June 20, 2024
Franklin Sabrina Prater

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If you think social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and even YouTube are addictive, then you are sleeping on TikTok. Whether as a content creator or content consumer, Tik Tok has you under its lock and key. To this effect, In September 2021, the Tik Tok App surpassed YouTube for average watch time in the UK and US. TikTok is one of the finest social platforms with premium content for consumers and creators like Sabrina Prater.

Sabrina Prater
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Sabrina Prater is a high-profile content creator on TikTok. While her sexuality is still unclear, we do know that she was a closeted crossdresser who came out by creating entertaining content as a crossdresser on TikTok. kindly read till the end to learn more about Sabrina Prater.

Brief Bio Of Sabrina Prater

Sabrina Prater is a 34year old cross-dressing famous content creator on TikTok with the handle  @Sabrinaprater625. She has 200k followers, and a total of 1.9million likes at the time of writing this article. Although the air around her sexuality is unclear because she has loved to play dress up and cross-dressed since she was a child. Sabrina Prater is biologically a man whose real name is Franklin. 

Sabrina Prater Surgery Success

The TikTok star is also very discrete with her personal information. Hence the question and rumors of whether or not she underwent surgery are still unanswered and unconfirmed. Apart from her audaciously feminine figure and skin tone, there are no other pointers as to whether or not she has had surgery in the past or has an intent to have any soon. 

Sabrina Prater’s Networth Revealed

True to its nature, social media influencing done with organic traffic is a gold mine. However, the exact or estimated amount of Sabrina Prater’s net worth is unknown. However, we do know that she is currently worth a decent fortune because of her organic audience that grew in such a short time following her viral video.

How Sabrina Prater’s Video Went Viral

We are currently live in a global village; hence we are each other’s neighbours despite the distance between states, countries, and even continents. To this effect, we must be mindful of the contents we put online because you don’t know who is watching and why they are in the first place. 

It was this same approach that made Sabrina Prater famous. Like most content creators on TikTok, she posted a video of her beautifully cross-dressed and dancing to the remix of Shania Twain’s Any Man Of Mine. The video was filmed in her kitchen and posted on the 11th of November. It caught the attention of viewers and fans alike, who began to repost and foster communication around it till it became viral with over a 22.6million views on TikTok.  

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Sabrina Prater Was Accused Of Kidnapping

Although Sabrina’s house is still under construction, she isn’t ashamed of posting videos she filmed there, even with the scruffy background. So the Tik Tok star is very content and proud of her space that she pays no mind to internet trolls who say awful things about her and her house. 

Sadly, Sabrina’s defence got broken by these strangers on the internet who bullied her when two women were seen in the background of one of her videos. Not only did the video go viral, but the baseless accusations of kidnapping also kicked in with all forms of toxicity. Some even went as far as reporting her to the police for kidnapping and human trafficking crimes. Initially, Sabrina Prater ignored them, but it turns out silence wasn’t golden anymore, and she needed to correct the narrative. 

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So, she addressed the situation claiming that the two women in the background of the video were her daughters. Yet the thrills won’t stop. More and more hate speeches and targeted harassment towards her. This prompted her to cry out again and appeal to the masses publicly. In her Instagram page,  Sabrina Prater said :

“Here I am, uncut, violated again for me. I didn’t do nothing wrong. You guys got to stand up for me because I am being wronged. I am sick of being hurt by this. I’m just like anybody else. I just want to be loved and accepted. I don’t want to be hurt like this. I didn’t get violated for sexual content or nudity. I didn’t do nothing wrong.”

Thankfully, her fans have heeded her appeal and have taken sides with her. They have also donated money to him Via CashApp. In addition, they also actively condemned any form of injustice and harassment targeted towards her by internet Trolls. 

Sabrina Prater’s Mental Health Struggle

Sabrina’s mental health dipped drastically following the accusations of kidnapping and constant harassment on social media. Because of this, she went off the grid for 7days between the 16th to 22nd of November without pre informing her fans. 

Franklin Sabrina Prater
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Her sudden disappearance raised the concern level of fans who feared that she had been kidnapped or sadly committed suicide. Thankfully, she reappeared and got back to posting consistently. However, she also revealed that the accusations and inhumane treatments she was getting greatly affected her mental health and caused her to struggle for her sanity. 

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People need to chill out with dishing out hate comments and harassing strangers on the internet. Instead, everyone should be shown an equal level of grace and kindness irrespective of their status in society. Of course, we also hope that Sabrina’s mental health gets better.