April 16, 2024
John Rose wife

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John Rose wife is a testament that people don’t always practice what they preach especially when it comes to love. John Rose is the U.S. Representative for Tennessee’s 6th congressional district. He married his wife,  Chelsea Doss Rose in January 2011. Since then the couple had maintained a private low profile until recently. 

John Rose
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Given the insane age gap between the couple, the dynamics of their relationship is currently under scrutiny. John Rose wife is almost 25 years younger than him which negates everything that the Republicans stand for. 

They tag people opposing ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bills as child ‘groomers.’  Hence the dicey subject around John Rose’s wife, did he groom his wife?  Kindly read to the end to find out.

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Who Is John Rose’s Wife?  

 John Rose wife is Chelsea Brooke Doss, the daughter of Jeff and Beth Doss in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. She is an alumnus of   Eagleville High School and also a softballer and basketballer.  The couple met in early 2003 when Chelsea was a 21-year-old freshman and John was a 45-year-old volunteer and board member for the FFA from 1996 to 2014. 

Why Did  John Rose Wife Marry Him?

Diverse schools of thought claim that John Rose wife married him for different reasons. Some are of the opinion that she married him under duress or out of pity or gratitude because of the scholarship he offered her. 

 This is somewhat believable because during the annual Future Farmers of America convention in March 2007 Chelsea competed under her Eagleville team that won the State Superior award. In addition to this, Chelsea won the State Job Interview contest which made her the Tennessee FFA Association state president. 

A few months later, she received the Jerry and Betty Williams Rose Scholarship to study at Tennessee Tech award named after John Rose’s parents. Meanwhile, John was the then vice-chairman of the board of the Tennessee FFA. 

To further buttress this point, John Rose wife is vocal about his impact on her life. She always attributes her career success and big moves in life to him.  In her words; John has made everything possible that I’ve done in FFA beyond high school.

John Rose wife
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Did John Rose Groom His Wife? 

Love is like gambling, most times we don’t choose who we get to love or if they love us how we wish to be loved. Hence the typical case of John Rose and his wife. Their marriage has become a matter of national concern because John is a Republican. Though tries to keep his marriage out of the spotlight during his campaigns, somehow, it manages to cycle right back and make the news.

The republicans were brutal in criticizing Justice Ketanji Brown for allegedly giving lighter sentences to child sex offenders.  Hence, their opposition is showing no mercy for John Rose as they believe he is no different because of the 25 years gap between him and his wife.

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While this narrative is not holistically true as John Rose wife consent to the marriage full time. But in all honesty, the power dynamics in the marriage are unequal which is a huge red flag. However,  Their union is deemed legal as they haven’t broken any rules of the Tennessee Tech or FFA policies. 

Chelsea Doss Resumed Office Of The  Tennessee FFA Executive Director In October 2021. 

Shortly after her time at Tennessee Tech, Chelsea became a government affairs specialist at the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association.  She also enrolled for a Master’s education at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  Then a few months shy of her graduation, she became the Tennessee FFA Foundation as Executive Director. In December 20017, she took a four-year-long break which she resumed in October 2021. Though the reason for the break is unknown, from all indications, it was intended to carter for her children. 

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Rose And Chelsae Have Two Living Sons

After they got married in 2011, John Rose and his wife settled down in Cookeville, Tennessee, where they run a farm producing beef, hay, and tobacco.   After six years of marriage, In October 2017, they welcomed their first child, Guy.  Then in November 2019, they had a stillborn child named Mack. Mack was born prematurely and couldn’t survive outside the womb. He died almost immediately after he was born. It was a very tough time for the couple.  Thankfully, in March 2021, they welcomed their youngest child, Sam, who brought so much joy and peace to their family. 

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Contrary to the rumors of John Rose grooming his wife. The couple appears to be madly in love with each other. It is also evident that their marriage is a healthy one, given how much they support and invest in each other. 

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