July 22, 2024
Phaedra Parks kids

Phaedra Parks Kids are making the rounds on social media these days. Rightly so, if you ask us. If there is anything Phaedra Parks is known for, it is her role in the hit TV show “The Real Wives of Atlanta.” Her role in the show made her a fan favorite, and today she is pretty popular, even though she was recently just featured in a movie in October 2021. But with several careers in her offing, you really cannot fault her hard work. But that isn’t what is making her trend these days. Instead, Phaedra Parks kids have become superstars overnight. 

Phaedra parks kids
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The single mom, 47, never hesitates to show off her sons, who have become some sort of handsome mini models. Everyone knows that being a single mom, especially to two boisterous boys, is one of the most demanding jobs in the world. But, for Parks, she loves it. Oh, she absolutely loves and adores being a mother to her sons. Phaedra Parks kids are shared with her ex-husband Apollo Nida. Whatever happened between the ex-lovers stays with them, but as it stands, Parks is in the custody of the kids. We will examine who Phaedra Parks kids are as you read through. 

Who Is Phaedra Parks? 

Phaedra Parks is a bundle of many things, and that’s us trying to be mild. Parks is an attorney, producer, mortician, and actress. It is incredible how she can juggle everything together. Parks is the daughter of Regina Bell, one of the most memorable names in the movie industry. Her father, Pastor Henry Parks, is also a household name. She has three siblings; Keosha Bell, Henri Jacques Parks, Albert Bell. Born on October 26, 1973, in Athens, Georgia, United States, Parks grew up in a enthusiastic family about the arts. 

Phaedra Parks on Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA)

Parks spent seven years on the TV show RHOA from seasons 3 to 9. During this time, she carved followership with her strong and commanding acting. In 2017, Parks announced that she was leaving the show after a controversial fallout. However, in just late 2021, fans were thrilled to find out that Parks would be making a return to the show. This is four years after her exit from the widely successful TV show. It was announced by the Peacock network that the new series will be called Real Housewives Mashup. 

Phaedra parks kids
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Who Are Phaedra Parks Kids?

Phaedra has two sons, namely; Ayden and Dylan, 10 and 8 years old, respectively. Her sons have also made appearances on RHOA. They both know their mother is famous, and sometimes they cannot grasp how famous she is. Take, for instance; it took for Ayden and Dylan’s friends in school to show them memes of their mother before they finally came to terms with how famous their mother is. 

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Phaedra Parks Kids Have Not Seen The RHOA TV Show Because of Their Mother.

When Parks mentioned that her sons hadn’t seen the series even though they featured in it, we knew she was a good mother. To be honest, the series is for adults, and it would be sheer irresponsibility to allow kids to watch the series. So, yes! We agree with Parks’ parenting style. Parks also believed that other parents shouldn’t expose their kids to the show; maybe only if they are high schoolers, perhaps they could see the show. 

Parks doesn’t hesitate to show off her kids, and based on how good-looking the kids are, they have received praises from her fans over their cuteness. Parks must have bubbled with excitement seeing those lovely comments praising her for raising beautiful and gentle-looking kids. 

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Ayden is a sixth-grader, while Dylan is only in his grade. We do not know what the future holds for the young boys. Would they want to follow after their mother’s acting career? This is something we all have to wait to see. But, often, we have seen that children of actors and actresses take after their parents. By the way, Phaedra is not only into acting, so, but there are also many options for the kids. 

Phaedra parks kids
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We have told you everything we know about Phaedra Parks kids. They look to be happy with their mother. We do not know if they have a good relationship with their father. However, as long as they are doing fine, that’s all that matters.