June 20, 2024

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Again, the question of Seth Macfarlane wife pops up in 2022. It is also quite intriguing to learn that the star has never been married or close to getting married. At some point, rumors about his sexuality and shabby theories explain his prolonged singleness. Well, fortunately, and unfortunately, while the air around  Seth MacFarlane wife is still foggy, at least we do know that he has a new relationship. His new girlfriend is Anne Winters. 

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While fans of both stars celebrate their union, most have frowned at them because of the enormous age gap between the duo. But, hey! We really don’t have a say in their romantic activities, do we? Age is just a number, and love knows no bound. In this article, we will explore some interesting details about Seth MacFarlane wife and his numerous relationship history. 

Seth Macfarlane Met Anne Winters On The Orville Set

Indeed, love finds you when you are in the weirdest place when you aren’t even searching. Seth and Anne found each other on The Orville set after the actress joined the comedy cast.  It was magical as they connected on the spot like a match made in heaven. 

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 MacFarlane And Anne Winters Have Been Together Since 2020

 While their relationship became mainstream in 2022, it turns out the couple has been together since 2020. They allegedly made their Instagram relationship official when Winters shared a photo of them holding hands while watching a movie in December 2020. The image was intimate as they were probably in a cuddle position during the movie on their romantic mini-vacation.

Seth MacFarlane Wife: Is He Engaged To Anne?

Honestly, Seth MacFarlane’s marital life is an enigma.  At some point, fans thought the star was married to actress Racheal Macfarlane. It was shocking to find out they are simply siblings and nothing more. However, Rachael has married Spencer Laudiero since 2008 and has two children. 

On the other hand, Seth MacFarlane has never been married or engaged to anyone. Hence the fact that he has stuck things out with Anne Winters for the past two years hints at a possible engagement to the star. Nevertheless, until it is publicly affirmed, the couple is not yet officially engaged. 

Seth MacFarlane wife
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Seth MacFarlane’s Relationship Foray Over The Years 

Before the star eventually settled down with Anne Winters in 2020, he dated many top-rated actresses and celebrities like Alexis Knapp, Jessica Szohr, Jessica Barth, Kate Todd, Katie Sah, Christa Campbell, and Amanda Bynes. Some of his  other exes include: 

1. Emilia Clarke 

Interestingly, In 2012, Seth dated the mother of dragons from the HBO series, Game Of Thrones. It was mostly a long-distance relationship, and the distance strained them, so they called things off. But the relationship lasted for a year.

2. Eliza Dushku 

In 2008 the actor was romantically involved with  Eliza Dushku, The Buffy The Vampire Slayer star. T Although their relationship was private at the time,  it lasted for just a month, from January through February 2008.  

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3. Trisha Cummings 

Seth Macfarlane had a high taste when it came to picking love interests. He dated MTV’s 2007 season of The Real World Sydney, Trisha Cummings, from 2010. Regardless of how private they were about the relationship and how good they looked together, the couple broke up in 2012.

4. Kat Foster

Before her engagement to Jim Hustead, a Sitcom star from Law & Order,  Kat Foster dated Macfarlane from 2007 to 2008.  She even made an appearance on an episode of Family Guy.

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5. Halston Sage 

In 2018, rumor had it that  Halston Sage and Seth MacFarlane were dating as they were spotted on a dinner date together. To this day, neither of them confirmed the rumors of their relationship.


Seth MacFarlane relationship life is quite a lot to take in. We can only hope he finds his happily ever after with his most recent love, Anne Winters. 

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