April 18, 2024


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It is most likely that if Annabelle Selleck had not married the popular actor, Kevin Selleck, we would probably not be talking about her today. In fact, even as she is famous, there are details about her that are sketchy. There are many conflicting reports about what she does on the web. This is because she hasn’t particularly granted an interview that would quash the varying rumors about her, hence, the speculations that are growing in number by the day.

While we have tried to dig information about her for you, we still believe there is a lot about her that can only be known when she comes out of her privacy. However, when someone decides to be private about their life, it is either they don’t want the celebrity status or they cannot handle the pressure of the paparazzi. For Annabelle Selleck, we strongly believe, she is just a private person and we will tell you why we think so.

It is not only the intricacies surrounding her relationship with American star, Kevin Selleck that is shrouded in privacy. There is actually no information about Annabelle Selleck’s background. 

What Was Annabelle Selleck’s Childhood Like?

Definitely, two humans birthed her, no doubt. There is absolutely no doubt about that. But what there is doubt about is, who were her parents? So many speculations have been made about who her parents are but to date, none has been verifiable yet. There are no details about what her childhood looked like. We do not know who her siblings are. Her education achievements are also not accessible. This is some level of privacy if you ask us. Then again, she doesn’t owe us any information if we are being honest. We are only curious about who Kevin Selleck’s wife is. Fans are justified in wanting to know who their favorite actor really is. 

The Career of Annabelle Selleck

While there isn’t a lot of information about her before her marriage to Kevin Selleck, we do know she is sought after in the wardrobe business. She is a costume and wardrobe manager for movies. If there is any doubt about this as her profession, we know she was the wardrobe manager for the Australian television medical drama, All Saints in 1998. She must have other jobs too. 

Who is Kevin Selleck?

Kevin Selleck is an American actor and occasionally a musician. As a young boy, he was faced with daunting challenges but his relentless determination saw him overcome all of them. For a young boy whose parents divorced while he was just learning about life, it must have thrown him off balance, but, after his mother married the popular actor, Tom Selleck, things began to turn around. 

While he fought demons of his own in becoming what he is now, his story is one that puts the spotlight on perseverance. Born Kevin Shepard in 1966 in the United States of America, he later needed to change his surname to “Selleck ” a show of appreciation to his step-dad who took him in as his real son. With a height that commands admiration, Selleck would have been the delight of modeling agencies, which we believe he would have excelled at, but there was only one thing on his mind; acting. 

Annabelle Selleck
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Growing up, he joined a rock band, where he played the drums. But, the constant haggle associated with bands, saw his band split up, just when attention from the American public became intense. Then acting came in. Kevin’s rough-looking handsomeness has seen him preferred for roles that typified the character.  He made his film debut in MagnumHe has gone on to feature in several films. 

Annabelle Selleck is the Daughter-in-Law of Tom Selleck

Widely referred to as one of the foremost modern actors, Tom Selleck has been in the acting game for years. He is an American actor, producer, entrepreneur, film director, and many more. Before his foray into film, he was a member of the California Army National Guard. We can say he is a veteran. His roles in P.I, and TV series Magnum among many other shows is testament to his impressive acting skills. The captivating delivery of his roles has earned him several awards. 

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Tom Selleck was born on January 29, 1945, in the US. 

The American actor has married twice. His first wife was Jacqueline Ray, a fellow actor. They met in a show and fell in love with each other. They tied the knot on May 15, 1971. Kevin Selleck, who is the son of Ray, was then adopted by Tom. Tom and Ray’s marriage was once regarded as perfect but as is customary of celebrities, the marriage didn’t last long. In 192, the couple divorced. However, Tom has moved on to marry Jillie Mack. They are still together after three decades. 

Annabelle Selleck
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Annabelle Selleck Mother-in-law is in Jail

Jacqueline Ray, the mother of Annabelle’s husband is serving her eighteen years jail sentence after charged with third-degree murder. She was said to have hired a gunman to kill her son-in-law, the consequence of her serving jail term. 

How Did Annabelle Selleck and Kevin Selleck Meet?

While there isn’t so much information on the timeline of when they dated, we know the couple married each other in 1986 in a private wedding ceremony. They have six children. Selleck has found a way not to allow his private life to get into the public light. He has quite effectively separated his professional life from his private life. Details about his six children are not fully out there. 

Kevin Selleck’s Net Worth

Kevin Selleck’s net worth is estimated to be around $18 million according to a reliable source. 

What is Annabelle Selleck Net Worth?

There isn’t a profession that is specifically named to her. She looks like someone who can handle anything in what she is versed in well. Due to her affiliation with Kevin, her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. 


Annabelle Selleck has selectively decided that living a private life is the best option for her. While her husband is out there in the open, she has decided to be his support behind the curtains.