May 24, 2024
kay flock jail

It is no news that most young Hip-hop artists are heavily involved in gang activities. Many of them have histories with violence which they talk about in their songs. So when the news of Kay Flock jail sentence came up, fans were shocked. This kid was beginning to step up in his music career and was getting all the recognition he could, only to be the sole suspect of a murder? A shocker! But what happened? Why is the Bronx rapper now branded as a killer? Was it a gang fight as usual? Read on to find out. 

kay flock jail
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On December 23, 2021, Kay Flock was arrested seven days after he was accused of killing a 24-year-old in a barbershop in Manhattan. He was immediately charged with first-degree murder. But does this mean Kay Flock jail term could be for life? According to online records, Flock, whose original name is Kevin Perez, was also charged for criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree. Sadly, this could mean a brutal end to a promising career for the young artiste. 

His attorney Scott E. Lemon still believes that the court can salvage the situation. Leemon, in a formal statement, said: “As to the charges levied against him, we have begun our own investigation into these allegations. But, more importantly, considering the D.A.’s significant disclosure this morning that the NYPD received a tip saying someone else is the shooter, we demanded the D.A.’s office provide prompt disclosure of the videos referenced in the complaint and more information on the tip.”

Kevin Perez’s Career

Kevin had only just started getting positive reviews over his single “Being Honest,” which he released in August. The song blew up and, in a few months, had a remix that featured G Herbo. The song became popular and was streamed by millions. Kay Flock released his debut album, The D.O.A. Tape, in November. 

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Sadly, he may not be real the rewards of his hard work in his music. But like it is said in court, no one is guilty until proven guilty.

kay flock jail
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Kay Flock Jail: What Exactly Did He Do?

On December 16, 2021, Flock walked into a barbershop located on Amsterdam Ave. at W. 151st St in Manhattan and had an altercation with Oscar Hernandez, 24. Hernandez was seated in a barber’s chair when Perez asked him what he was looking at, the police report says. However, that simple statement escalated when Hernandez stepped outside to confront Perez even as he walked away. But Perez wasn’t having any of it and pulled a gun and shot him in the chest and neck. 


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According to the report, a surveillance video confirmed the story. Plus, a police officer who lived where Perez lives recognized him in the video, crediting the story. Is this enough to receive Kay Flock jail time? You have the judge. 

Kay Flock Jail: Kay Flock’s Victim Is Allegedly A Member of A Gang

News surfaces that Oscar Hernandez is a member of a Bronx-based gang called Thirdside Gang. The police recently received an anonymous call that Flock may not have been the shooter. This is the premise his lawyer is basing the argument on. 


From all indications, Kay Flock is possibly in jail for a longer period looming. But, if he is proven innocent after all the damning evidence, then, perhaps, the teenager can get his career back on track.