June 20, 2024
Angele Adkins and Adele

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Adele has sold over a million albums worldwide in the last decade. Dating back to her first two albums, 19 and 21, put her on the spur of the moment. After the birth of her first and only child, Angelo Adkins, in 2012, She outdid herself via a fantastic comeback with the Hello track from her third album, 25. Yet again, in 2021, she swooned her listeners with her latest album, titled 30.

Adele and son
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Although the album was primarily centered around her just-concluded divorce, she still managed to put her son, Angelo Adkins, in the spotlight with a feature in My Little Lover track on the new album. The way she idolized her son during her press round goes a long way to show how much she adores and loves him. While her divorce from her husband of four years, Simion Konecki, was a painful one that broke her in ways she could never have imagined, Adele maintains that her son, Angelo Adkins was the silver lining in her dark cloud. 

Since it is “Adele,” The British Queen of Soul, one of the hottest raves in the music industry who has won over 15 Grammy Awards and a couple of Oscars, with an impeccable music career. And has won the Grammy Awards five times for her outstanding body of work in her album, 25. Whatever or whoever interests her and gets her raving endlessly as her son did make her, would definitely interest her fans. Hence the reason why they are geared up to know all about her cute little boy, Angelo Adkins. 

1. Who Is Angelo Adkins?

Angelo Adkins is the first son and only child of award-winning British singer and songwriter Adele. The only seed of her marriage with her ex-husband, Simeon Konecki. Angelo Adkins is a rich kid judging from his Mother’s global status and father, an investment banker and a philanthropist.

Angelo Adkins
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#2. Angelo Adkins Is 10 Years Old

Although Angelo Adkins is currently nine years old, he will celebrate his big 10th birthday in October. The young lad, whose birth name is Angelo James Adkins, was born on the 19th of October, 2012, in England, United Kingdom. 

3. Angelo Adkins Has A Mixed White Ethnicity? 

Although there aren’t many pictures of Adele’s son on the internet, he bears an uncanny resemblance to his mother, Adele, from the few ones we’ve seen. To top it up, he also bears her last name, Adkins. While Angelo is still in his mother’s custody, he maintains a cordial relationship with his father. 

Although both his parents are white, making him a member of the English ethnic group, his ethnicity is utterly mixed. This is because His maternal grandmother, Penny Adkins, is an English native while his Maternal grandfather, Marc Evans, is a native of Welsh. Although details of his paternal ancestry are unknown, they are also whites. And he also has a good relationship with his paternal grandparents, Victoria and Alexandra Konecki.

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4. Is Angelo Adkins Homeschooled?

Other than the few pictures on the internet and his melodious voice on his mother song, My Little Lover in her new album, 30, Angelo Adkins has lived a very private life. So, there are no bits of information about his education. In hindsight, judging from his affluent background, he is either homeschooled or attends a gentry school in the United Kingdom. 

#5. Angelo Is Gender Neutral 

Biologically, Angelo is a boy, but his mother, Adele, is raising him as gender-neutral. One time, he was spotted wearing a princess Anna costume in Disneyland.

#6. Angelo Adkins Is Not Active On Social Media

If you were hoping that somehow Angelo Adkins has a social media presence, then you are wrong. The celebrity kid doesn’t have a social media presence as he isn’t active on any platform. Angelo Adkins is sheltered from the world and media. This is because his parents, particularly his mother, Adele, want him to grow up very far away from negativity in the world and media for as long as they can. 

7. Angelo Adkins Has A Fat Net Worth

Although Angelo will be ten years old in October, he is still a child. He hasn’t even gotten his first job yet, not to talk of a paycheck. However, he has a fat net worth and lives a luxurious life off the wealth of both his parents combined. His Mother is worth about $190 million, while his father is worth $2million. He is also entitled to a five-figure settlement granted to him by a court for infringement of privacy rights when he was a baby. Cobras Images Uk Limited agency took and published pictures of him without consent in a playground in 2014.

8. Angelo Doesn’t Know His Mother, Adele, Is Famous

One of the cutest prank videos to watch is when people don’t recognize celebrities and react casually to their presence in a shared space. It turns out Adele is constantly living in one of such videos with her son because he doesn’t know she is a famous singer. He has never even seen her perform on stage until recently at the  Adele One Night Only taping in October. When his Mother gave him a special shout out during the show, saying:

“This is the first time that my son has ever seen me perform. It’s the absolute honor of my life to have you here tonight, baby.” 

Adele narrated how he found out she was famous through her Instagram page. Then, according to her, he approached her and said: 

 “Then he was like, ‘People really like you,'” 

Adele also told Oprah Winfrey: “He’s starting to get it a little bit, but not really.” 

However, when he attended Taylor Swift’s concert, the picture became a little clear that his Mother might be a famous singer. 

Angele Adkins and Adele
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9. Angelo Doesn’t Understand The Concept Of A Divorce

Divorce isn’t a good end but sometimes the best for certain situations like Adele’s. It is an intricate subject and takes time and healing to grasp the concept fully as adults. Hence it is pretty sad that little Angelo is saddled with the responsibility of understanding that his parents, whom he has grown to love together all his life, are now divorced. He doesn’t understand any aspect of it. His mother, Adele, told Vogue that he is baffled, curious, and won’t stop asking emotional questions about the subject. She said : 

“He has so many simple questions for me that I can’t answer, because I don’t know the answer,”

 She recapped him asking :

“Like, Why can’t we still live together? That’s just not what people do when they get divorced. But why not? I’m like, I don’t know. That’s not what society does. And: Why don’t you love my dad anymore? And I’d be like, I do love your dad. I’m just not in love. I can’t make that make sense to a nine-year-old.”

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Honestly, we wouldn’t know how to act if we knew Adele was our Mother. Lol. Hopefully, as he gets older, Angelo Adkins will genuinely understand what it means to be the “son of Adele” More importantly, we hope to see more of him in the media too.