June 20, 2024
Mark Angel's Net Worth

What is Mark Angel’s Net Worth in 2024? Mark Angel’s net worth is around $3.8 million. Find out his biography, awards, education, and career in this article. 

Mark Angel, a Nigerian comedian, scriptwriter, and video producer, gained prominence in 2013 with the launch of Mark Angel’s comedy alongside his brothers.

He is renowned for the Mark Angel Comedy series of short videos on YouTube.

Mark Angel garners attention for sharing brief comedy clips on his YouTube channel, frequently featuring a girl named “Emmanuella,” who significantly contributes to the channel’s growth.

Fans of Mark Angel are often curious about his net worth, eager to discover how much he earns from the short videos he uploads online.

In this post, we will calculate Mark Angel’s earnings and disclose his net worth.

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Mark Angel’s Biography

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Mark Angel was born and raised in Port Harcourt. His birthdate is May 27, 1991, making him over 29 years old now.

Initially, Mark Angel pursued a medical degree at Obafemi Awolowo University but later dropped out.

He had a passion for entertainment dating back to his university days, and there were rumors that he abandoned medicine to pursue his interests.

Following his time in college, he went to India to study cinematography.

After gaining experience in cinematography and theater in Nigeria, he struggled to secure a stable, well-paying job in Nollywood. Eventually, in 2023, he established his own film production company called Mechanic Pictures.

Mark Angel faced various challenges after leaving school, working in different movie industries without finding a steady job.

In 2013, he ventured into independent filmmaking, where he crossed paths with “Emmanuella.” They joined forces and initiated an incredible show.

In terms of income, Mark Angel generates substantial revenue from his comedy videos, establishing himself as possibly the wealthiest comedian in Nigeria.

His YouTube channel holds the distinction of being the first in Africa to reach one million subscribers.

Mark Angel’s Profile

Name ====> Mark Angel
First Name ====> Mark
Last Name ====> Angel
Occupation ====> Comedian, Scriptwriter, Video Producer and YouTuber
Age ====> 32 years
Birthday ====> 27 May
Birth Year ====> 1991
Place of Birth ====> Port Harcourt
Home Town ====> Unknown
Birth Country ====> Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Height 1.75 m
Father ====> Not Available
Mother ====> Not Available
Siblings ====> Success Madubuike (popularly known as ‘Aunty Success’)
Spouse ====> Amanda Josh 
Relationships  Amanda Josh (Fiancée)
Children(s) ====> Mila (Daughter)

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Mark Angel’s Education

Mark Angel finished his elementary and high school studies at a nearby school in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, earning a Senior School Certificate (SSCE).

Later, he enrolled at Obafemi Awolowo University to pursue a major in medicine.

However, due to his uncle’s unexpected death, his family encountered financial difficulties, leading Mark Angel to leave his studies.

Nevertheless, Mark Angel transitioned to studying cinematography courses in India, and it turned out to be a beneficial decision.

In 2013, he commenced independent filmmaking under the banner of Mechanic Pictures. He also happens to be a supporter of Chelsea FC.

Mark Angel’s Career

Mark Angel's Net Worth

Mark Angel embarked on his career journey through photography and later gained experience in cinematography and theatre in India.

Upon returning to Nigeria, he faced challenges finding well-paying jobs in Nollywood.

Consequently, he chose the path of independence and established his own production house.

His venture, Mark Angel Comedy, is an online comic production company that showcases a series of YouTube comedy shorts featuring family and neighbors in Port Harcourt.

Clever children, notably his cousin Emmanuella and Aunty Success, often take center stage in these comedic sketches.

One of Mark Angel’s notable works, “Oga Landlord,” catapulted him to fame in Nigeria.

The skit revolves around a man (Mark) evading his landlord (Daddy Humble) while attempting to enlist a child (Emmanuella) to cover for him.

Emmanuella, a prominent actress in Mark Angel’s productions, gained recognition and accolades in Nigeria and Australia, becoming Africa’s youngest YouTube award winner.

Discovered during a family holiday, she showcased her talent in a rigorous 18-hour video shoot, impressing Mark Angel, who then convinced her parents to allow her to join his channel.

Mark Angel Comedy achieved a significant milestone in 2017 when it received a plaque from YouTube for reaching one million subscriptions, making it the first Nigerian-based channel to achieve this feat.

In 2018, Emmanuella’s star continued to rise as she secured a role in an upcoming Disney feature film.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns in April 2020, she, along with Aunty Success and Regina Daniels, featured in a skit titled “Lockdown” by Ofego on his YouTube channel, utilizing archive footage.

Beyond content creation, Mark Angel writes scripts for comedians, charging fees based on the script’s length and urgency.

Filming predominantly takes place in Port Harcourt’s lower-class neighborhoods, reflecting his upbringing and allowing the average Nigerian to connect with his content.

In 2021, Mark Angel inked a one-year collaboration with the popular Nigerian bookmaker company, 1xBet, promising surprises for both 1xBet customers and the comedian’s fans.

Mark Angel employs multiple camera formats and close camera angles, occasionally incorporating shaky camera techniques for a “freestyle comedy” that exudes a natural and down-to-earth vibe.

Mark Angel’s Net Worth

Mark Angel is believed to have a net worth of approximately $3.8 million, equivalent to about N1.6 billion in Nigerian currency.

This significant financial standing positions him as the most affluent comedian in Nigeria. 

His primary sources of income stem from his endeavors as a comedian on the popular platform YouTube, his involvement in scriptwriting, and lucrative sponsorship deals associated with Mark Angel TV. 

