April 16, 2024
Brian Flores wife

How do you explain sacking someone who had led the team on a winning run after struggling with getting points? Well, this explains why Brian Flores wants to engage the NFL in court over its culture. Flores was the former coach of the Miami Dolphins before he was removed from the position by Stephen Ross. While this article focused on Brian Flores wife, we will examine what led to the kerfuffle between Flores and the NFL. 

brian flores wife
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After his dismissal by Stephen Ross despite winning the games before him, Flores has alleged that Ross offered him money to lose so that Miami Dolphins would have a higher pick I’m the NFL. Also, what further cemented his position to sue the NFL is the culture which he claims is racially motivated. For instance, he received an invite to interview with the New York Giants.

But, three days before the interview, he found out from new England head coach Bill Belichick that the position had been filled, and the discussion was only a formality. Well, this decision enraged Flores. As a result, he has filed a class-action lawsuit against the NFL and all franchises in the league, stating racial discrimination over the “Rooney Rule.” Well, the NFL has decided that his claims are false and have prepared themselves to fight the decision in court. 

Who is Brian Flores Wife? 

Brian saw his wife, Jennifer Maria Duncan, is rather funny. According to his friend Mike Miller, Brian saw Jennifer on the balcony of a bar and said, “That’s the girl I’m going to marry.” The pair met in college during a spring break in Acapulco, Mexico. The two married in a low-key ceremony in 2009. Jennifer prefers to stay off the camera. The couple has three children; Miles, Lilliana, and Maxwell. Reports also say before Jennifer became famous because of her relationship with Brian Flores, she was a Spanish teacher at Foxborough Regional Charter School near Attleboro, Massachusetts. However, after her marriage to Brian, no one knows what she does. One thing is sure; though, she doesn’t teach anymore. 

brian flores wife
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Details about Jennifer are scanty. Well, except the details revealed by Flores himself. But in an interview with Yahoo Sports, he revealed that he met her in a bar and told his friend then, Mike Miller, that he was going to marry her. He did! 

Is Jennifer Maria Duncan Active on Social Media?

Jennifer has no footprint on social media. But there is a Facebook account that appears to belong to Jennifer. However, the page shows a few photos of Jennifer and her family. 

Brian Flores Wife’ Birth of Their Daughter is Unusual

Jennifer’s water broke while watching a match between the Patriots and Houston Texans in 2017. Even though her water broke, she wasn’t ready to give birth yet. She had Lilianna the next day, safely.

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Jennifer Supports Her Husband Strongly

You wouldn’t see Brian Flores without sighting Jennifer Maria Duncan around him. Such is the support she gives her husband. Since their marriage, the couple has not had any problem so far. It looks like they are in a happy relationship. 

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Jennifer also has participated in several charitable causes. On her Facebook page, Jennifer shares news about her participation in charity. For example, one of her posts shows that she and the Miami Dolphins’ coaches’ wives organized a campaign dubbed Dolphins Challenge Cancer which they say is to raise money for the Sylvester Comprehensive College Center at the University of Miami. 

brian flores wife
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Brian Flores wife supports her husband’s fight to end systemic racism. She is also invested in raising her three children, even if it means that her husband may not be around because of the nature of her job.