June 20, 2024
kala brown net worth

Kala Brown may have experienced what could be said to be one of the most devastating events anyone could have wished for. How do you explain being in captivity of a terrifying serial killer, Todd Kohlhepp, for two months?

It must have been excruciating and traumatic for her. But, this was precisely what happened with Brown. While she has since been rescued, her story needs to be heard.

Where is Kala Brown today? What is Kala Brown net worth these days? These questions and how she was rescued are discussed at length in this article.

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When the news of Kala Brown and her then-partner, Charlie Carver, missing circulated in August 2016, no one would have thought it would be a case of a serial killer kidnapping them. The couple was declared missing on August 31, 2016. Efforts to find them proved abortive for the first month. They went off the radar.

Leah Miller, Brown’s friend, had filed a report of missing people, alerting the police to the situation. Initially, people thought the couple had gone on vacation or even moved to a new house to start a new life, but after zero posts on Facebook, people realized that they were truly missing.

This news became a national tragedy. There was an active hunt for Kala Brown and her husband. With all of the investigations going on, it was ideal for the police to check call logs of Kala to know exactly where the calls were placed from. Realizing the location, the police set to work to find who might have held them captive.

Fortunately, the police were able to reach the property of Todd Kohlhepp, who was the brain behind the kidnap. Police searched the place and found Kala chained up in a locked metal container. She was chained around her neck and ankles. Shocking! As you read on, we still have to tell you what Kala Brown net worth is.

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How Did Todd Kohlhepp and Kala Brown Meet?

You will be shocked at how the two met. After her rescue, Kala revealed how she had known Todd for years. She had even worked for him as he was a real estate agent who had employed Brown to clean houses he was inspecting or in charge of. So, it was all good and acceptable until Kala decided to do some landscaping with her husband.

Todd shot Charlie thrice on his chest while he cuffed her and took her into a container on getting to the space. So, how was Todd able to conceal the car Kala and her husband brought? He sprayed the car with a different color entirely and hid the vehicle with tree branches. In her narration, Kala said she was fed once a day at around 6 pm for almost two months.

Aside from depriving her of food and freedom, Todd regularly sexually assaulted her, even on her period days. Then, to silence her mouth, he would take her around the property showing her graves, just so she doesn’t say anything.

Kala Brown’s Mother Gave A Different Story

When interrogated, Brown’s mother said that Todd didn’t want to hurt Kala. She claimed that Todd didn’t abuse her at all. It must have been difficult for Kala’s mother to have contrasting stories with her.

Where is Todd Kohlhepp Today?

With police investigations unwrapping the evils of Kohlhepp, police found out that he had committed seven murders to which he confessed. These murders include quadruple homicide. Where is Todd now? He was sentenced to life imprisonment for his crimes.

Before then, Todd had been killing since 2003 before the authorities finally nabbed him in 2006. You can catch the full documentary of his life and crimes on CBS 48 Hours.

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Where is Kala Brown Now?

After her rescue, Brown was taken to a psychiatrist to evaluate her mental health and to undergo therapy. No one would want to be in the shoes of Kala Brown with all the horrible things that happened to her. Today, Brown has volunteered to work as a victim’s advocate.

What is Kala Brown Net Worth?

Kala received $6 million from Todd’s estate as damages in August 2018 after the court ruled in favor of her. So one can say she is $6 million richer, which is a lot for Kala Brown net worth. Initially, Brown asked for $360 million, which according to her, would cover her pain, suffering, mental health, and other stuff.

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Kala Faces Another Tragedy

In 2019, Kala’s partner Adam Mayson was found dead. Investigations would later reveal that Adam died of the self-inflicted knife, ruled off as suicide. Another heartbreaking problem for Kala, who was in a severe state of life or death only three years ago. As if that was not enough, in July 2019, Kala and her boyfriend, James Moore, were arrested for domestic violence.

Again, you can attribute this trend of violence to trauma on the part of Kala. According to sources, the love birds had an altercation that became fierce. They have separated, and today, Kala lives with her daughter. She is also in a new relationship, the details which we do not have as she has gone private about it.

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Today, while we cannot ascertain the actual value of Kala Brown net worth, we know she is doing fine, and hopefully, she is recovering from the mental anguish she faced all through the years.

It must be really hard to deal with all of that and not have been traumatized. Yet, somehow, Kala has been able to find strength in places we do not expect, and we love it for her.

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