April 16, 2024
dr cline wife

Who is Dr Cline wife? Many true-crime series on Netflix will send chills down your spine. One of them is the latest offering, Our Father, which is focused on former high-flying fertility doctor Donald Cline. Cline is believed to have gathered over 100 children in the late 1970s and 1980s in Indianapolis. Take a pause and read that again. Yes, you read correctly. How was he able to achieve this? Were it not for Jacoba Ballard, who is said to be the #33 child fathered by Cline; we probably wouldn’t have heard of this chilling story.

So, how did Dr. Cline wife react to this horrific news after living with the man for decades? Who is Dr. Donald Cline’s wife? You will get all the answers you are looking for in this article. 

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The series received many reviews that have sparked debates on who Dr. Donald Cline is, his wife’s thereabout, and if he had children with her. It must have been tough on Dr Cline wife to find out that her husband of years has not one, not two but about 100 children, which he fathered with his sperm. It just hurt. With many viewers talking about the sheer audacity of Dr Cline, many others are sorry for his wife, who found out about all of these. So who is Dr Cline’s wife? Is she still even alive? 

Who is Dr Cline Wife?

There isn’t a lot of information on the identity of Dr Cline’s wife. But we know her name is Audrey Susie. Interestingly, it is claimed that she also received infertility treatment from her husband. The couple share two children; Donna and Doug Cline. In the Netflix documentary, Donald stated that his wife had no idea what he had done, and if she did find out, there would be separation. Unfortunately, the documentary producers did not involve Susie in the filming. 

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How Were Dr Cline’s Actions Discovered?

For years, nobody knew what Dr Cline had done. It wasn’t until one Jacoba Ballard figured out that she had people who looked like her. Ballard then conducted a DNA test to discover that she had more half-siblings than she would have imagined in her wildest fantasies. So she and some of her half-siblings decided to probe further into the cause of this. What they discovered would be one of the biggest shocks in the medical field. 

dr cline wife
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Donald Cline was a respectable fertility doctor in his local community. He opened his fertility clinic in 1979 after he settled in the small town of Indiana with his wife, Audrey Susie, and their two children. From this clinic, he perpetrated the acts of inseminating women with his sperm. He did this for years before he finally retired. Cline has permanently revoked his medical license, and his clinic closed up. 

After discovering Cline’s atrocities, he called in Jacoba Ballard not to allow his wife to know about it as “digging up the past was destroying his marriage as his wife considered his actions adultery.” Somehow, Ballard told Indianapolis Monthly that Cline had found a way to convince his family that he was innocent despite irrepressible proof that he was the culprit

Is Dr Cline Wife Still With Him?

Nobody knows that Susie and Donald Cline are still together. This is likely because Susie would prefer not to be in the limelight. 

dr cline wife
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The whereabouts of Susie, Dr Cline’s wife, are still unknown. For Donald Cline, pictures surfaced of him visiting a children’s school before being shooed away by the school principal. His career is down, and the medical board has annulled every point to him being a doctor. 

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