June 20, 2024
sage steele parents

So, who exactly are Sage Steele parents? When you are a celebrity, it is better to keep your opinions to yourself, mainly if the opinions divide people or are sensitive for discussions. For Sage Steele, the journalist, referring to ESPN’s vaccine mandate as ‘sick’ was the undoing for her. First, she got suspended by ESPN for this comment. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, she sparked nationwide boos for blaming women’s fashion choices for their sexual harassment. This article will cover everything related to her, including who Sage Steele parents are. 

sage steele parents
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While Sage, on her part, is an individual that divides opinion, her father is a well-respected man and a history maker. Sage has had several comments where she is adjudged to have crossed the line. For instance, she once attacked the former United States of America President Barack Obama for identifying as a black man. That’s hilarious. Her reason for this is, since Obama grew up under a white mother and grandmother, he should have tilted more towards being white. Well, maybe she says all of these to get attention, or she is plain severe. Can we say something is wrong with her if it is the latter? 

Who is Sage Steele? 

Sage was born to Gary and Mona Steele on November 28, 1972, in Panama Canal Zone. Her mother, Mona, is of Italian and Irish descent, while her father, Gary, is credited as the first black man to play university football in the United States of America. Born into an Army family, Steele was introduced to the sport early. Sage has two brothers, Courtney and Chad, who are also into sports. However, they aren’t active sports players; they are into sports administration. Chad is currently the senior vice president of media relations for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens. 

One of the advantages of being born into an Army family is that you get to travel a lot. Steele’s family traveled a lot across states and countries. From the United States to Belgium, to Greece a d different parts of the world. Sage attended the Thomas B. Doherty High School in Colorado Springs for two years before Sage Steele parents had to move to Carmel, Indiana, where she continued her high school education at Carmel High School. She graduated in 1990. Sage earned a Bachelor of Science degree in sports communication from the Indiana University Bloomington in 1995. Sometimes in 2015, she was announced as the 2015 Indiana University undergraduate commencement speaker. 

sage steele parents
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Sage Steele’s Career

Right from time, Steele has always loved sports. Why wouldn’t she? Her father was a great athlete, and being his daughter, the genes weren’t going to leave like that. Maybe, Sage didn’t play active sports, but she decided to venture into the media arm of sports. She got her first job working with WSBT-TV in Indiana as a reporter from 1995 to 1997. She had worked as a reporter and sports journalist across different cities all her life. Also, Sage worked with some of the most extensive TV networks in the country. From ABC to Fox and ESPN. 

Steele joined ESPN in 2007. However, she once confirmed that she was offered a job by ESPN in 2004 when she was pregnant but turned it down. 

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Sage Steele’s Parents: Her Father Became The First Black Person To Play Football At The US Military Academy

Gary Steele became the first black person to play football at a US military academy. It is a feat that has not been achieved after a long while. We know that Sage is immensely proud of her father’s achievement. She once organized a unique feature to celebrate her father in black history month. Unfortunately, Sage Steele father is struggling with cancer.

Sage Steele’s Personal Life.

Sage is married to Jonathan Bailey, and they have three children. So far, there has not been any problem between the two lovers. It looks like they are happy together. 

sage steele parents
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Sage Steele Parents Are Proud of Their Daughter

You can never discredit the impact the family has on an individual. It is the most excellent support system anyone can have. Sage Steele parents are super proud of their daughter’s achievements, and they don’t hesitate to show it. When Sage almost quit journalism, it was her parents who her mother, Mona Steele, discouraged her from doing so. 

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Perhaps if Sage Steele parents didn’t hold their daughter’s hand when she looked like giving up, we, maybe, would not be talking about her today. This is why the family unit is as powerful as it comes.