July 22, 2024
Eric Brady and Suzy Kolber

The relationship between Eric Brady and Suzy Kolber is one of those that are up there. If you know Suzy Kolber, you would agree that she comes across as someone with a no-no sense attitude. Because of her perfectionist character, questions about her being gay and if she is married have arisen. To most fans, she is a down to earth person and this also shows in her shows, no pun intended. 

In this article, we will explore more about Eric Brady and Suzy Kolber. How did they come together? Where did they meet? When did they marry? Are they still married? Do they have kids? These and more will be answered as you read through. 

Quick facts About Suzy Kolber

  • Name: Suzanne Lisa Kolber
  • Birthday: May 14, 1964
  • Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus

Who is Suzy Kolber?

Suzy Kolber is one of the top ESPN sports news hosts. Her wealth of experience makes it easy to single her out for longevity. For over two decades, she has held her own in ESPN. With her coverage of some of the biggest sporting events in America, it wouldn’t be off point to say, she is highly revered. But, while all her exploits are in the open, Kolber’s private life has remained private. 

Suzy Kolber was born May 14, 1964, to Gene Kolber and Sandra Kolber in Philadelphia. There isn’t so much information about her early life, but it is important to know that she is very much educated. The ESPN presenter attended Sandy Run Middle School, before finishing her high school education at Upper Dublin High School. After this, she proceeded to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Telecommunication from the University of Miami.

The Early Career of Suzy Kolber

Right from her younger years, Kolber had always loved sports. When the opportunity came for her to delve into sports journalism, she took it with all her heart. She first worked for WTVJ-TV, a local station based in the centre of Miami between 1985 to 1989. Her diligence and style of journalism won her a local Sports Emmy award. 

Suzy Kolber is an ESPN Presenter

For Suzy Kolber, there is no room for mediocrity. She has often said that she is her harshest critic. To be fair to her, she needed that wake-up call every here and now, considering that she is in a male-dominated terrain. Before her ascent to ESPN, she also worked with Fox as a National Football League (NFL) reporter for three years. Her hard work caught the eyes of ESPN who offered her a better deal to be part of the Edge NFL Matchup show. At the time, that show was one of the biggest sports shows in the country. There was no way she could have turned it down. 

Meanwhile, she had also had a love for ESPN and it was quite an easy decision for her. To date, Suzy has stuck to ESPN, thwarting offers from other networks. 

She has also hosted a couple of shows on ESPN like Winter X Games and X Games. 

What Brought Eric Brady and Suzy Kolber Together?

For Eric Brady and Suzy Kolber, how they met is still a mystery. But the bottom line is, they did meet. Eric Brady on one hand is a very private person. Nobody knows when the couple met but it must have been in the early 2000s. Some tabloids have said perhaps they met in 2005 or 2006. The truth is, we do not truthfully know and the couple has not come out to debunk the rumors. Anyways, whenever they met, we know that started a relationship. They dated for many years before they finally tied the knot.

When Did Eric Brady and Suzy Kolber Get Married?

After so many years of speculation on if Suzy Kolber is gay, she put the rumors to bed when she walked the aisle with Eric Brady. They married in 2009. Only close friends and families of Eric Brady and Suzy Kolber were in attendance at their wedding ceremony. It was a private show with little or no paparazzi. 

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Eric Brady and Suzy Kolber Have a Daughter

The couple has a daughter, Kellyn Brady. They had the child reportedly the same year they married. 

What is Eric Brady’s Net Worth?

Authoritative reports say Eric Brady is worth $100,000 today. But, we do not know his source of income. However, his wife, Kolber on the other hand is worth a whopping $18 million. This is from her profession as a renowned sportscaster. 


For Eric Brady and Suzy Kolber, it has been a jolly ride and hopefully, they continue to keep loving each other. It doesn’t seem like Suzy Kolber is slowing down, so, we still get to see her lovely face and passionate analysis of sports.