June 20, 2024
The Last Dinner Party's Net Worth

What is The Last Dinner Party’s Net Worth in 2024? The Last Dinner Party’s net worth is 3.66 Billion US dollars. Find out his biography, family, fortune, girlfriend, private life and new baby in this article 

The Last Dinner Party, hailing from the vibrant city of London, is a captivating British indie rock ensemble that came together in the musical year of 2021.

The group comprises the melodious Abigail Morris on vocals, the versatile Lizzie Mayland on vocals and guitar, the multi-talented Emily Roberts on lead guitar, mandolin, and flute, the rhythmic 

Georgia Davies on bass, and the keyboard maestro with enchanting vocals, Aurora Nishevci.

Adding an extra layer of rhythm to their live performances is the skilled drummer Rebekah Rayner.

This talented group made waves in the music scene by securing a record deal with the prestigious Island Records.

Their inaugural single, “Nothing Matters,” graced the airwaves in April 2023, setting the stage for a series of three more singles released later that year. 

Fans eagerly anticipate their debut studio album, titled “Prelude to Ecstasy,” scheduled to make its mark on the music world on February 2, 2024.

The Last Dinner Party embarked on their first headline tour, captivating audiences across the United Kingdom and the United States, a journey that commenced in October 2023.

This tour marked a significant milestone in the band’s journey, solidifying their status as a headline act and leaving an indelible imprint on the hearts of music enthusiasts around the globe.

The Last Dinner Party's Net Worth

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In the year 2020, Morris, Davies, and Mayland crossed paths in the vibrant city of London, united by a shared passion for music

Before embarking on their university journeys, the trio found common ground attending concerts together, sparking the idea to create their own band. 

The genesis of their musical venture bore the name ‘The Dinner Party,’ a moniker inspired by the vision of a grand, indulgent feast where individuals gathered to revel in a hedonistic celebration.

As fate would have it, a guitarist recommendation from a mutual friend led Morris to Roberts, and subsequently, Nishevci joined the ranks. 

However, the nascent band encountered challenges during the initial phase, grappling with the constraints imposed by the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK.

It wasn’t until November 2021 that they graced the stage for their inaugural live performance at The George in London.

Undeterred by the obstacles, the following year became a crucible for the group as they meticulously refined their musical identity and garnered grassroots support within the London live music scene. 

Notably, their journey included a gig as the opening act for the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park in July 2022, still operating under the name The Dinner Party.

A pivotal moment arrived when they inked a deal with Island Records, necessitating a slight tweak to their name to avoid confusion with the Dinner Party hip hop supergroup. 

Rebranded as ‘The Last Dinner Party,’ the band catapulted into the limelight with their debut single, “Nothing Matters,” released on April 19, 2023, and produced by the acclaimed James Ford.

The track secured a spot on the soundtrack for EA Sports FC 24, amplifying their reach.

The summer of 2023 witnessed The Last Dinner Party’s ascent, as they shared stages with Florence and the Machine and graced renowned festivals across the UK, Ireland, and Europe, including iconic events like Glastonbury and Latitude. 

The BBC Radio 6 Music show, New Music Fix Friday, hosted the band for a live session, cementing their presence in the music landscape.

Continuing their momentum, the band unveiled their second single, “Sinner,” on June 30, 2023, followed by “My Lady of Mercy” on October 9, 2023—both masterfully produced by James Ford. 

The multifaceted talents of The Last Dinner Party took center stage on the BBC show with Jools Holland on October 21, 2023, as they mesmerized audiences with performances of “Nothing Matters” and “My Lady of Mercy.”

The recognition reached new heights when their music resonated on an episode of the BBC’s Football Focus, prompting Garth Crooks to hail them as potential future stars. 

In his weekly Team of the Week column, Crooks effused, “These fine young women are making really exciting pop music.

Lovely stuff,” solidifying The Last Dinner Party’s status as a promising force in the musical landscape.

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Musical style

The first song released by the band, titled “Nothing Matters,” received recognition as an “art-rock bombast,” according to Rolling Stone UK. Furthermore, the Evening Standard characterized both their musical compositions and live performances as possessing a unique “baroque-pop sound and look.” 

The band, in terms of musical style, has drawn comparisons to renowned artists such as Kate Bush, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sparks, and Warpaint.

