July 22, 2024
Kristine Carlson story

The Kristine Carlson story is quite emotional. How do you explain doing things you love with someone you love, and suddenly that person dies. It must have been traumatic for Kristine Carlson. But somehow, she managed to find her strength and continue the legacy she and her late husband built. Nobody prays to lose their loved ones in moments when it looks like the joy they share is just getting to the peak. This is Kristine Carlson story; it is such a thrilling read.

The Kristine Carlson Story: Kristine and Her Husband Combine

The names behind the New York Best Selling book Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff is Kristine Carlson and her husband, Richard Carlson. The book series became a national sensation in what started as sharing their experiences and helping people manage their mental health. To show how highly regarded the book is, the first installment of the book series spent 101 weeks, almost two years on the New York Best Seller List. It is a book that talks about daily lifestyle. However, unfortunately, the collaboration of Kristine and Richard ended when the latter died in December 2006.

At the time, the couple had two daughters, Jasmine and Kenna. It became challenging for Kristine to cope with the sudden loss. Raising children alone is no cushy job, and it gets even worse when you have a partner who was there and the children love, suddenly no more. That’s a traumatic experience right there. The Kristine Carlson story is about how Kristine bounced back after finding a way to deal with the loss. Her comeback is even better than when Richard was alive. This makes an incredible story.

What is Kristine Carlson Doing Now?

After her husband, Richard Carlson, died of pulmonary embolism on a flight fr San Francisco to New York in 2006, things became tough for Kristine. Beforehand, she was fine being behind her husband. But now that her husband is dead, everything about their legacy points to her.

It was difficult for Kristine to maintain her sanity with two daughters to raise and a book series to continue. The whole incident shook her core. But she redefined strength, and we are sure her husband would be proud of her wherever he is now.
Kristine started by writing a memoir that detailed her experience post her husband’s death. Her memoir Heartbroken Open which is on her website talks about resilience and finding strength even in the darkest days. She tries to encourage those who are going through the pain of loss.

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The Kristine Carlson Story Adapted into A Film

Sometime in October 2021, the Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff: The Kristine Carlson Story premiered on Lifetime. It is an incredible achievement for Kristine as she gets to share her story. However, while it may have looked easy to get the story on the screens, it took a lot of effort for almost twenty years to get the story in visuals. Maura Dunbar, the movie producer, had pitched severally for the story to be adapted into a movie, all to no avail. But her pitch was finally accepted, and today, we have the Kristine Carlson story on our screens.

Carlson mentioned that she didn’t think this would happen as in her wildest imagination, she didn’t know her story could be adapted into a movie to inspire the world. Today, her story has become one of the most inspiring out there. Her story has also helped single parents, especially those who lost their partners to tragic incidents.

Heather Locklear Played Kristine Carlson

Heather Locklear, the lead actress, spent time with Kristine to learn how best to interpret the role. Actors need to understand a role well before taking it on. For a film that is non-fiction, there is a need to embody the character well. This is to ensure it doesn’t look forced on anyone. For Heather, she was able to hold to the role amidst other actors who auditioned. It was Heather’s first television role since 2017.

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How Kristine bounced back from the tragic incident is better explained in the movie Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff: The Kristine Carlson Story. If you can see the film, we believe it did justice to the trials and victory of Kristine Carlston.