June 20, 2024
Nasim Pedrad personal life

For someone who detests showing her personal life to the media, Nasim Pedrad is probably one of the most private persons you will meet out there. But you cannot deny the beauty of this Iranian-American, which makes it all the more surprising that she hasn’t married yet, or has she? Well, this is why this article is here for you. While she is a formidable actress, her career in Saturday Night Live between 2009-2014 is the highlight of her illustrious career so far. Moreover, Pedrad has quite a history of excelling just about anywhere she is. Therefore, this article will focus on Nasim Pedrad personal life and how she has held the fort so far.

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Few women can leave you with an aching chin as much as Nasim. But, do you know that when someone is effortlessly funny, she doesn’t even need to stress it? Yeah, that’s probably Nasim. Next, we will dig into her life, career, how she got to this position and married.

Who is Nasim Pedrad?

Nasim Pedrad is an Iranian-American writer, comedian, and actress. She was born on November 18, 1981, in Tehran, Iran. While her father was able to immigrate to the United States when she was tiny, she and her mother stayed back in Germany, where they first relocated to. However, when she clocked three years, her family settled in the United States of America. Nasim didn’t grow alone as she had a younger sibling, Nina, who is a comedy writer. Nasim attended the UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television in 2003. This was her first step in actualizing her dream of becoming an actress.

Nasim Pedrad Professional Life

Pedrad started at the Sunday Company at The Groundlings. Then, she kicked off a one-woman show Me, Myself & Iran at the Los Angeles Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. However, Pedrad wouldn’t make her first television appearance till an episode in Gilmore Girls in 2007.

Nothing gave her more fame than her appearance on Saturday Night Live in 2009. She joined the cast of the show in what would be its 35th season. She joined other cast members like Pamela Stephenson, Horatio Sanz, Bowen Yang, among others. In no time, her stock grew.
While fans know more about her professional life, fans want to know is details of Nasim Pedrad personal life.

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Nasim Pedrad Personal Life: She is Not An Open Book

While Nasim Pedrad shows who her family members are occasionally on her social media accounts, she has not let us in in her personal life. Nasim shares pictures of her parents, Arasteh Amani, Parviz Pedrad, on her social media platforms. She also shares an admirable bond with her 90-year-old grandmother.

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Who is Nasim Pedrad Dating?

Rumors are surrounding Nasim Pedrad personal life, like who she is dating, and some of these rumors are not substantial. Recently, there was the rumor that Nasim Pedrad was dating her co-star on the Fox show, New Girl, Lamorne Morris. The duo has starred alongside each other in New Girl and Desperadoes.

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No doubt, there was fiery chemistry with the duo in New Girl, but after nine years later, the two appear again playing similar roles? Definitely, rumors are bound to circulate. Interestingly, none of them has denied or affirmed the rumors. It looks like they enjoy the buzz around them.

Just as Nasim Pedrad’s personal life remains what it is – personal, Lamorne Morris also has no news about him being in a romantic relationship anywhere on the internet. Instead, all we get are rumors. Lamorne stopped trusting girls when he found out his ex-girlfriend cheated on him in 2018.

To put you out of this mystery, we are sorry and not sorry to inform you that Nasim Pedrad is single, and there is no trace of a romantic relationship associated with her. If she is single, then, obviously, she is not married yet. Would she pull a surprise on us? We wait to see.

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Nasim Pedrad’s personal life has taught us that her personal life is none of our business. So while we are glad that no one has hurt the professional mimic, we hope she finds love soon.