July 22, 2024

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Apart from being famous as a former model, Paul Qualley is also famous for being the ex-husband of the popular Hollywood actress Andie MacDowell.  Rosalie Anderson MacDowell won the hearts of fans with her stellar performances in movies like Multiplicity, Bad Girls, and Videotape. 

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Andie MacDowell and Paul Qualley fell in love at first sight in the 80s. The duo met for the first time while Paul was posing as a model for GAP ads services. Immediately, they acted on their mutual emotions and became friends then started dating. And in 1986  they had an elaborate wedding ceremony. 

 For some unknown reasons, Paul and Andie got divorced in 1999. and divorced in 1999. Though Andie is remarried, not the same can be said about Paul Qualley. Even after their divorce, Paul is still riding the waves of fame as Andie’s former husband.  Meanwhile, Paul is also an interesting character but not so many people know this. So, kindly read this article to the end to learn some interesting facts about Paul Qualley.

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Below are some interesting facts about Paul Qualley that will blow your mind. 

1. Paul Qualley Was Born In New York City, USA.

Though he is of Norwegian ethnicity, James Qualley was born in New York City, USA, in the1950s which makes him an American national. Though the exact date of his birth is unknown, it is known that his zodiac sign is  Pisces. He grew up with his father Lee James Qualley and his mother Patricia Ann Rondou. Paul’s father was a businessman, while his mother was a housewife. 

2.  Paul Attended A Local High School

Paul Qualley was a very active child while he was growing up. He attended a local high school and was very active in extracurricular activities.  Paul was on the school football team and also the drama club. He featured in a couple of school plays. After his high school graduation in the 70s, it is unclear whether he furthered his education. However, rumor has it that he bagged a Bachelor’s degree in 1980. 

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3. Paul Started Modeling From A Young Age 

Though it is unclear at what particular age he started modeling, it is known that Paul was always fascinated with modeling as a child. With the support from his family and his good genes, he spent most part of his 20s and 30s working as a model. After making a name for himself in the modeling world, Paul  Qualley took a deep dive into the ranching business in his 40s. Hence the establishment of  Paul Qualley Ranch which he manages in Montana.

4. Paul Qualley Had A Brief Stint As An Actor

Unlike his former wife, Andie, McDowell, Paul Qualley has just a single acting credit. This credit is from his role as  Clo in the 2009 science fiction movie “Moon Europa”. The movie tells the story of two clones, Bria and Osias who fell in love with each other. It was written and directed by Chris Bower.  It also starred stellar actors like Yve Adams, Draven Archane, and Louis Bissell. 

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5. Paul Qualley Has 3 Children With His Former Wife, Andie McDowell

A few months after they got married in 1986, Paul and Andie welcomed their first son Justin. Shortly after, in 1990, they welcomed their first daughter Rainey Qualley and in 1994,  their second daughter Sarah Margaret was born.  However, after their divorce,  in 1999, Andie was granted custody over their children.

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6.  Paul Qualley Loves Dogs And Dolphins 

Paul is an avid lover of animals. Interestingly, his favorite animals to dot are dogs and dolphins.  He has two pet dogs who he adores vehemently.  He also likes to surf and sun tan at the beach, perhaps that is how he fell in love with Dolphins. Because of his love for animals, paul Qualley donated money to a number of animal shelters.

7. Paul’s Favorite Actor And Actress Are Mel Gibson And Kate Winslet 

 In his free time, Paul likes to watch movies. His favorite actor and actress are Mel Gibson and Kate Winslet.  He admits to having watched  “Braveheart”, “Lethal Weapon” and “The Passion of the Christ”, an insane number of times as they are his favorite movies. 

8. Paul Qualley’s Body Statistics

As a former model, Paul Qualley still has all his exotic body features intact even in his 60s.  Paul has short brown hair and blue eyes. He stands at 5 feet 8inches with a body mass of 70 kilograms 

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9. What Is Paul Qualley’s Net worth? 

Paul Qualley has made quite a fortune from both the entertainment industry and the business of ranching. As of March 2022, Paul Qualley’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million, while his former wife, Andie McDowell’s net worth is well over $25 million.

10. Paul Qualley’s Social Media Handles 

Interestingly, unlike most celebrities, especially veteran models who have a Cleopatra of content for social, Paul Qualley does not. He is not active on social media. Safe for his Instagram @paulqualley1, with over 1,000 followers, he has no other social media presence. 


Though Paul Qualley had a good thing going on for him in his modeling career before he met and married Andie McDowell, most people are of the opinion that it was her influence that advanced his modeling career.

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