July 22, 2024
Dre Hughes

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One of the most circulated myths about domestic abuse is that only the men hit or abuse the women, which is not valid, like in the case of Dre Hughes. Thank God for civilization and the massive blow of awareness that has been raised concerning this issue of domestic violence via diverse platforms like local churches and mosques, support groups, workplaces, community leadership. Most importantly, social media platforms that allow live streaming like Facebook, Instagram, and the likes. 

Dre Hughes
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The power of the awareness has given strength to men and women alike to shake off the stigma that comes with calling out their abusers. They are even encouraged to take footage evidence like Dre Hughes did if they can from a safe space. Dre Hughes had a pretty normal life until the video of his abuse went viral on Facebook, then Instagram, and Twitter. In the video, his pregnant baby mama, Taea Jones, was seen and heard assaulting him verbally and physically by kicking him vehemently.

Even Dre’s plea for her to cease hitting him fell on deaf ears as she didn’t stop. Although the exact reason for the feud is yet to be made public, some social media commenters have attributed it to a backlog of unrest between the couple. Another set of commenters has casually dismissed the video as a skit that Dre Hughes was merely chasing clout. Below are ten facts about Dre Hughes you should probably know before deciding which narrative to judge Dre Hughes’s video. 

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1. Who Is Dre Hughes?

Contrary to the popular saying that no man is an island, it looks like Dre Hughes is one lone island. Apart from his accidentally viral social media assault video, there are no tangible details or background information about him. Although it is known that he is a native of Flint, Michigan, and an Alumnus of Southwestern classical Academy, there are no other substantial deets or pointers to who he truly is. For example, there is no news about his birthdate or place of birth, his parents, residence address, or occupation. 

2. Dre Hughes Became Famous Because Of His Facebook Live Videos  

Social media is decentralized media. It accommodates everything and everyone like Dre Hughes. Nobody would have known him if it weren’t for Facebook Live videos and assaults.

Dre Hughes
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3. Dre Hughes Is A Heavy Smoker 

One of the prominent habits or traits that can be seen from Dre Hughes is that he smokes like a chimney. He is a very heavy smoker, and he is very open about it.

4. It seems Hughes Lives With His Grandmother

Despite keeping his personal details privy, Hughes has managed to find a balance constantly posting stuff about himself on the internet. Aside from videos of his baby mama shouting at him, he also has videos of an older woman yelling at him. Although there is no confirmation yet, there are speculations that he is his grandmother and lives with her. 

5. Dre Hughes, Father Of Four Children?

If You only know what I want you to know was a person, it would be Dre Hughes. Despite actively posting on social media, he curates his personal life deets. While His Instagram bio gave away the fact that he has four children, and those children are growing fast. Perhaps one or all of his baby mamas bore him the children. 

Dre Hughes kids
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6. Hughes Was Assaulted By His Baby Mama, Taea Jones

Taea Jones is Dre Hughes’s baby mama in his recent assault viral video. Unfortunately, she constantly assaults him for some unknown reason. Fans are curious to know why she was attacking him and should be arrested. Some people believe that she has a temper because of the pregnancy hormones. Some social media users have condemned Dre Hughes for remaining in an abusive relationship with Taea Jones. 

7. Dre Hughes Squatted With His Baby Mama

Although Dre Huges lives majorly with his grandmother, he stays at his baby mama’s house from time to time. According to reports following the viral video of his assault, Tae Jones pounced on him because he broke into her house. 

8. Is Dre Hughes Mentally Deranged?

Dre Hughes  Instagram bio contains the most information about him, and we can’t help but wonder if he is mentally deranged judging from his bio statement that says: “I got 4 kids and a lot baggage. Lol, imma losses screw. I don’t got it all in the head so be careful when fwm.” This right here shows how much of someone is not necessarily fine in his head. 

9. Dre Hughes Suicidal?

While it is unclear whether Dre Huges is mentally deranged, it is also uncertain if he is suicidal. This is because of his mini display in one of his videos. He put on quite a performance dancing around with a revolver in his hands in the video. 

10. His GoFundMe Account Was Taken Down 

It looks like the narrative that Dre Hughes was chasing clout is true. After the viral video of his assault, he set up a GoFundMe account to raise about $5000. According to him, the money was to help him become a better person. However, for some unknown reason, GoFundMe pulled down his account.

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For whatever reason best known to her, the pregnant baby mama was assaulting Dre Hughes in that video. Still, she needs to calm down or face the legal consequences of her action. Moreso, clout or not, we hope Dre Hughes gets the help he desires.