May 24, 2024
Aimee Hall

Aimee Hall’s rise to fame is beautiful to watch. Not many gave her a chance, but she is resilient if there is anything to learn from her. Not many know that Hall was a bartender before fate would have it that she would feature on a reality TV show that would eventually change her life. Something about Aimee Hall that is intriguing is that she seizes her opportunity at any point in time. After getting her fame from her feature on the MTV reality TV show, she also got into the cast of the MTV original series Floribama Shore in 2017. Hall is known for her Instagram posts where she does modeling.

Who is Aimee Hall?

On October 1, 1992, Aimee was born in Perdido, Alabama, United States. She was born to Teresa Hall Travis. The blonde didn’t grow up alone as she grew up with her brother. Hall was a Baldwin County High School graduate in Bay Ninette, Alabama. Before her fame, Hall was a bartender at the Scrap Yard in Alabama.

Here are ten facts you probably never knew about Aimee Hall. Some of these facts are shocking, so brace up as you read on.

1. She Wasn’t An Actress

Aimee wasn’t a trained actress before being featured in the MTV Floribama Shore. According to her, she applied to appear on MTV’s Party Down South after she needed a change of environment after a breakup. She didn’t make the show, by the way, but somehow the producers reached out to her to audition in Florida, and she landed the role. Aimee was a bit drunk before the audition, but apparently, her being tipsy paid off.

2. Aimee Hall is a Baptist

Aimee was raised as a Baptist. This was why she felt more at home when they were made to pray before their meals during the filming. It gave a sense of belonging. She still says she is a member of the First Baptist Church in Bay Minette, Alabama.

3. She is Daring and Bold.

One of the characteristics that makes Aimee stand out is her boldness. The actress sees herself as someone who is bold and can dare anything as long as it wouldn’t kill her. Hall considers herself a “Princess goddess mermaid.” Whatever that means to her, we know that she likes to take the bull by the horn.

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4. Aimee is Wary of Her Weight

Even though she is bold and daring, Aimee still thinks she doesn’t have a perfect body. She is the plus size, and she constantly checks her weight. Aimee Hall is very conscious not her weight, though she has managed not to allow the weight to get a hold over her.

5. What is The Other Name of Aimee Hall?

She doesn’t like to put out her middle name, but her middle name is like every other name. She is Aimee Elizabeth Hall.

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6. Is Aimee Hall Married?

Being in a relationship with someone for ten years and then seeing it end can be damning. Aimee made a statement on one of the episodes of Floribama Shores. She said she wasn’t interested in getting married and that, for now, she wants to have one-night stands. This is understandable, seeing that she is speaking from a place of hurt. After losing a relationship, not ten years, who wouldn’t behave like this? Aimee has had relationships with co-star Nilsa Prowant and Wesley Clements, all of which have not been fruitful. Today, it is rumored that she is in a relationship with Dillon Johnson. But she is not married and doesn’t have children yet.

7. Aimee Is Popular on Instagram

Aimee has over 100k followers on Instagram, and rightly so because she posts content that resonates with everybody. In addition, she does modeling, which means that she represents some brands.

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8. What is Aimee Hall’s Net Worth?

With her role in the MTV original series, Hall has accumulated some money. There are many rumors about her net worth, but reliable sources have estimated her net worth to be $50,000.

9. What is Aimee’s Zodiac Sign?

Aimee Hall’s zodiac sign is Libra. Born in October means that she belongs to the category of Libra. According to, being a Libra means being a ‘manic pixie dream person.’

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10. Aimee is a Brand Ambassador

With the fame gained in a little over two years, Aimee has taken this opportunity with her two hands. Yet, she has never seized to show the world what she can do. She is a model and has contracts with some of the biggest agencies in the country. She is tied in contract with Tropic House Swim, BooHoo Clothing, and Pretty Rebellious Boutique.

Why Did Aimee Take Anger Management Class?

Aimee is quite hotheaded, as she has claimed in interviews. She got into a fight with a woman identified as Melissa Bensinger at a bar in 2018. She was charged with battery and was made to attend an anger management class to help her out.

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