Megan Fox Thumbs, Age, Weight, Height, Husband and Bio

The internet is obsessed with Megan Fox thumbs, and no matter how the news tries to go away, it always finds its way back into the mainstream. The Transformers star has already accepted the genetic condition science calls Brachydactyly. Megan’s thumbs are stubbier and flatter than the regular thumbs we are used to.

There are names for it; some call it the carpenter’s thumbs, toe thumbs, and other names. Some of these names can come off as insulting also. For some people, the idea of having a stubbier thumb may come off as deprecating but not for Megan Fox, who is one of the most popular women in the world today. 

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Megan Fox thumbs have nothing to do with her meteoric career, which has continually blossomed over the years. Every year, she is recognized as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and everyone can attest to the fact that Fox is pretty.

But, also, we need to talk about the longevity of Fox’s career. For more than 15 years now, Megan Fox has remained in the news. But, if it isn’t about her controversial takes, it is about her marriage or her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. 

Who is Megan Fox?

A Chinese millionaire once offered to pay $3.7m to have sex with Megan! Yes, you read that right! It is how attractive she is to a lot of people. Megan Fox is an American actress model known for her roles in Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, How to Lose Friends And Alienate People, New Girl, This is 40, among many other films she has featured in. She has also featured consistently among the top models in the world. In 2008, she was named the Sexiest Woman Alive 2008 by FHM. 

megan fox thumbs
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For years now, Fox has been the face of several brands, and she has become the ambassador of many multinational corporations. However, it looks like Megan Fox thumbs have nothing to do with her personality.

Even though the internet is awash with several individuals who made a meal of Megan’s condition, it still has not fazed her. Megan has talked about her thumbs with enthusiasm before. It is just a genetic condition that she has no power over, and we agree. 

What Caused Megan Fox Thumbs Condition?

Fortunately, Megan Fox thumbs are not unusual. While it may not be common, she is not the only one who has that condition. It is a condition scientists refer to as Brachydactyly, which means short bones in the fingers and toes. Several types of Brachydactyly have emerged, but Fox’s type is known as the type D.

Rumors have surfaced claiming Megan Fox has six fingers. This is not true, as having a stubbier thumb does not equate to having more than the required fingers. Nobody knows what causes this condition. Medical reports suggest that it is a genetic disorder. There are some theories; however, that try to explain the reason. One of those theories suggests that the mother’s intake may cause the condition during her pregnancy. There is no finality to this, as there is no medical proof, so it is just a suggestion. Fortunately, this condition has no known negative effect, so it usually does not require any treatment. 

Megan Fox is Not Ashamed of Her Thumbs

Even though Fox believes that her toe thumbs are fat and weird, she is not ashamed of them. She didn’t cause it, so why should she feel bad because of it? Some people may try to hide their fingers from the camera but not Megan. She doesn’t hide their fingers, and many people since noticing the toe thumbs have trolled her, but she is unfazed by the number of trolls she receives daily. Megan Fox thumbs are as natural as natural can get, maybe not the regular but natural. 

Where is Megan Fox Now?

Fox is currently in a relationship with Machine Gun Kelly (MGK). Before MGK, Fox was in a relationship with actor Brian Austin Green. But after years of marriage, they called it quits. Since then, both have moved on. 

You can also read about Megan Fox son, Noah Shannon Green here.

Did Megan Fox Thumbs Affect Her Career?

Fortunately, Meghan Fox thumbs have nothing to do with the spectacular talent in there. For years now, Fox has remained relevant in Hollywood – you don’t get that with just your beautiful face. So surely, Megan Fox has some talents in there. This is what has opened ways for her. 

megan fox thumbs
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While she still gets trolled for her thumbs, Meghan Fox has remained unfazed by the tirade of comments about her toe thumbs. She is a reminder of being resolute despite a physical flaw.