July 22, 2024
brian kelly wife

Brian Kelly wife, Paqui Kelly, has to be one of the bravest and strongest women alive. How else would you measure one’s strengths if not by their ability to fight off cancer? Not once, but twice. That’s an incredible amount of strength there. Brian Kelly must be proud of his wife, and it is evident in how he speaks glowingly of her. So, how did Brian Kelly wife get cancer, and how did she overcome the deadly disease twice? This is what we explained here. 

brian kelly wife
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If anyone had expected Brian, a football coach, to leave Notre Dame, it wouldn’t have been Brian himself. Sometimes in November 2021, he granted an interview where he said he couldn’t abandon the team, except an astronomical amount of money is offered in the region of $250 million. This amount would only make him consider a move away from Notre Dame. Now, fast forward to a week after the interview, the news of Brian moving to join the Louisiana State University team broke, and the total amount of money he will get is $100 million. Interesting. Anyways, we both know that anyone would move for that amount of money, and it will not be called love for money. 

One person had to give the final say in all of these happenings, enter Paqui Kelly, Brian Kelly wife. Once she gave an affirmative answer, Brian chose her decision too. Why won’t he? Paqui has stood by him all the years and has been a solid rock despite staying away from home many times. 

Brian Kelly Has Three Children

The lovers met when Brian was a coach at Grand Valley State University. They found love in each other and consolidated on the love by marrying each other on July 2, 1994. Together they have three children, Patrick, Grace, and Kenzel, 26 years, 22 years, and 21 years. 

Brian Kelly Wife Diagnosed With Cancer

When Paqui got the diagnosis of her breast analysis, she didn’t know it would be cancer. After a mammogram in her breast showed a cyst, she was left shocked. According to her, there was no history of cancer in her family. Also, she believed that she was the healthiest among all of her siblings. She doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol, so where did cancer come from? “Of all the people it should have happened to, it shouldn’t have happened to me,” she narrated in an interview with Strong of Heart. Well, it happened, and she was determined to fight the disease. 

brian kelly wife
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The doctor asked her to report back the next six months to ascertain if it was indeed cancer. She did report, and behold; it was cancer. With no former history of cancer in her family, her doctors thought the cyst was not cancerous. Well, after tests, she was diagnosed with cancer. 

Brian Kelly Wife Found Out That Her Family Had Cancer History

Paqui must have thought that she didn’t have any history of cancer, and so, as a result, she wasn’t supposed to have cancer. But after her diagnosis came out positive, she found out that she was from a family that had cancer. Paqui is of Spanish roots, and she found out that her sister, Monie also, was diagnosed with breast cancer. After carrying out research, too, they discovered that some of her relatives from her father’s side died of cancer. 

Now that she had cancer, the chances of a recurrence rose from 5% to 96%. Unfortunately, after she was able to beat the first cancer, it resurfaced again. This time around, Paqui braced up a fight. This time around there needed to be a decision that would eradicate the cancerous cells. So, they opted for a double mastectomy. Even when she was battling with the disease, she didn’t make it about her. She still related with her family as she would have done when she was healthy. She fought for her family and was still there for them. 

Paqui and Brian Built a Fight Against Cancer Foundation

Brian and his wife opened up a foundation called the Brian Kelly Family Foundation. It was a gesture of faith as the foundation was opened some months before her second cancer diagnosis. However, the foundation was not operational as Paqui fought cancer.

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After her recovery, Paqui channeled all her resources to the foundation. For her, it was to help people who were battling cancer to see her as a source of hope. She became the mouthpiece for the “early detection,” she told the New York Times. The foundation, as of January 2019, had raised over $5 million in funds to fight the disease. 

brian kelly wife
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Brian Kelly wife, Paqui, is a survivor, and she has made it her life goal to ensure that other people do not get to experience cancer through early detection.