July 22, 2024

Victoria Granucci was quite popular before, but her marriage to the Grammy award-winning singer, John Mellencamp shot her fame to heights she didn’t see coming. While most people want fame and all the attention that comes with it, Granucci would rather be behind the spotlight doing her thing.

But, her association with a legendary singer like Mellencamp means that till leaves this terrestrial ball of earth, people would always want to know who she is and how she is related to the famous singer John Mellencamp. She can’t hide from it now. It is a given.

In this article, we would reveal the relationship she had with John Mellencamp, her personal life, and everything about her career. 

Quick Facts About Victoria Granucci

  • Name: Victoria Granucci
  • Birthplace: Burbank, California, United States of America
  • Birthday: November 26, 1958
  • Profession: Actress
  • Famous for: Ex-wife of John Mellencamp
  • Hair color: Blonde hair
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American

A Look At John Mellencamp’s Ex-wife 

There is no information about who Granucci’s parents were or her siblings. Victoria Granucci was born on November 26, 1958, in Burbank, California USA. Her parents’ names, professions are now known. In simple terms, there is no information about her family background.

We know she didn’t go to college and only finished high school. She attended Glendale Adventist Academy and matriculated in 1976. From a younger age, she always wanted to be an actress, and the moment the opportunity presented itself to her, she took it with both hands. In her early career, she was used as an extra in sets of films and movie videos alike. Some of these films include Fantasy Island, Charlie’s Angels, CHIPs, Grease, Love Boat, and a host of others. 

In later years, she would appear on the music video of the song, Jack and Diane of her husband. This video shot her to fame. 

Who is John Mellencamp, Victoria’s Ex-husband?

John Mellencamp is an American singer born in October 1951 in Seymour, Indiana USA. He grew up in Indiana. He attended Vincennes University. As a young boy, he was fascinated with music and joined various local bands, performing in local events. His first album “Chestnut Street Incident” released in 1976 became a hit and announced him to the world of music. Since then, Mellencamp has released 24 albums and won so many Grammy nominations, eventually winning the award in 1983. Mellencamp has sold more than 40 million copies of his music worldwide. 

Currently, John holds the world record for the biggest number of songs on the top position in the Hot Mainstream Rock Track chart by one person. 

Mellencamp has had three marriages, with the last ending in 2010. He has five children and many grandchildren from the three marriages. 

How Victoria Granucci and John Mellencamp Started Dating

This may sound weird but John first saw Granucci on the wall of a friend’s house. At the time, he was going through a turbulent time in his marriage with his first wife, Priscilla Esterline. So, he requested a blind date with Victoria Granucci and got it. This all happened in 1980. After the date, the duo felt a mutual likeness for each other and developed feelings for each other. The following year, Mellencamp divorced his first wife and started dating Granucci. 

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They married that same year and had a daughter, Teddi Jo Mellencamp same year too. After four years, they had their second daughter, Justice, who was born in 1985. For John Mellencamp’s fans, their relationship was the ultimate goal. 

Why Did They Divorce?

For celebrities, the fact that they have to deal with a lot of fans who may be obsessive about them makes them vulnerable. In one of his tours, Mellencamp cheated on Granucci. This infidelity was tough on Victoria Granucci and she just couldn’t find it in her place to forgive him. She was 31 years old. She then insisted on a divorce, which John Mellencamp reluctantly agreed to. In 1989, the couple officially divorced.

In subsequent interviews, John said it was one of the most regrettable decisions of his life. However, after some years, John remarried in 1992. This would become his third marriage. Her name is Elaine Irwin. He was married to Irwin for 18 years before a divorce came in again in 2010. In between, Mellencamp also dated Meg Ryan and Christie Brinkley.

Is Victoria Granucci Married Again?

After her divorce when she was 31 years old, Granucci vowed not to marry again. So, she enjoys the company of her daughters and grandchildren. She regularly posts pictures of her family on her Facebook page. However, in recent developments, it looks like Victoria has found love or not. But recent posts from her show that she seems to be dating a man who goes by the name John. She hasn’t for once dropped his surname. Also, she hasn’t confirmed if they are dating. 

Victoria Granucci’s Daughter is an Actress.

Her daughter, Teddi Jo is a cast member on the widely acclaimed series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is one of the stars of the show. Hopefully, she reaches heights her mother couldn’t reach in the entertainment industry. Teddi Jo Mellencamp is happily married to Edwin Arroyave, CEO of a home security company.

Granucci’s other daughter, Justice, is a professional hairdresser. 

Even though she isn’t married to Mellencamp, Granucci is close friends with Mellencamp’s sister, Lynn. The two still see each other. For John Mellencamp, he still checks upon his children and keeps a pretty close relationship with all of them. Also, Victoria and John still keep in contact with each other and remain friends. 

Is Victoria Granucci Active on Social Media?

Apart from Facebook where she seldomly lists on, blonde-haired Granucci has no social media presence. John Mellencamp has a lot of followers on his Instagram account. Her daughters also have a lot of followers on their social media platforms. 

Victoria Granucci’s Net Worth

Her divorce settlement definitely has a say in her net worth. Reliable sources say her net worth is $2 million. Granucci currently works in the Reilley’s North End Pub somewhere in Hilton Head. John Mellencamp has a net worth of $25 million, authoritative sources say. 


Victoria Granucci’s decision to remain single may be the best of her life as she looks good and doesn’t have to deal with the stress of being married. Her daughter, Teddi Jo is doing well in the entertainment industry, she is happy. She is currently in Hilton Head, South Carolina.