It’s worth noting that the band members attribute David Bowie as a significant influence on their artistic expression and musical direction.


The Last Dinner Party’s members are the following:

  • Georgia Davies – bass guitar
  • Lizzie Mayland – vocals, guitar
  • Abigail Morris – lead vocals
  • Aurora Nishevci – keys, vocals
  • Emily Roberts – lead guitar, mandolin, flute
  • Rebekah Rayner – drums, percussion


The group unveiled their inaugural tour plans in June 2023, revealing an extensive 10-date itinerary across the United Kingdom set for October of the same year.

The journey commenced at the iconic Blackpool Central Library, marking a significant inclusion in the esteemed Get It Loud In Libraries series.

Following this exhilarating start, the band swiftly expanded their horizons with their maiden tour in the United States.

This leg of the journey spanned five dates, captivating audiences from October 31st to November 9th. 

The tour not only showcased their musical prowess but also solidified their presence on the international stage.

The Last Dinner Party’s Net Worth

The Last Dinner Party Net worth
The Last Dinner Party Networth 2023 3.66 Billion
The Last Dinner Party Networth 2022 3.29 Billion
The Last Dinner Party Networth 2021 2.93 Billion
The Last Dinner Party Networth 2020 2.56 Billion
The Last Dinner Party Networth 2019 2.2 Billion

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The Last Dinner Party’s Releases

The Last Dinner Party, a London-based indie rock band, burst onto the music scene with their debut single, “Nothing Matters,” in April 2023, followed by “Sinner” in June. 

Recently, they unveiled their third single, “My Lady of Mercy,” which delves into a darker, heavier sound, expanding the musical universe of The Last Dinner Party.

The band, comprising Abigail Morris, Lizzie Mayland, Emily Roberts, Georgia Davies, and Aurora Nishevci, expressed their creative evolution, stating, “We are broadening the world of The Last Dinner Party to embrace a darker, heavier atmosphere.” 

The lyrics of the new single delve into the turmoil of a teenage crush, drawing on the intense, almost religious language to convey the experience.

Influences from Nine Inch Nails, PJ Harvey, and Roxy Music shape the distinctive sound of the track.

“My Lady of Mercy” reflects a PJ Harvey-esque style, alternating between guttural verses, heavy guitar riffs, and ethereal choruses.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture, intertwining religious allusions with a soft purity. 

The accompanying black and white music video adds to the atmosphere, creating a world that sheds light on the anguished girlhood experience, particularly within the queer context.

The band further elaborated on the theme, stating, “‘My Lady of Mercy’ is about being a girl,” narrating the experience of gazing at a painting of Joan of Arc and feeling a desire to kiss her, as well as contemplating a similar feeling towards a fellow choir member.

The narrative skillfully combines elements of Catholic high school life, intertwining religion, identity, passion, and the complexities of a teenage crush.

Despite being a relatively young band formed in London in 2021, The Last Dinner Party has already embarked on a U.K. tour since October 8, testing new, untitled material for their growing fanbase.

Starting in Blackpool, the tour includes venues in Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Hull, London, Cambridge, Cardiff, and Bristol. 

Additionally, they have planned U.S. dates and are expected to support Hozier during the EU leg of his tour.

The band’s musical journey continues to unfold as they explore and define their evolving sound.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Last Dinner Party

What about the members of The Last Dinner Party?

Members of the Last Dinner Party include Georgia Davies, Lizzie Mayland, Abigail Morris, Aurora Nischevi, and Emily Roberts.

Can you share some insights into the origins of The Last Dinner Party?

They come from London, United Kingdom.

Could you elaborate on the SKOS genre associated with The Last Dinner Party?

The Last Dinner Party falls under the Alternative/Indie genre.

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How much money does The Last Dinner Party make on Instagram?

People often wonder about the earnings of The Last Dinner Party on Instagram.

Many inquire about the specific financial figures associated with its Instagram activities. 

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How much money does The Last Dinner Party make on Facebook?

It’s not yet clear how much they make on facebook. 

Who is the lead singer of the last dinner party?

Abigail Morris on vocals, Lizzie Mayland on guitar, Emily Roberts on lead guitar, mandolin, and flute, Georgia Davies on bass, and Aurora Nishevci on keys and vocals make up the band. Even though they don’t have a permanent drummer, Rebekah Rayner currently joins them live.

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