July 22, 2024
scott evans partner

Since his brother Chris Evans, the Captain America actor, outed him as gay in 2009, Scott Evans has received attention for his art and his sexuality. So, who is Scott Evans partner? This is the question everyone wants to know. Scott is an actor like his more popular brother, although one is straight, while the other is gay. It may be shocking that Scott is gay, especially if they know now. But, Scott had openly declared he was gay since he was 19 years old. 

scott evans partner
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This article will focus on who Scott Evans partner is and the unknown facts about him. How did they meet, and are they still together? There have been stories on the internet about the two lovers breaking up; is this true? Please find out more about them as you read on. 

1. Zach Violin Has a Long Name

Many people don’t want their names murdered in pronunciation, and as a result, they try to shorten them. Some don’t feel comfortable bearing a name that is so long to spell and hard to pronounce. Some other people don’t like the name given to them at birth, and they change it to suit whatever they want. The former Scott Evans partner name change happened a long time ago. His real name is Zachary Jurjevich-Volin. 

2. He Has a Degree 

Zach is well educated. He prides himself as an alumnus of Utah State University, where he earned a degree. Unfortunately, there isn’t information about the degree he earned, but the degree is a business-related one from all indications. 

3. There Are No Information On His Parents

The identity of his parents has not surfaced on the internet. Nobody knows who they are. This is largely because Volin barely speaks about his family in public. It is also possible that his parents distanced themselves because of his sexuality. Anyways, we know he was born in the United States of America. Also, from his name, he is probably of Eastern European descent. Until he answers these probing questions about his life, there will only be speculations. 

4. Volin Was Scott Evans Partner

Zach Volin dated Scott Evans for a while. When they were together, Zach was the more outspoken one. He was the one whose post showed that they were dating. In 2019, Zach posted on his Instagram page that it was their (he and Evans) first anniversary of being together. They were fond of each other. In 2020, Scott announced that Zach was the first person he had spent two consecutive Valentine days with. However, during the pandemic, Scott announced that they broke up, not because they cheated or had a bad fight, but that the couple reached an amicable breakup. 

5. Does Zach Volin Have Children?

So far, there is no record of Volin having children. Perhaps he does have children and has kept them in the secret just as he has with his biological family, and we do not know. However, during Volin’s relationship with Scott Evans, they didn’t have children. If there is any information about him having children later in the future, be sure that we will update as soon as possible. 

scott evans partner
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6. The Former Scott Evans Partner Worked With Cadreon

There are speculations of Zach Volin being a programmatic strategist with Cadreon. According to reports, Volin worked as an associate with Cadreon for two years before switching jobs to Matterkind.


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7. He Was An Accounts Officer For eBay

Zach Volin worked as an accounts manager with eBay Advertising in 2017. Also, the news is he was also an account manager with Monumetric for many years before switching to eBay. All of this information is unconfirmed news, though. 

8. Zach Volin Works As A Senior Associate 

Today, Zach Volin is a senior associate for the advertising agency, Matterkind. His LinkedIn profile shows he is currently in a senior capacity as a marketing manager with Matterkind. 

9. He is a Sports Fanatic

Zach Volin is an ardent supporter of American football. If you are in doubt, check his Instagram posts, and you will see a lot about his love for football. 

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10. Zach Volin’s Net Worth

The former Scott Evans partner has not revealed his net worth. Yes, he has worked with and currently works with some of the biggest firms in the world, which means his salary could be hefty. But, the bearded man has not revealed how much he earns for the public to fixate on. 

scott evans partner
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Sadly, it didn’t work out between Scott Evans and Volin. But the good thing is, both are still friends and still keep in touch.