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Stacy kiebler now

You cannot mention women who made a significant impact in Wrestling without sliding in Stacy Keibler’s name. From her time with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), it has been one success to the other. But, all of these didn’t come by Kiebler’s beautiful face; her hard work and relentless desire to succeed were vital. So, since the WWE star retired, what has happened? Fans want to know, where is Stacy Keibler now? Read here to find out what the queen of Wrestling is up to.

Stacy Kiebler now
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Not many know that before Kiebler started wrestling, she modeled. With a sultry body like hers, she would grace any cover of any magazine without breaking a sweat. And did she do that? Oh yes, she did. But her modeling career didn’t exactly define her life and the fane she has now. Starting from cheerleading to accidentally becoming a wrestler, the story of Stacy Keibler piques the attention of anyone. How did she do it? How did she become a wrestler by accident? All of these questions are what we try to give answers to here.

Who is Stacy Keibler?

On October 14, 1979, Stacy was born in Rosedale, Maryland, to Gary and Patricia Keibler. As early as three years old, Stacy had a thing for anything entertainment. Stacy had her high school education at the Catholic High School of Baltimore. She would later go on to earn a degree in Mass Communication at Towson University. While in the university, Stacy bagged small modeling gigs.

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She learned ballet dancing at the famous Jean Kettell Studio of Dance in Dundalk, Maryland. Then, with a pretty face, she was encouraged to take part in a beauty pageant. The long-legged model earned the crown of Miss Maryland. But it didn’t end there. Kiebler became the National Miss Pre-Teen.
Aged 18, Stacy joined the cheerleading team for the Baltimore Ravens Football team.

How Did Stacy Keibler Become a Wrestler?

You would be shocked to find out that Kiebler’s wrestling career started as an accident. Before that day, Kiebler had never thought of becoming a wrestler even though she had a good physique. However, her boyfriend at the time was a big fan of Wrestling. So, he took her to one of the shows, and after getting entertained by the wrestlers, Kiebler decided she would try the sport.

However, getting into WCW wasn’t going to come easy, but Kiebler would try anyway. So, WCW organized a competition where ladies her age bracket were to do stuff to win a grand prize of $10,000. Keibler beat eight finalists to win the award, and that was how she got into WCW. Stacy made her debut as a wrestler at the Bash at the Beach with the nickname “Miss Hancock.” Oh, she lost, by the way.

Stacy Keibler would later become the personal assistant to Vince McMahon after he purchased WCW to become a part of the WCF franchise in 2001. It must be said that she seduced herself to get that position. It is all about the entertainment in WWE, no? One thing that most fans of WWE cannot forget about Stacy Keibler is her daunting and flirtatious moves which attracted a lot of fans. However, she was also related to sadistic and sarcastic smiles that showed when her opponent was bloodied up. But, she still is referred to as one of the best female wrestlers to have happened to WWE.

Where is Stacy Keibler Now?

After going under the grid, every fan’s lips question is, where is Stacy Keibler now? Is she married? Why did she go under the radar? Well, Stacy is married happily to Future Ads CEO Jared Probe. Before their marriage, Stacy has had a lot of relationships, including with George Clooney in 2011. Stacy has had a truckload of relationships that didn’t work out as a model and an attractive one.

However, it looks like, with Probe, she just may have settled. The duo started dating in 2013 before marrying each other on March 8, 2014. Together they have three children; Avra Grave, Isabella Faith, and Bodhi Brooks.

As it seems, the question of what Stacy Keibler now does is answered. She is currently devoted to taking care of her children. Of course, this is a noble thing to do. But, unfortunately, this is why there haven’t been many stories revolving around the beautiful former wrestler.

Stacy currently lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with her husband and her kids. She was also not active on social media after she had her first child. She is back now, though.

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Also, Stacy is quite private about her life and has found a way to put a lid on what she does in her personal life.

What Was The Last Time We Saw Stacy Keibler?

Recently, Kiebler caused a buzz to WWE fans when she returned to the show to induct her best friend in real life and fight buddy in the ring, Torrie Wilson, into the WWE Hall of Fame. However, this was the last time we heard of her engagement with the WWE. Perhaps, aside from taking care of her family, she is also running a business considering she amassed considerable wealth while a wrestler. Also, there is the possibility of her helping her husband to manage his company. The truth is, we will never know except she revealed to the media what she is doing at the moment.

The Couple Has A Skin Care Company

During her time in official media, Stacy and her husband found the company Caldera + Lab, a skincare company for men. The company’s products are certified as nontoxic by two of America’s leading agencies.

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Where is Stacy Keibler Now: She Does Not Have Plans to Return to Wrestling

Rumors were circling that Stacy may return to Wrestling, but she has come out to rule that possibility out. Even though she still maintains a great shape, she doesn’t think she can handle the stress of the sport. While Stacy doesn’t consider a return to Wrestling, she is looking at trying out acting. Hopefully, this works out for her.


Where Stacy Keibler now has received answers in this article. The long-legged woman has decided to focus on raising her children before she takes up acting jobs.