May 24, 2024
everything we know about SZA's parents

Who would have believed that someone who was acknowledged as one of the best gymnasts in the country in her second year in high school would go on to become a global music superstar. This is the story of the multi-talented SZA, born Solana Imani Rowe. For Solana, it must have been relatively easy to have conservative parents. This was instrumental in her decision to ditch Marine Biology in her final year and focus on making music. In this article, we will be looking at everything we know about SZA’s parents.

Who Is SZA?

Tracing SZA’s ancestry, there is no doubt that she has roots in Africa. However, even she has claimed that her origin is from West Africa. Solana Imani Rowe was born on November 8, 1990, in Maplewood, New Jersey. Her family, or rather her parents, are adherents of two different religions; Christianity and Islam. It must have been difficult for SZA to choose which religion she would be comfortable with.

However, today, she is openly a disciple of Islam. Growing up, she wore the hijab (an item of clothing worn by women in the Islam religion) and was in love with the identity it gave. But, after the 9/11 terrorist attack, people put the Islam religion under massive pressure. SZA faced discrimination while she was in high school. Seeing that it had become too much, SZA’s parents had to make her stop wearing the hijab.

SZA Was A Sports Woman

Solana was an active woman in sports. She was more frontline in gymnastics and cheerleading in her time at Columbia High School. She became one of the best gymnasts in the United States of America in just her second year. All through her high school days, despite the discrimination against her religion, she didn’t lag in sports.

SZA would then go on to study Marine Biology at Delaware State University. But, she didn’t complete her degree as she solely decided to pursue her career in music. Seeing her impeccable talent, it wasn’t long before she started garnering her fan base. She got her name from the rapper RZA.

Everything We Know About SZA’s Parents.

SZA’s parents have different religious affiliations, and this didn’t stop them from marrying each other. Her father is a Muslim, while her mother is a Christian. SZA’s parents are pretty successful in their chosen field. SZA’s family looks like it made for entertainment and media. Solana’s father was a CNN executive producer and worked tirelessly for several years before he retired.

On the other hand, her mother was also an executive at AT&T, one of the foremost network providers in the world. With parents who are established in the media space, it wasn’t a problem for SZA to decide that she wanted to go into the entertainment industry. There isn’t much information about SZA’s parents as it appears that they are private people, which is fine.

SZA’s Parents Didn’t Stop Her From Pursuing Her Dreams

If there is one thing we picked from everything we know about SZA’s parents, they let their daughter express herself. They were instrumental in her choice of music as a career. SZA’s parents exposed her to music icons like Jamiroquai, Miles Davis, Coltrane, among many others. Her listening to the musical ingenuity of these artists meant that her parents helped to build her foundation correctly.

SZA’s Parents Are Her Biggest Fans

One thing has parents who let you do what you want; another important thing is parents who will support you through your choice. This is the case for SZA. With parents who generally have shown their support to their daughter’s growth as a musical artist, it is all SZA ever wanted. SZA’s father is not seen openly with her at awards shows, unlike her mother and grandmother, but he has openly expressed his love for his daughter’s art. In 2018, SZA’s father tweeted a video of him tearing up after listening to his daughter’s song, Broken Clocks. Also, SZA has often told magazines that her relationship with her father is the best she could ever wish for.

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Does SZA Have A Boyfriend?

One thing we have come to terms with as regards SZA is that her private affairs remain private. Unlike other celebrities who let everyone know who they are with and all that, Solana has decided to be private about her relationships. One thing that happens to people who the public has no idea about their relationship is, rumors fly. One of those rumors was SZA is gay. However, she has come out to say she is as straight as straight can be. Some time ago, there were reports that she had been with three different men, but they all broke her heart. So today, we do not know if she is in a relationship or not.

SZA Adopted Nigerian Name

Fans and music enthusiasts alike were surprised to learn of SZA’s new name that she adopted on social media. Solana recently adopted a name of Nigerian origin, “Amarachi Chinonso.” A name interpreted as ‘God’s grace’ and ‘God is close,’ respectively. It is a way of her identifying with her African roots.

SZA Has Received 9 Grammy Awards Nominations

For her artistry and brilliant lyricism, SZA received nine nominations so far in her career. Interestingly, these are not the only recognition she has received. She has a Golden Globe nomination, Academy Award nomination, and several other nominations. These nominations are a testament to her talent. Hopefully, someday she gets to win and own an award of this caliber.

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We have revealed everything we know about SZA’s parents. Having parents like SZA’s is everything anyone who is aspiring to hit their goals would want.