June 20, 2024
marcus freeman wife

It must have been a celebratory mood in Marcus Freeman’s household when the news of his promotion from a defensive coach to the head coach. But, of course, we know for sure that Marcus Freeman wife had a role to play in the success Marcus has today. So when Brian Kelly announced that he was stepping down as the coach, it was a shock. A decision that came barely a week after he left when he mentioned that he was not going anywhere in an interview. But, thanks to the structure Notre Dame has, it wasn’t difficult to find a replacement, enter Marcus Freeman. 

marcus freeman wife
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Who is Marcus Freeman?

Freeman is a former linebacker and a football coach. Today, Marcus is the head coach of the Notre Dame Irish football team. In his college days, Freeman was a member of the Ohio State football team before getting drafted into the fifth round of the 2009 NFL Draft. He didn’t have an illustrious career as he would have imagined as a player. But that which he couldn’t achieve as a player, he did first as a defensive coach, then, as a head coach.

Marcus Freeman was only a defensive coordinator, but Brian praised his work ethic and intelligence of the game. Even though it was a gamble of giving the job to a rookie manager, it was a gamble that was worth it. Also, Brian gave his approval for the appointment of Freeman for the top job.

When the time was set for his first press conference as the head coach of the Notre Dame football team, Marcus brought all his family members. Marcus Freeman wife, Joanna Freeman, received glowing remarks from her husband the same day. It was an appreciation of how Joanna had stood by him through the lows and ups. 

Who is Marcus Freeman Wife?

Joanna Freeman and Marcus Freeman have known each other for years. In fact, their love story started from college. They were both students of Ohio State University. With complete knowledge of each other, the duo married in February 2010. In an Instagram post, Freeman celebrated their ten years of marriage in 2020. There hasn’t been any news of infidelity or breakup since their marriage. Instead, it appears that the pair enjoy the company of each other and are really in love. 

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Joanna Helped Marcus Choose Notre Dame

With the stocks of Marcus Freeman rising as a defensive coach, many football teams wanted him as a coach. So, when Louisiana State University offered Brian Kelly the job of being the football team’s head coach, Kelly wanted to take Marcus along with him as a defensive coach. But, Marcus Freeman wife was insistent that Marcus stayed back to help the Notre Dame football team. He told The Players Tribune that his heart leaned towards Notre Dame even when the offer from LSU was tempting. However, he consulted with his wife, who assured him that staying back at Notre Dame was the best decision. 

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Marcus Freeman Wife Is A Mother Of Six Children

Marcus and his wife, Joanna, have welcomed six children: Vinny, Rocco, Gino, Siena, Nico, Capri. Marcus isn’t hesitant to share pictures of his beautiful family, who he calls the best gift he has. Together with the kids, Marcus Freeman’s family has grown into a cordial relationship.

marcus freeman wife
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If there was a definition of someone who understands the importance of a family, you might have to consider Marcus Freeman’s wife for a minute. She embodies the perfect helper, as Marcus himself has said countlessly. There is a lesson there, people. It is left to you guys to decode.