July 22, 2024
Barbara Walters now

There is probably no woman, dead or alive, that has an iconic career as better as Barbara Walter in journalism. Hers is not just a career laden with all the biggest awards you can think of, but one which has an impact on women’s representation in the journalism world. She is worthy of every adulation she gets today because she indeed has done the work in the past. But, with age catching up with her, some fans who haven’t heard from her know what Barbara Walters now does today.

Barbara Walters now
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With over 65 years working to ensure that female representation in journalism is at its peak, Walters wasn’t your typical journalist. Instead, she was vibrant, tactful and her resilience paved the way for her to become who she is today. The former ABC anchor is renowned for her ability to get exclusive news and even get interviews with some of the most critical persons in the world. Her talent in making interviews feel casual yet revealing is her most incredible skill yet. In this article, we will look at what she is doing now. How is Barbara Walters’ health now? Is she still alive? These and more questions will get answers.

Who is Barbara Walters?

Barbara Walters was born in 1931 to Louis Lou Walters and Dena Walters in the bustling city of Boston. Walters is of Jewish, Russian, Polish ancestry. As a child, she witnessed her father manage a nightclub called Latin Quarter. Walters grew up with her siblings; unfortunately, she lost her brother Burton to Pneumonia in 1944. She also lost her elder sister, Jacqueline, to ovarian cancer in 1985. Walters was exposed to show directing as early as her younger years. Her father would take her to his club, where he produced and directed the club’s events. As a result, Walters was constantly used to seeing celebrities, and she longed to become one of them someday.

Walters attended Lawrence School when her family relocated to Miami Beach in 1939. But she left the school to move to Ethical Culture Fieldston School when her family moved to New York City. She would eventually graduate from Birch Wathen School in 1947. She later earned a degree in English from Sarah Lawrence College, which will become the core of her future endeavors.

Barbara Walters’ Career

Barbara joined NBC as a writer and researcher for The Today Show in 1961. This was her first taste of what public journalism looked like. She would later move to become the weather woman. Her hard work paid off as within a year of joining the network; she became a reporter. Barbara would go on to become The Today Show first female co-host. As if that was not enough, she hosted her show, Not for Women Only, which ran after the popular, The Today Show.

Today, Walters is known for her career at ABC after she switched sides. She moderated the debate between presidential candidates Jim Carter and Gerald Fort in preparation for the 1976 presidential elections. Again in 1984, she was at the center of the presidential debate held at the Dana Center in New Hampshire.

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Walters has interviewed presidents of countries like the former Egyptian President, Anwar Al Sadat, the Shah of Iran, India’s Indira Gandhi, former Prime minister of Israel, Menachem Begin. Not only has she done political interviews, but she has also hosted pop icons like Michael Jackson, among many others.

Barbara Walters now
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Barbara became the co-creator and co-host of the daytime show The View. The show first made its first premiere on August 11, 1997. The show, according to Walters, was for women to air their views irrespective of their backgrounds, generations. She won the Emmy Awards twice for the show, first in 2003 and then in 2009, where she was the host with Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Whoopi Goldberg, and Sherri Shepherd.

Where is Barbara Walters Now?

Barbara is retired since May 15, 2014. However, she has made appearances on TV, but the last time she appeared on TV was in 2016.

Where is Barbara Walters Now: She Suffers From Dementia

Unfortunately, into her retirement, reports started surfacing that Barbara Walters’ health was deteriorating. Some reliable sources have claimed that she has dementia, and her mental health is in a mess. Also, her family and loved ones have made it a point of duty to keep her away from the noise out there.

Barbara Walters Regrets Not Spending Time With Her Family

Three different men, four marriages! This is the story of Barbara Walters. Walters married her first husband, Robert Henry Katz, an ex-Navy lieutenant, on June 20, 1955, in New York City. However, unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last for more than 11 months.

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Barbara later married Lee Guber, who was a theater owner, on December 8, 1963. But they divorced after irreconcilable differences in 1963. They had a child together, Jacqueline Dene Guber, who was adopted. Merv Adelson became the third husband of the legendary journalist. They married in 1981 but again settled for divorce in 1984. They found a way to settle their differences and remarried two years later, but again, they discovered they had made the wrong move. The couple finally settled for another divorce in 1992.
Since then, Barbara has dated several other men, but not once did she marry again. In 2013, Barabara Walters said she regretted not focusing on her family and not having more children.

Barbara Walters now
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Where is Barbara Walters now? Well, the journalist has retired permanently and is currently recuperating from reported dementia. In any case, the legacy of Barbara Walters is unshaken. The journalist has won several awards to her name, including; Daytime and Primetime Emmy Awards, Disney Legends Award. In addition, she is an inductee into the Television Hall of Fame in 1989.