April 16, 2024

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Because of how well she strings her jokes around her dating, sex life, and relationship experiences, you just can’t help but wonder, who is Nikki Glaser boyfriend? Nikki Glaser is a famous stand-up comedian, podcast host, actress, television and talk show host, radio host, and upcoming musician. She came to the limelight with her comedy at the young age of 18 and has been making waves ever since in stand-up and special comedy industries. 

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Some of her hit shows include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, ‘Conan,’ ‘Last Comic Standing,’ ‘Perfect’ on Comedy Central, ‘Bangin’ on Netflix, ‘Good Clean Filth’ on HBO, and the dating show ‘FBoy Island.’   Nikki’s jokes are mostly believable and chaotic; hence it isn’t a surprise that fans are asking, who is Nikki Glaser boyfriend? 

 Who Is Nikki Glaser Boyfriend? 

The question about the identity of Nikki Glaser boyfriend is mostly borne out of fans’ curiosity. Although the comedian is open about her numerous thoughts on love and relationships, it is particularly intriguing to imagine what her partner is like or has to say about her opinions on these subjects.  However, her focal point has majorly been about how tough it is to be a woman in the dating field where they are judged for their appearance, no matter how good or bad they look.

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The actress also  admitted  being on several dating apps and openly discussed her sexual experiences, especially in her sex comedy talk show ‘Not Safe with Nikki Glaser.’ All these and more only heighten the curiosity to know who Nikki Glaser boyfriend is as she masters the art of suspense in storytelling. 

 Who Is Nikki Glaser Boyfriend, Chris Convy?

Although Nikki acknowledges dating quite a few men, one relationship, in particular, has been quite significant in her life to date. Despite how comical her takes on relationships, dating, and sex over the years, Nikki Glaser has experienced genuine loving with  Chris Convy. Chris Convy is a Hollywood producer and writer who also belongs to St. Louis, Missouri.

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The couple met in New York when he worked as a producer on her 2013 show ‘Nikki & Sara Live. ” It was love at first sight for Nikki. She was instantly attracted to Chris, who is extremely good-looking and charismatic. They started dating almost immediately but unfortunately broke up in 2016 and have mostly been in an on-again-off-again relationship since.

Chris Asked Nikki To Be His Emergency Contact During The Lockdowns In 2020

The major reason why Chris and Nikki broke up the first time was that he wasn’t ready to fully commit to her and provide her with the emotional stability she desired. So, the duo continued their on-and-off relationships. Even though Nikki craved more from Chris, she wanted a deeper connection and commitment from him.

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Then something interesting happened during the lockdown in 2020 when they were on a date. Chris got on one knee and asked  Nikki to be his emergency contact. Even though it wasn’t the question she was expecting at the time, she still accepted his proposal with the mindset that you’ve got to start somewhere. 


Maybe being an emergency contact is a fancy way of saying, be my girlfriend or boyfriend. Whatever the case may be, it is a clear indication that Chris is finally leaning into Nikki’s desires after nine years of instability in their relationship. 

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