June 20, 2024
Stephen Baldwin wife

Who is Stephen Baldwin wife? The marriage of Hailey Beiber (née Baldwin) to pop sensation Justin Bieber has heightened the curiosity about who Hailey’s mother is. Fans want to know who her family is, how she grew up, and everything that relates to her. We guess this is the price celebrities get to pay for their fame. Stephen Baldwin is a household name and has been in the entertainment industry for as long as possible. So, who is Stephen Baldwin’s wife, Kennya? Dive in and read facts that you probably haven’t heard about her before. 

Stephen Baldwin wife
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Kennya Baldwin is a graphic designer and artist. She and Stephen married in 1990. So the couple have been together for three decades. According to Stephen, the moment he saw her, he just knew that they were meant to be. He didn’t need any conviction; he knew what he wanted and saw what he wanted in her. Ever since they first met, they kept in touch, fell in love, and married each other. Today, they have two children who are equally doing well in the entertainment industry. 

Is Kennya Baldwin the Mother of Hailey Baldwin?

Kennya and Stephen Baldwin have two daughters together, Hailey, 24, and Alaia, 28. Today, Hailey is a popular supermodel featured in some of the grandest fashion runways. She has modeled for big fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Gucci, among many others. While the spotlight may have shifted on Hailey because of her marriage to pop icon, Justin Bieber, let’s not forget that her father, Stephen Baldwin is a pretty good actor. 

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The Baldwin Brothers

Stephen Baldwin is best known for his sterling role in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. Stephen Baldwin has five other siblings, three of whom are industry actors. They are collectively known as the Baldwin Brothers. Alec Baldwin is the eldest and the most successful in the industry, starring in blockbuster movies like It’s Complicated, The Cat in the Hat, and many others. 

Stephen Baldwin wife
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Daniel Baldwin, on the other hand, has appeared in a couple of hit movies like Hawaii Five-O, Dynamite, and many others. William Baldwin is also known for his roles in Backseat, Fair Game, Silver, and other films. 

Kennya Baldwin’s Husband is a Jesus Freak

Stephen Baldwin, in an interview, stated that his marriage to Kennya Baldwin had taught him a lot. One of the lessons he learned is forgiveness. He said he could forgive because he is a Jesus Freak. Stephen is the youngest of his brothers, yet his marriage is the longest; this is possible according to him because his wife puts up with him. Also, he believed they were meant to be together. 

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Was Stephen Baldwin Wife Cheated On?

Rumors abound in 2016 that Stephen Baldwin cheated on his beautiful wife. A woman who claimed to be Baldwin’s mistress went to the media to say she had been with Stephen for two years and that they carried out sexual activities with Stephens, never mentioning that he was married. Stephen denied this claim in strong terms. 

Are Stephen Baldwin and Kennya Baldwin Still Married?

Even after the rumors, the marriage of Stephen and Kennya is still in touch. They are happily married and have put away the rumors. Hailey, their celebrity daughter, has also refused to speak about it. The self-acclaimed mistress has also locked her Instagram account. We do not know if the allegations are true, and somehow they were able to reach an agreement, but we know Kennya and Stephen are still happily married. 


Stephen Baldwin’s wife, Kennya, is not one for social media. She doesn’t look like one who likes the spotlight. But, as long as their marriage is fine and she is happy, that is all that matters. 

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