July 22, 2024
Mary Padian

Mary Padian is best known for her role as the Junkyard Queen in the reality TV show Storage Wars: Texas. However, not many know that she started her career as a photojournalist with the Architectural Digest magazine, where she created her selection ‘Mary Finds.’ But it was her time on the reality TV show where people find items from junk and resell them for thousands and even millions of dollars that drove her to fame. Storage Wars has become one of the most consistent reality TV shows, and as a result, it is a favorite of fans who love to see shows tell stories in real-time. 

For Mary Padian, her ability to convert seemingly useless things found in junkyards to valuable things stands her out. Little wonder she is referred to as the Junkyard Queen. Over the years, the Storage Wars has become a favorite pastime worldwide. Some of the stars on the show have become millionaires and are well placed in the hierarchical structure of society. But, when the news broke that Mary Padian would not be on the show anymore, fans were shocked. What could have been the reason? Has she found another job or a new career to tread? We will answer all these questions in this article as you read on. 

Who is Mary Padian? 

On August 24, 1980, Mary was born in Dallas, Texas, US. She was born to John Padian and Teresa Padian. Her mother is of Lebanese heritage, while her father, John, is of Irish descent. She wasn’t the only child of her parents as she grew up with her sibling, Luke Padian. Unfortunately, there is no adequate information about her background growing up. But, we know she was interested in improving junk items as a child. Perhaps, this was what she developed before she tried out her exceptional skills, we must admit, on the reality show. The unique ability of Padian is to transform almost totally an item that is condemned and make them look aesthetic and appealing. 

Mary Padian earned her Bachelor’s degree in Photojournalism from the University of Texas in 2003. 

What Was Mary Padian Career Like?

After graduating from the University of Texas, Padian kicked off her career by joining the D Magazine as an intern. After some time with the magazine, she got a job with Architectural Digest as an assistant editor. Architectural Digest is one of the oldest international magazines and has been functional since 1920. This resulted in her moving to New York. During her time as an editor, her childhood skills kicked in; she started collecting old items and refurbishing them to make them more appealing. She created a section for her collections in the magazine and named it Mary Finds. 

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With her collections gaining popularity, she opened a store in Dallas, Texas, with the same name. Her shop sells old antiques, treasures, and refurbished items. To make her shop accessible online, she created a website, maryfinds.com. 

Mary Padian’s Time on Storage Wars

Interestingly, Mary’s role in Storage Wars didn’t come from her volition to join the cast. A customer who goes by the name Moe Prigoff loved the collections of Mary and invited her to try out the reality TV show. Moe, who was also a cast member in the show’s first three seasons, owned his antique shop called “River Regency Modern.”

Mary was a regular face for the storage auctions, and in the second season, she became a full member of the cast. Mary became quite popular on the show because she was ready to get dirty to get what she was looking for. Her popularity on the show skyrocketed when she transformed what was considered useless or near useless into something valuable. Her fame soon made the show’s producers cast her in its fifth season in the original film Storage Wars.

Mary Padian
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Mary has appeared in thirteen seasons of the show, a testament to her longevity on the show. If you are an ardent fan of the show, you’d have seen some old artifacts from as far back as the 18th century and even some items from the Byzantine empire. These items are collected, and the cast is expected to look for them and make them even more appealing. 

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Is Mary Padian From Storage Wars Married?

While her face is more or less the poster girl of Storage Wars, Mary has maintained her private Life. There is no information on whether she is married or in a relationship. She has made her personal Life remain what it is – personal. However, in one episode of the Storage Wars show, she introduced Dylan as her boyfriend. This was in 2016. Since that episode, we haven’t heard or seen her with this same Dylan. Safe to say that she is not in a relationship with him anymore. Or, as some reports have hinted, they may have gotten engaged and are looking to marry soon. They lived together in Los Angeles the last time they were seen together.

Is Mary on Social Media?

Mary uses her social media platforms to promote her business. So, she is active on all the popular social media platforms. She also has a large number of followers. For instance, she has over 300k followers on Instagram. However, her Twitter account has a lesser number, with more than 67k followers at writing this article. 

What is Mary Padian Net Worth?

A reliable source estimates that Mary Padian is worth $600k. This is from her salaries from the show and also her booming business. 

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Where is Mary Padian Now?

After staying away from the show for a while, Padian returned to the show in April 2021. Before her return, Mary had concentrated on her business, posting regularly on her social media platforms. However, since her return, her posts have reduced the number of times she posts on her media. So today, the show is ended, and it looks like Mary has gone off the grid. 


Due to her lovely nature, Mary Padian has won many hearts and friends for her gesture. Everyone loves her, and her uncanny ability to transform old items to become something of value is incredible. 

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