July 22, 2024
scarlett pomers now

Where is Scarlett Pomers now? This is a question many want an answer to. Indeed, Scarlett is a talented actress, and not seeing her face on screens for a long time now must be uncomfortable for those who have pitched their tents as her fan. But, there are things that we all go through as individuals which affect our career path. For Scarlett, acting wasn’t giving her as much joy as it used to, even though she was good at it. We all have experienced this one way or the other when somehow, we feel we want to try another course of life. This is precisely what happened to Scarlett Pomers. So where exactly is Scarlett Pomers now?

scarlett pomers now
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Scarlett Pomers is an American actress, songwriter, and singer. Her works speak for her. She has worked on television, theatre, and film projects. But, she probably wouldn’t have gotten this much recognition if she didn’t start acting when she was a child. Pomers began to act from the age of three. Her discovery is somehow interesting. Now imagine you, as a kid, went out with your mum shopping only to be found out by a talent scout who watched you throw tantrums at the store. Yeah, this was precisely how Scarlett Pomers was discovered.

After her discovery, she started making appearances in TV series and commercials at the age of three. She evolved and has made a name for herself in movies like Star Trek: Voyager and Kyra Hart in the comedy series Reba. For Teen People to recognize Pomers as one of the teens who can change the world in 2014, she must have done something right. But, perhaps she can change the world through her music as she retired from acting in 2014.

The Early Life of Scarlett Pomers

Scarlett Pomers was born on November 28, 1989, to Michelle Galvin in Riverside, California, USA. So naturally, music was what piqued the interest of Pomers more even before she discovered that she could act. At an early age, she took guitar and singing lessons which helped her sharpen her skills as a musician. Interestingly, for a child of her age, you would expect that she would love slow, calm music but, sorry to burst your bubble, Pomers was a fan of hard rock.

Scarlett Pomers Appeared on Michael Jackson’s Music Video

After being scouted by the talent manager, Scarlett Pomers became a constant in commercials. Then, in one of the commercials, she was snapped up to feature in Michael Jackson’s ‘Heal The World’ video in 1992. Since her feature, she has made appearances in almost 40 advertisement videos.

The Career of Scarlett Pomers

The question of where Scarlett Pomers now must have been raised after some folks went through the discography of Pomers. By the way, her discography is quite impressive. So let’s delve right into it. In 1992, after her feature in the legendary Michael Jackson’s video, she was cast as Tina Denmark in Ruthless! The Musical. It was an all-ladies off-Broadway musical. The musical started in March 1992 and, after 342 performances, ended in a befitting style in January 1993.

Scarlett was also cast as Sandy in an Evangelical Christian radio drama, Adventures in Odyssey. But Pomers first significant role didn’t come until she was cast as Naomi Wildman on the UPN sci-fi show Star Trek: Voyager. Naomi Wildman played by Pomers, was the daughter of Greskrendregtk and Samantha Wildman; so, she was half-human and half-Katrina. According to the film, Wildman was born on their way to voyager and almost died due to complications from adjusting to the environment.

scarlett pomers now
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Pomers has also featured on the CBS American comedy-drama series That’s Life. The show ran from October 1, 2000, to January 26, 2002. Unfortunately, her role wasn’t prominent enough, but she remained one of the brightest stars of the movie.

Where is Scarlett Pomers Now: She Played Kyra Hart On Reba

If you ask fans what they remember Scarlett Pomers with, they will probably say her role as Kyra from Reba is the most memorable of all the series and films she has featured in. Powers joined the cast of Reba as Kyra Hart in 2001. Kyra Hart was the younger daughter of Reba and Brock Hart. She was a constant cast member in the movie.

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She Suffered From Anorexia

Reba’s fans and followers must have noticed that Kyra was noticeably absent in the fifth season of the show. This was because she suffered from anorexia which required her to be hospitalized. From twenty-two episodes made for season 5, Kyra or Scarlett Pomers only made appearances in only two. However, she returned to the show in the sixth season till the show ended in 2007. So, after the end of the series, what did Scarlett do? Where is Scarlett Pomers now? Did she continue to act?

Scarlett Started Her Musical Band

Scarlett’s first love has always been music. After not getting enough satisfaction with acting, Scarlett decided to try out music. She founded the band Scarlett, also known as the Scarlett Pomers Band. They have performed at places like House of Blues, The Roxy, The Whisky a Go-Go, Knitting Factory Club, among many others. The band released their first EP, Insane, in 2010. Some of the songs received good airplay and acceptance, but, overall, the album was mid.

Scarlett Pomers Also Love Photography

Powers didn’t just love music and acting; she was also good at taking great pictures. So it is safe to say Pomers is a talented human, and taking up photography wasn’t difficult for her. So the answer to the where is Scarlett Pomers now question has been answered. If it’s still not clear, well, Pomers is doing what she loves to do these days, and that’s good enough for her.

scarlett pomers now
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Scarlett Pomers had earned several awards for her performances when she was much younger, and they will serve as a reminder of her precocious talent. Even if she has stopped acting, she is still a talented woman.