytime TV interview, we’re joined by actors Luther Ford, Ed McVey, and Meg Bellamy – a.k.a. Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton!

Worried about Why is Harry not in the crown? Though the Duke of Sussex has admitted to streaming the show in the past, Town & Country understands that due to the “sensitive nature” of the content in part one—which largely feature Princess Diana‘s final days and the aftermath of her death—Prince Harry has decided not to view this season.

Luther Ford’s Girlfriend & Family

Luther Ford is an unmarried person. The rising actor doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend at the moment. Hence, we can say he is currently single.

On the other hand, it is believed that the actor cum director is fully involved in making it big in the film industry. Thereby, he doesn’t have time for relationships right now.

His ethnicity and nationality are British. While he didn’t share any information about his parents, he has more than one brother.

His Height

Height, 5’11. Hair, Ginger / Red. Eyes, Blue. Build, Slim / Toned. Television Created with Sketch. Skills Created with Sketch.


As Luther Ford got older, his love for acting and filmmaking grew as well. While it is a fact that he is a brilliant actor, he can direct and edit movies with ease.

He started his career through the short film When Bill’s Alone (2019). While he didn’t act in the film, he was the writer, editor, and director. The short film was released on his YouTube channel and is watched by over 37k people.

The following year, he made his acting debut with a short film named Dream Between. Similar to the previous film, it was also edited and directed by himself. Following that, he directed and released another short film Lockdown Romance in November 2020.

His most recent direction work is yet another short named Woods. Released in January 2022, the movie was watched by more than ten thousand members.

While his major focus was pursuing filmmaking, he often enjoyed acting. He took it seriously following the casting call of the TV series The Crown.

After three weeks and three self-tapes, he was called for a chemistry test with co-star Ed McVey and was finalized for the role of Prince Harry. In the sixth season, he was seen in five out of ten episodes in the respective role.

Looking at his future projects, he continues to juggle between directing and acting. He revealed that he is coming up with a horror film shortly.

Luther Ford’s Net Worth

Luther Ford’s Net Worth

Luther Ford possesses an estimated net worth of $150,000. Unlike most actors, he is multitalented and has his eyes on direction as well.

As a result, he could potentially build numerous income sources in the near future. As of now, he makes a living through acting and direction.

Relationship Status Of Luther Ford

Despite his growing fame in the entertainment industry, Luther Ford has managed to keep the details of his romantic life under wraps.

As of the latest information, Luther Ford is currently single and not dating anyone.

Many interested in learning more about the rising actor’s personal life might be surprised by this revelation.

But for now, Luther has decided to keep his relationships somewhat private. Luther has not yet confirmed some rumors circulating on social media regarding him dating his fellow actors.

The audiences are shipping, and some are judging him as gay based on his Instagram posts and as a newcomer.

As a result, the mystery surrounding Luther Ford’s dating and relationships is still unsolved.

While Luther’s professional journey has been a matter of public record, his personal life remains primarily shielded from the media spotlight.

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