July 22, 2024
gabriel boric gay

gabriel boric gay

Is Gabriel Boric gay? This is the question in the mouths of distant watchers of the recent hotly-contested Chilean presidential elections Boric won. At just 35 years old, Gabriel Boric is the youngest Chilean president in history. The former student leader turned president has always been a pro-LGBT+ movement, and he was vocal about it during his campaigns across the country. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that he is gay, questions like, does he have a boyfriend? Is Gabriel Boric gay? The latter question has surfaced all over again. 

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Gabriel Boric represents the leftist ideology and thinks that every human should have rights to whatever they want. The right to love whom they want and to marry whoever they deem fit. Since the independence of Chile in 1990, this will be the first time a man under the age of 40 will lead the country. For Boric, it is an outstanding achievement, and for the LGBTQ community, it is a relief that they finally have someone in power who would cater to their rights without any biases. 

Is Gabriel Boric Gay?

Speculations increased during the campaign for his election into the office, and even now, there are still speculations on whether Boris is straight or gay. Even though the feisty leader has identified as a straight person, the rumors have refused to die. The truth is, sometimes, people think those who fight for the rights of the minorities are the same as them. For instance, anyone could just be concerned that people aren’t allowed to choose whoever they want to be while not sharing the same sexual orientation. But, trust the media to paint scenarios of that individual being a closet queer. 

Boric’s opponent, Jose Antonio Kast, rode on the waves of marriage being between a man and a woman only. But the emergence of Boric as the president showed that perhaps, the Chilean people are ready to have conversations surrounding equality. 

gabriel boric gay
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The young, energetic president, in an address reported by The Guardian to a crowd after his win, said: “We are a generation that emerged in public life demanding our rights be respected as rights and not treated like consumer goods or a business.

“We no longer will permit that the poor keep paying the price of Chile’s inequality… The times ahead will not be easy.

“Only with social cohesion, re-finding ourselves and sharing common ground will we be able to advance towards truly sustainable development – which reaches every Chilean.”

Boric swore to change the mentality of Chileans and help them why the rights of people are important. However, he hasn’t assumed office as he will be sworn in on March 11, 2022. 

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Chile Legalised Same-Sex Marriage

For many people in Chile, the legalization of same-sex marriage was a thing to burst into laughter about. Gay rights activists celebrated the law all over the world. This is an important win for the gay people in Chile. Known for a typically strong law system, the Chilean government signing into law same-sex marriage is crucial for the fight against the deprivation of human rights. For context, there were same-sex unions that have been approved by the government, only that the marriage of the same gender is what is considered as the ultimate win.

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Is Gabriel Boric Married?

The Chilean president is not married yet; he is in a relationship with Irina Karamanos. They have been together for a pretty long time now. Karamanos is a 32-year-old social scientist who prefers to be under the radar. Would they get married? This remains a question to answer. 

gabriel boric gay
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The Gabriel Boric gay question has been answered here. In summary, Gabrie Boric isn’t gay; he is passionate about having a country where everyone respects their rights.