April 16, 2024

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Who are Travis Kalanick parents? It is common knowledge that Travis Kalanick was the former CEO of Uber.  He officially resigned in 2017 and then left the board in late December 2019. Upon his resignation and leaving the board, Travis sold 90% of his shares, worth $2.5 billion. 

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During his time as Uber’s CEO,  his business policies were questionable. He still manages to scale the business to a great height which it maintains to date. Moreso, despite the fame from the success of the business, Travis still managed to keep his personal life very private. But notwithstanding, there are a few details about Travis Kalanick’s parents. Kindly read till the end. 

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Who Are Travis Kalanick Parents? 

On 6th August 1976, Travis Kalanick was born in Northridge, California, to Bonnie and Donald Kalanick. Both of Travis Kalanicks parents have European roots: his mother, Bonnie descended from a line of Viennese Jews who migrated to the US in the early 20th century. While his father, Donald’s Slovak-Austrian is from a Catholic family originally from Graz, Austria.   Travis Kalanick’s mother, Bonnie worked in advertising for the Los Angeles Daily News. while his father, Donald was an engineer in Los Angeles too. 

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Travis kalanick Parent’s Were Involved In A Fatal Accident That killed His Mother

In May 2017, Travis Kalanick’s parents were involved in a gruesome accident during their vacation at Pine Flats lake. Travis took to Facebook to narrate the entire ordeal of his parent’s accident saying: 

“ My Mom asked my Dad to take over driving, a switch I’ve seen them do dozens of times before. But this time before they switched, our family dog got in the way, and the wheel turned sharply to the right. My Dad, seeing the boat heading straight for the rocks, swung the steering wheel back, but it was too late. The boat hit the rocks.”

Fortunately and unfortunately, his father survived the accident with five broken ribs, a broken leg and vertebra, and a collapsed lung. While his mother died on the spot. She is believed to have hit her head on a rock immediately after the coalition happened.  Travis’s father was brave enough to wrap her up in his life jacket and pulled her to the shore where they waited for help for close to two hours.

To this day,  The effect of Travis Kalanick parent’s fatal accident is still ominous in his life. He is very vocal about how much he misses his mother as her death left a deep hole in his heart. Travis is also grateful for his remaining parent, and never misses the chance to celebrate with him. 

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Travis Kalanick’s Father Introduced Him To Technology

Like most parents, Travis Kalanick parents, especially his father, Donald, had the most influence on his life.   From a very young age, his father introduced him to technology which propelled his love for it. 

They started out working together on dummy projects like building an electrical transformer. In no time,  Donald introduced Travis to programming when he brought home a computer. And at the age of 18, Travis became a computer geek with ample knowledge of sales. It was then he found his first startup as a door-to-door salesman for Cutco knives. 

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Travis’s Father Encourages Him To Follow His Dreams Always

Donald has always been very supportive of Travis. He always nudges him to not give up on his dreams. After High school, Travis enrolled in the University of California, Los Angeles, to further his education. He was business economics and computer engineering major. However, he later dropped out of college because of his startup, Scour.  Unfortunately, Scour became bankrupt In 2000. Relentlessly, he set out to launch another startup,  Red Swoosh which suffered for a while due to a lack of funding.

In all his trials and errors, Travis’s father was very supportive of him. He often encouraged him to hang in there and keep pressing on. Even when things got really bad financially for Travis, he let him move back home to his childhood room. Eventually, things got better with Red Swoosh and Travis sold the company for $2 million which afforded him money for a house in San Francisco. 

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When Travis Kalanick parents died, he received a lot of sympathies and targeted hate from the public. Notwithstanding, we pray that the soul of his deceased mother will continue to rest in peace. 

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