Through these diverse channels, Mark Angel has not only solidified his comedic prowess but has also amassed considerable wealth, contributing to his status as the wealthiest comedian in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

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Mark Angel’s Awards

Mark Angel continues to hold a prominent position as a trailblazer in the realms of YouTube and Instagram, solidifying his status as a key figure in the world of Nigerian skits and comedy.

His journey as a content creator commenced professionally in 2013, in collaboration with his niece, Emmanuella.

Their joint efforts bore fruit as the Mark Angel page achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the first African channel to amass a million subscribers on YouTube, now boasting a staggering nine million subscribers, making it the most followed YouTube page in Nigeria.

In the current landscape of content creation, Mark Angel’s influence extends beyond YouTube, as his Instagram page emerges as the most frequented content-creating hub, garnering over 44 million views in the last 12 months.

This digital triumph is coupled with the distinction of the Mark Angel page being the second most visited YouTube channel for content creation in 2023, with Mama Chinedu securing the lead.

The financial success story of Mark Angel and his team is equally impressive.

Over the past year, their combined efforts have resulted in a substantial revenue of more than $3.8 million from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

While this trio of social media platforms contributes significantly to their earnings, it’s noteworthy that a substantial 90% of their income is derived from the YouTube channel, a testament to the platform’s pivotal role.

Looking at his endorsement deals and ambassadorships, Mark Angel’s foray into brand partnerships has been strategically limited.

The primary revenue stream remains the YouTube channel, with a modest 10% coming from endorsement deals and shoutouts.

The select brands that have forged partnerships with Mark Angel Comedy include Fresh Yo, Dabor Toothpaste, and Slim Tea.

Although the specific financial details of these agreements remain undisclosed, it is common knowledge that such endorsement deals contribute significantly to the financial success of content creators.

In the context of Nigerian celebrity endorsement earnings, the figures can vary widely, ranging from N1 million to N15 million per deal, contingent on the celebrity’s popularity.

In the case of Mark Angel Comedy, a conservative estimate suggests an accumulated revenue of around N25 million from the endorsement deals with Fresh Yo, Dabor Toothpaste, and Slim Tea. However, the exact financial details remain shrouded in uncertainty, leaving room for speculation on the extent of their financial gains from these lucrative partnerships.

Mark Angel’s Private Life

Mark Angel, despite not being a full-time actor, possesses captivating looks that undoubtedly ensure his continuous presence on the screen.

Standing at a height of 5 feet 9 inches and maintaining an average weight of 68kg, Mark Angel has an appealing physical presence.

His dark brown eyes and black hair add to his charismatic appearance.

The nature of Mark Angel’s relationship with Emmanuella has been a subject of controversy.

Initially rumored to be cousins, conflicting reports emerged, with some asserting that Mark Angel was her uncle and others even speculating a romantic involvement between them.

However, a subsequent publication on the online platform legit.ng clarified that they are not related by blood.

Emmanuella has been a part of Mark’s family since birth, despite her parents being alive.

In the realm of personal life, Mark Angel is happily married to the beautiful Amanda Josh, an actress known for portraying Auntie Success’s mother in several Mark Angel Comedy sketches.

This union adds another layer to Mark Angel’s life outside the comedic realm.

Mark Angel is often seen enjoying his leisure time with friends and his invaluable companion, Emmanuella.

Beyond his comedic endeavors, he is an avid supporter of Chelsea FC, showcasing his passion for football.

These aspects contribute to the multifaceted personality of the Nigerian comedian, making him not only a talented entertainer but also a person with a rich and diverse personal life.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mark Angel

Who is Emmanuella to Mark Angel? 

Emmanuella Samuel, whose full name is Emmanuella Samuel, holds a significant role in the realm of Mark Angel comedy as the niece of Mark Angel himself. 

Much like Mark, she has become a cornerstone in the comedy sketches.

Emmanuella, who was just six years old when she joined Mark Angel comedy, has played numerous pivotal roles in the success of the comedy series. 

Now at the age of 11, she stands as one of the youngest and most influential contributors to the show.

What is Emmanuella’s Net Worth?

Emmanuella’s impact on Mark Angel comedy has catapulted her into a position of notable wealth.

Currently ranking at number 3 among the richest kids in Nigeria, she boasts an impressive estimated net worth of $200 million dollars.

Who is Success to Mark Angel?

Success Madubuike, Mark Angel’s cousin referred to as “Aunty,” stepped into the spotlight of Mark Angel comedy after Emmanuella transitioned to a more mature stage.

Emmanuella’s growth necessitated the introduction of another talented child actor, and Success aptly filled that role. 

Despite the change, Emmanuella continued to contribute to the comedy’s success, showcasing the versatility of the young talents involved.

What is Success’s Net Worth?

Success Madubuike, at the age of 7 in 2021, has become a notable figure in the comedy world with an estimated net worth of $100 million dollars.

Who is Denilson Igwe to Mark Angel?

Denilson Igwe stands out as one of the key participants in Mark Angel comedy, contributing significantly to about 70% of the comedic shots.

Alongside others like Chuku Emeka, Denilson Igwe plays a vital role in the success of the comedy series. 

What is Denilson Igwe Net Worth?

Denilson Igwe comedic prowess and contributions have translated into financial success, currently boasting an estimated net worth of $50 million dollars.

Who is Samuel to Mark Angel?

Samuel holds the distinction of being Mark Angel’s longest-appearing actress.

Her remarkable contributions to the comedy series have garnered recognition and accolades, including comedy awards in both Nigeria and Australia. 

As Africa’s youngest YouTube award winner, Samuel’s journey in the world of comedy began in school, where she initially engaged in film work as part of a class video project. 

Subsequently chosen by Mark Angel for his cadre of actors, Samuel’s videos consistently garner impressive viewership, reaching up to a million views within the first week of posting.

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