July 22, 2024
Jimi hendrix death

When tragedy strikes superstars, it is usually very gory or very awful. From drug overdose, suspicious movements, mafia links, and gangs to CIA hit lists and conspiracy theories, celebrities have these sensations about their deaths. In the case of Jimi Hendrix’s death, it is a mix of almost all of the factors mentioned above. So, if a word describes his death, controversial has to be the word. There are several claims about his death: some say secret service operatives murdered him, and others say he was done by underworld figures who do not want him to reveal information.

Then, there is the claim that he choked on his vomit after an overdose of barbiturates. But, you know what’s interesting? These claims come with substantial proof, even though some have been debunked to be false. So, what caused Jimi Hendrix death? This article addressed the death of arguably the most aesthetic guitarist the world has ever seen. 

jimi hendrix death
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If there is a word you should use for Hendrix’s music, it should be genius. In his short life, the guitar maestro released three studio albums to critical success, Are You Experienced (1967), Axis: Bold As Love (1968), and Electric Ladyland (1968). Hendrix was one of the dominant musical artists in the 1960s. In four years, Hendrix redefined how the magic of the electric guitar. The showman experimented with blues, and funk, infusing psychedelic props.

He was elite. He was quite the entertainer, but he was also reckless. Isn’t that the case for young music artists who shot to fame at an early age? They sometimes do not know how to manage the fame and, in most cases, let it get to their heads, losing their influence and having themselves killed. How did Jimi Hendrix die? We have curated some facts about Jimi Hendrix’death and some of them we are sure you are not familiar with. 

1. Hendrix Choked on His Vomit

According to the testimony of Monika Dannemann, a German ex-ice skater, she and Hendrix had planned to marry after falling in love. In her testimony as to the last occurrences that happened before the death of Hendrix, she offered him a string German sleeping pill called Vesparax after he complained of not being able to sleep. That night, Hendrix had taken in drugs, and taking the usual dosage of Vesparax would have naturally weakened him. But, Dannemann believed that he had taken nine pills. This definitely would have left him helpless.

Jimi Hendrix death
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On the fateful day that the artist died, Dannemaan claimed that she had left him around 7 am to smoke some cigarettes, only to come back to find him choking on his vomit. She called her friend after failing to get the number of his doctor. Her second call was to call an ambulance but not after she fickled with the idea that the authorities may question them regarding the drug paraphernalia around the room.

An ambulance later arrived two hours after she noticed Jimi in discomfort. Of course, they cleaned up the drugs around the room. There were so many discrepancies from the medical reports on Jimi Hendrix’s death, which again heightened the rumor that maybe, he wasn’t helped because some people wanted him dead. 

2. There Was Little Alcohol In His Bloodstream Contrary to Reports that He Was Drunk

Hendrix’s autopsy reports showed that there was little alcohol in his system. In fact, doctors found about 400ml of free fluid in his left lung. This again meant that perhaps he wasn’t murdered and choked on his vomit. In Jimi Hendrix’s death certificate, it was stated that the cause of his death was “inhalation of vomit due to barbiturate intoxication.” 

3. Jimi Was On CIA Hitlist As Osama Bin Laden

Conspiracy theorists have propounded theories of reasons for the assassination of Hendrix. In the bloom season of Jimi Hendrix, he was likely a government target because he was black. The 1960s was also a period where blacks were perpetually hunted down, so it is not illogical to think in this direction. The FBI’s Cointelpro (Counter-Intelligence Program) was designed to nullify black figures who held massive influence. Investigations later revealed that he was on the list of America’s most subversive programme to neutralize his influence. 

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Hendrix’s brother also confirmed that he was on a list Osama Bin Laden would later be on after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. So, again, this has brewed reasons to believe that his country may have murdered him. 

4. He May Have Been Poisoned By His Manager

There are reasons to believe that he might have been poisoned by his manager, who had connections to the underworld. James Wright mentioned in his memoir that Hendrix’s manager had confessed to him that he had poisoned him. According to the memoir, the manager was in debt of $45,000 to the mafia.

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At the time, Hendrix was also planning to fire him. So, he tried to kill him to cash in on a $2m life insurance policy he’d signed for Hendrix. According to Wright’s account, Jeffery, the manager admitted to hiring mobs to murder him. However, Wright had admitted to Jimi Hendrix’s US manager Bob Levine that he made up the story to sell his book in later years. 

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5. Jimi Hendrix Death Led Monika Dannemann to Suicide

After years of living with what happened to Jimi Hendrix, Dannemann committed suicide in 1996. There isn’t too much information on what caused her suicide, but many are made to believe that she just couldn’t get over Jimi Hendrix death. 

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