July 22, 2024
mat best wife

Who is Mat Best wife? Mat Best is quite a popular personality on YouTube and Instagram. He is one of the founding members of the Black Rifle Coffee Company. After serving in the US military as early as his graduation from high school, the former CIA agent is currently making waves on social media for his satirical and humorous videos. Mat Best wife, Noelle Best, is another personality that has added color to Mat’s life, and he can’t deny it. Not only is Noelle gorgeous, but she has also helped Mat build his business empire.

mat best wife
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If you are a fan of May Best, you must have seen Noelle on some of his videos on Facebook and YouTube. But who is Mat Best wife? How did they know each other? Are they still together? Read on to find out. 

Noelle Best and Mat Best look like a match made from heaven. The couple had grown so much together that they acted like they had known each other before they met physically. Mat had had several relationships before, but, according to him, none compares to his love for Noelle. By the way, have you seen Noelle? She is every man’s dream! So, yes, we understand, Mat. We do. 

Who is Mat Best Wife? 

Mat Best is married to Noelle. The two walked down the aisle on July 5, 2017. Noelle announced the good news on her Facebook page with so much excitement. She knew that she had finally found her person in Mat Best. Since their marriage, the couple has grown much, handling their social profiles and personal lives with care. They both flaunt each other’s pictures on their individual pages.

mat best wife
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Nobody knows how the lovebirds met. But, somehow, we found out that they have seen each other since 2016. How did we know? Well, we discovered that they have been posting pictures of themselves on their social media accounts. So, it is assumed that they met that same year and started their romance. 

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Mat Best wife, Noelle, was a former sales manager of Charter Fitness. She has worked for several companies, including Cisco, in different capacities. The beautiful Noelle was also once a temp assistant for Boulder Terrace Animal Hospital. 

What Does May Best Wife Do Today? 

Marrying Mat Best, who has more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube, means that Noelle’s social media platforms will increase followers. Today, Noelle Best is a social media personality. She posts pictures and health and fitness content for her almost 250k followers on Instagram. In addition, both Mat and Noelle have a clothing brand they called Article 15. 

Mat Best’s Former Relationships

Before Mat and Noelle started a relationship, Mat was in a relationship with Sara Peterson. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last long, as they had to go their separate ways in February 2014. Today, Sara is married to Landon Peterson. Also, Noelle was in a relationship with Michael Vode. But, again, the relationship didn’t last. 

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mat best wife
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Mat and his lovely wife live in Hill Country in San Antonio. They do not have kids yet, and we do not know if they plan on having any at the moment. 

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