July 22, 2024
Mandie Taketa

Mandie Taketa is an American actress, martial artist, fitness model, but she is famous for being the ex-wife of American comic Wayne Brady. She is the second wife of Brady. If there is anyone Brady sings most of their praises, it has to be Taketa. While it didn’t work out for the couple, they still kept in touch and co-parented their daughter together. Mandie Taketa made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, and the beautiful woman is one of a few martial artists on the celebrity level. 

Mandie Taketa
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Who is Mandie Taketa?

The stunning beauty was born Mandie Adell Taketa on March 3, 1976, in Hawaii, USA. From her facial appearance, you already know she is of Asian origin. Taketa was born to a Japanese immigrant. Her father, Ronald Taketa, served as the treasurer and executive secretary of the Hawaii Carpenters Union. On the other hand, Taketa’s mother is a woman of European descent. Unfortunately, she became an external oxygen dependant when she was 30 after falling ill. She lived for 11 years before she finally passed away. 

As a child, Mandie Taketa was interested in martial arts. Not only was she interested in martial arts, but she also took to dancing and performing. Her father, Ronald, taught her martial arts and became her sensei. With a genuine interest and a passion, she competed at martial arts tournaments.

As time went on, Taketa began to prioritize dancing over martial arts. So, she enrolled in a dancing class and took lessons. Her talent as a dancer was so immaculate that she was offered a scholarship from Hawaii. She did attend classes for a year before dropping out. Her dream was to become a professional dancer and actor. To actualize her dreams, she moved out to Los Angeles, a place where opportunities abound to be whatever you want in the entertainment industry. 

Mandie Taketa’s Career

Mandie Taketa is a national medallist in acrobatics paintball. In addition, she is an acclaimed dancer and has directed several music videos and dances. Taketa is a bundle of talents. She is accomplished in all of these; she is also a bodybuilder. Can you beat that? All of these skills for just one person are insane. But, if you thought that was all, you don’t know Mandie Taketa. The fiery woman is also a yoga instructor and a physical therapist. 

Mandie Taketa
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Mandie’s Acting Career

While she may have excelled at other things she does, acting never really became her strong forte. However, Mandie made her acting debut in the comedy film ManBand! The Movie; is a film directed by the Irish filmmaker Dermott Petty. There are ts so many films she has featured in. 

Wayne Brady and Mandie Taketa

We do not know how the famous American comic and singer Wayne Brady and Mandie Taketa met. But we know they fell in Love after Brady divorced his first wife, Diana Lasso, in 1995. Four years later, Mandie and Brady walked down the aisle together on April 3, 1999. Together they had a child, Maile Masako, born on February 3, 2003. But, unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned as the couple due to irreconcilable differences had to separate. Their divorce was finalized on April 14, 2008. 

Mandie and Wayne Brady Co-parent Their Daughter

Fans have applauded how Mandie Taketa and her ex-husband Wayne Brady have teamed up to co-parent their daughter. To make co-parenting even easier, Mandie bought a house in Brady’s neighborhood for her daughter to access her father. It is a lovely gesture, considering how other people would prefer to go head to head on who gets the child’s custody. 

Mandie, Her Husband, Wayne Brady, All Quarantined Together

It came as a surprise when The Wayne Brady Show host announced that he, his ex-wife, her husband, and their daughter were all quarantining together. Of course, some people had objections to it. But Brady didn’t see it like that. To him, they are all family. They also made goofy videos of each other on their Instagram page. For them, they must show that they are one family and share a bond. 

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Mandie Taketa And Wayne Brady Are Working Together on a Film

Well, it looks like these exes don’t have bad blood between them. Mandie and Wayne work together on a hybrid comedy, with CBS being the TV network behind the production. It is a welcome development seeing that the two are committed to keeping a united front just for their daughter. 

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Mandie Taketa
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Mandie Taketa is happy in her new marriage, and the fact that she and her ex-husband get together must mean a lot to her and their daughter. Wayne continues to make more music and is featured in more movies, too; on the other hand, Mandie is also occupied with making a name for herself.