May 24, 2024
Paula Jones now

Paula Jones came into the limelight after leading the sexual harassment accusations against former United States of America President Bill Clinton. The accusations almost guaranteed an impeachment of Clinton, who was already embroiled in a sexual scandal with Monica Lewinsky. You would have thought the charges dropped, but they somehow found a way to become even more prominent after he left office. If not for Clinton was a sitting president and thus immune from litigation, he may probably be serving jail time. So, where is Paula Jones now? What is she up to? Find out the details here.

Paula Jones now
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All it took for the sexual allegations to go under the carpet was a settlement of $850,000. Bill Clinton never gave an official apology, nor did he admit to the accusations by Paula Jones. However, the incident is now a movie adaptation that mirrors the scandals that happened during the heavily tainted tenure of Bill Clinton. Fighting the President must take some guts and money, which Jones didn’t mind giving. However, she faced the consequences as she went broke and had to ride on the waves of her fame to gain money for herself.

Where is Paula Jones Now?

Paula Jones currently works as a real estate agent alongside her husband, Steven Mark McFadden. After the whole incident boomeranged, it became the subject of interest in media houses. She gathered supporters from all walks of life who felt that her case was being swept away because of her femininity. Also, the President, who wields so much power and should command respect, is remotely accused of sexual harassment.

Paula Jones Went Nude For Penthouse.

Getting just a portion of the $850,000 didn’t take too long for Jones to go broke. Seeing that she has become somewhat of a sexual icon by virtue of her national popularity, she reportedly posed nude. Many of her supporters wouldn’t have believed that Paula Jones would “stoop so low” to pose nude for Penthouse’s notorious magazine. As a result, her supporters plummeted. In her defense, she said she had no choice as she had lost everything except her fame. The best decision was to accept the invitation to pose nude for Penthouse, which would fetch her money.

Critics Fired Her For The Decision

Critics seized the opportunity to fire at her that she reeked of hypocrisy. However, there was no way for Paula to pose nude was a hypocritical move in contrast to her sexual harassment claim. In her interview with Vanity Fair, she mentioned that she felt like nobody as all her friends deserted her following that decision. One particular critic of hers, Ann Colter, said: “She used to have dignity and nobility and tremendous courage. Now she’s just the trailer-park trash they said she was. “Following the scathing criticisms, Jones relapsed into depression. But she didn’t allow the depression to be the end of her life. Instead, she found a way to bounce back.

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Paula Jones Married to Steven McFadden

After so many controversies and people breathing on her neck to go nude after accusing the President of sexual harassment, she found love. There is no information on how she and Steven met, but they married in 2001 after some months of dating. Paula Jones now works as an estate agent alongside her very supportive husband. The couple lives in Arkansas, where they have a son. For a long time now, Paula has not made any public appearances.

Paula Jones is A Big Supporter of Donald Trump

In a bid to get back at Bill Clinton and his wife Hilary Clinton, Jones joined Donald Trump’s train. She didn’t hesitate to launch scathing remarks on Hillary, claiming they almost ruined her life. She jumped on Trump’s campaign train and heavily involved herself to ensure that Hillary Clinton didn’t get the position. But, of course, she didn’t, and somehow, she must have felt that she got one over the Clintons.

Jones’ Story in Impeachment: American Crime Story

When many people asked what Paula Jones now does, they didn’t get answers. It wasn’t until the limited series American Crime Story decided to tell the story of the famous Clinton’s impeachment incident that Jones’ name resurfaced. While the series is given critical acclaim, Jones has said that her portrayal in the series is not the truth. According to her, the series misjudged her persona. She also believes that the treatment of Monica Lewinsky as the producer of the show shows that she doesn’t matter.

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Paula Jones Considers Filing the Sexual Harassment Suit Again

We do not know if it is advisable, but Paula seriously considers filing the sexual harassment suit again. If this would materialize into something good, we wait to see.

Paula Jones now
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As stated in the article, Paula Jones now considers herself an estate agent, a job she currently has because of her husband. She is finally finding her voice again. This is coming after silenced for her decision to pose nude for Penthouse.