May 24, 2024

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After the death of their mother,  Betty Gore in 1980, where are Bethany and Alisa Gore now?  At tender ages, Bethany and Alisa Gore witnessed the death of their mother by her close friend Candy Montgomery. On the night Candy stepped down at Betty’s house to get a  swimsuit for Alisa, who was to spend the night with Candy’s children.

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Upon her arrival, Betty quizzed her about her relationship with her husband, Candy admitted to it, and out of rage, Betty went in to get an ax. But things took a different turn of events when that resulted in the death of Betty leaving 1-year-old Bethany all by herself in her crib. To this day Bethany and  Alisa Gore now bear bad blood with Candy Montgomery as they strongly believe that her acquittal was totally unjust even though it was on the grounds of self-defense.

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Bethany And Alisa Gore Now Grew Up With Their GrandParents In Norwich, Kansas

After Candy’s trial, Bethany and Alisa Gore were now granted custody to their father Allan Gore, and his wife but eventually, custody was withdrawn to their grandparents because their father maltreated them. Their grandparents raised them in Norwich, Kansas where their mother also grew up.  Bethany and Alisa Gore attended Norwich High school. 

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Bethany And Alisa Gore Now Estranged From Their Father, Allan Gore 

Before custody was withdrawn from Allan Gore, he maltreated the girls horribly alongside his new wife.  The girls reported that he would make them take cold baths as a form of punishment and also deprive them of food.  Apart from cheating on their mother which led to their untimely death, Allan Gore is also a failed father hence his estrangement from Bethany and Alisa Gore now. Although he is friends with the girls on Facebook and comments on their photos once in a while, Bethany and Alisa Gore are still at loggerheads with him. 

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Where Are Bethany And Alisa Gore Now? 

Upon her graduation from Kansas State University where she studied accounting. Alisa got married to John Harder. The couple currently lives in Kansas with their two children, Sam and Jacob. Bethany on the other hand took the same path as their late mother by becoming a teacher after graduating from Wichita State University. She is currently an assistant principal at Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas. 

 Like Alisa, Bethany is also married with kids. Her husband is Chad Mickey. Their first child Josie was born in 2013, he shares a birthday with Betty Gore. And in honor of her mother, she named her second child  Betty in honor. Then in  December 2019, they welcomed their last child Henry.

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Eventually, after the gruesome death of their mother, Bethany and Alisa Gore turned out fine. They got decent education and are currently managing their induvial families in peace. However, their relationship with their father. Allan Gore is almost nonexistent.

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