July 22, 2024
the truth about Maria Elizondo and Vinny

The story about Maria Elizondo and Vinny Guadagnino will not be complete if we do not mention where they met each other. If you are a fan of MTV Double Shot At Love, perhaps, you would have come across Vinny and Maria. Oh, you should also know that they have got history too. Double Shot At Love is a reality TV show that focuses on different people looking to find love. So, when season 2 ended, many fans were shocked that Vinny and Maria did not work out. So, here, we will share the truth about Maria Elizondo and Vinny and why their relationship did not work out.

The Truth About Maria Elizondo

In Season 1 of the Double Shot At Love, it was clear from the onset that Vinny Guadagnino and Maria Elizondo were attracted to each other. From the get-go, Vinny only had eyes for Maria. He pushed for them to be together, but Maria Elizondo just would not budge even though she felt the same way. Seeing the resistance, Vinny stopped persisting.

As is custom with reality TV shows, there are eliminations. Unfortunately, the elimination of Maria lies in the hands of Vinny, who had no other option but to send her packing for the show. Hurt by this move; Maria took to Twitter to lambast Guadagnino. She did not think someone whom she felt had feelings for her could send her packing. Nevertheless, the show is the show.

So, when Season 2 of Double Shot At Love was announced, fans were thrilled to see Maria back on the show. On the show, it took a while for the duo to get to like each other. After a heated conversation about the past, the two reached a consensus and moved on.

Is Vinny Single?

The Double Shot At Love Season 2 is about the participants living and working in Las Vegas with their exes. At the end of season 1, Vinny and Maria went their separate ways. Even though other girls have their eyes on Vinny, he does not see them. His only focus was on Maria Elizondo.

Is Maria Elizondo Single?

It looks like Maria is single. Even after her appearance on the show, we have not heard anything about her romantic relationship. Perhaps, she is keeping it from the public, or she just wants to have her personal space. If she gets into a relationship, we would not know how Vinny would feel about it.

The Truth About Maria Elizondo: Why Did It Not Work Out With Vinny?

Even though everyone around Vinny and Maria, even fans, knows that the duo looks perfect together, they still did not get together. Both have tried to talk with other people, but it did not work out. However, with each other, Maria believes that they are just friends. So, would they get back together? This is what many fans of the show would want to see. However, would Maria Elizondo and Vinny want that? Right now, it does not look that way.

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Vinny Would Love to Marry Pauly DelVecchio

When asked whom he would love to kill, marry, and fCK during the quarantine, Vinny’sVinny’s answers were somewhat surprising. So, there is Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Pauly DelVecchio and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. When asked whom he would want to kill, marry, and fck, he said: “Kill Mike because I can’t hear the same quotes over and over. F*ck Ronnie because I like toxic quickies. Marry Pauly duh.” Surprisingly, many fans agreed with his choice of marrying Pauly.

the truth about Maria Elizondo and Vinny
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As for the truth about Maria Elizondo today, we do not know if she will make it to any other season of the MTV show Double Shot At Love. Nevertheless, whatever decision she makes, we wish her all the best in her career.


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