July 22, 2024

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Who is Gad Saad wife?  Gad Saad is a Lebanese-born evolutionary psychologist who is based in Canada. He is famous for his works of evolutionary marketing theories and hilarious column for Psychology Today.  He is also influential on social media with a total of 400k followers on Twitter, over  20k followers on Instagram, and  225k subscribers on his  YouTube channel.

 Gad Saad
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Like most celebrities and social media influencers, Gaad Saad has managed to keep details of his personal life private. Hence, to this day, fans and foes alike do not know who Gad Saad wife is. However, sometimes back, he posted a picture of his wife’s rare view which also makes it difficult to identify Gad Saad wife off the chart. 

Who Is Gad Saad Wife?

Gad Saad wife identity is still a mystery to this day despite being married for over 23 years now. Though she has a Twitter account, the account is set on private for reasons best known to her.  Only her back view has been seen from the picture Gad Saad posted in the past. However, it is known that she has a slender body and lusciously curly hair. 

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Is Gas Saad Wife Jewish? 

Still trying to discern the identity of Gad Saad wife, fans have queried if she is also Jewish. But that too is still a mystery. However, it is known that Gad was born in 1964 to a Jewish family in Beirut, Lebanon. shortly after the Lebanon civil war when he was barely 11 years old,  his family relocated to  Quebec, Canada, in search of greener pastures. It is also known that Saad attended McGill University, where he had his MBA before moving to  Cornell University for Masters and Ph.D.  After several years of studies and hard work, Gad Saad is one of the most renowned Psychologists and authority figures in the field. 

Gad Saad Met His Wife At The Gym

Gad Saad is very pleased and proud of his wife and he never passes an opportunity to gush about her. According to his article in Psychology Today on how he met his wife, Gad has been married for 20 years now. He first met her while he was at a gym.

But things would work out in his favor when he networked with the president of a telemarketing firm who would later invite him to give an in-house executive seminar. Luckily for him, he bumped into his wife in the elevator that day. Although he didn’t have any intentions to wife her on their first meeting. But for some reason, her presence became recurrent as she saw almost everywhere he went from then on. 

 Eventually, they moved from distant acquaintances when a mutual friend of theirs hinted to Saad that the woman was interested in meeting him. And in no time, they met, and the rest they say is history. For Gad Saad, it was love at first interaction. He was awed at her depth and composure. 23years later, Gad Saad is still drooling in love with his wife whose identity is still a mystery to the public.

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Gad Saad Has Been Married To His Wife For 23 Years

Unlike most celebrities whose marriages don’t last long, Gad Saad has been married to his mystery wife for 23 years now.  He said the secret to his lasting marriage is a lack of jealousy problem. In an interview on the Joe Rogan podcast, Saad said jealousy has never been an issue in his marriage.  This is because he and his wife shared a code that withheld them from testing their love by ‘triggering each other’s jealousy.’ He also believes that having shared values has helped to prevent divorce. 

Is Gad Saad Wife Gay? 

the only picture of Gad Saad wife that has been seen is a  Twitter post of f himself and his wife on a walk In September 2020. The picture sparked diverse reactions from fans including one where he was accused of being a homophobe.  To counter the accusation, Gad revealed that his wife is a biological female but self-identifies as a Korean man. Hence he is in an interracial same-sex marriage. 

Gad-Saad wife
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This further complicates the rumors around Gad Saad wife. But notwithstanding, Saad holds no grudges against the LGBQ+ community. In  a thread he wrote in October 2021, Gad addressed the issue of inadvertently using the wrong pronouns to describe someone as an offense:

“My wife walked up to the server at our local cafe. The person was possibly transgender. She wanted to engage the individual but was frozen in fear that she might use a pronoun that might offend. Therein lies the problem with this language policing.”

How Many Children Does Gad Saad And his Wife Have? 

Gad Saad is pretty guarded when it comes to details about his personal life, especially his family. In their marriage of 23 years old, it is unclear how many children they have together but reports say that they certainly have a daughter. And like Gad Saad wife, basic details like their daughter’s name, age and the likes are unknown.

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For whatever reason Gad Saad has decided to keep his wife’s identity under lock and key, we do hope he is genuinely happy in his marriage and hopefully, we get a face reveal in the future.

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