April 18, 2024
jerry harris now

Where is Jerry Harris now? If there is one thing we have learned from the lives of celebrities or famous actors, it is– they are never the same personality away from the camera. Run your head around some of the famous actors you know, and you will realize that some don’t actually have the stereotypical roles they play in movies. While some are good-natured people away from the camera, some of them are actually vile. One person who comes to mind is Jerry Harris. The breakout star of the Netflix docuseries, Cheer, may stay in jail for 85 years. The question is, why? Where is Jerry Harris now? Read to find out. 

jerry harris now
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It is a world where people behave inimically to what they look like. You have to be careful with what you consume online, as there are so many ideologies pushing vices as something that is good. Who would have thought the sweet Jerry Harris in Cheer would be facing trials over sexual harassment and, even worse, child pornography. This article intends to expose how Jerry Harris came to be what he is today. 

Who is Jerry Harris?

When news filtered that Harris is a prime suspect in a sexual harassment issue, his fans were shocked. They didn’t see it coming. But, then, there was no sight of the Cheer star, begging the question, where is Jerry Harris now? Why isn’t he debunking these stories? Are these stories true? These were questions his fans wanted answers to. 

On July 14, 1999, Jerry Harris was born in Hinsdale, Illinois, United States. However, he didn’t grow up in Hinsdale. Instead, he and his family moved to Bolingbrook, in Illinois. Unfortunately, he lost his mother to cancer at a very young age – 16. This had a great effect on him, but he could find his rhythm. Harris is a Waubonsie Valley High School and Navarro College graduate in Corsicana, Texas. Harris also was a student at the University of Louisville. 

jerry harris now
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What Happened to Jerry Harris From Cheer?

This is a question that many fans want answers to. On September 17, 2020, Harris was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and charged to court in Chicago for child pornography. This news came as a rude shock to fans and family alike. Apart from the child pornography charge, he faces additional seven counts. Even though he hasn’t pleaded guilty to the child pornography charge, the case is still in court. Also, there were accusations that he solicited sex from minors. For a young star who is just building his career, these accusations are not needed at this stage. Nevertheless, it is rather unfortunate that all these are happening. 

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Where is Jerry Harris Now?

Unfortunately, he has been remanded in a correctional center in Chicago pending his trials. He also pleaded not guilty to the charges. This is why you may not have seen his face since September 2020 anywhere in the media because he is actually behind bars. Would he be set free? That depends on his innocence proven at the trials. The answer to anywhere Jerry Harris now question is that he is behind bars waiting for his trial. Sadly, this is terrible news for his fans and family who have stood behind him. He is relatively young; hopefully, he is innocent and can set the course of his career all over again. 

Jerry Harris From Cheer May Face 85 Years in Prison

The criminal counts against Harris may see him spend up to 85 years in prison. It will be horrible if a young, promising cheerleader finds himself in jail at such a young age. There are four sexual exploitation counts against Harris. Each of them carries 15 years in prison. Also, the child pornography charge takes 15 years in prison. Altogether, we are looking at 75 years in prison. As if that isn’t enough, there is an enticement charge that carries a minimum of 10 years. That’s 85 years! That’s a disaster if you ask us. 

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Netflix Docuseries Cheer Returns!

The series that saw Jerry Harris become a star will be returning after two years out. The series, known for its drama, has seen its stock rise over the years. But when the show producers paused it, fans asked questions. It was halted because of the sexual allegations against Jerry Harris. Season 2 of the series will be returning, and it will be looking at the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, the accusations against Jerry Harris will also be looked into. 

jerry harris now
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We have answered the where is Jerry Harris now question. Sadly, it is not the answer we all want to hear, but it is what it is. Harris is a slim chance to get back if he is proven innocent. Otherwise, we are looking at a young man spending the rest of his life in jail.