July 22, 2024

Whether we like it or not, appearances and physique matter when we want to describe the way we perceive others. Moreover, a variety of things serves as a standout feature for different people explaining what we can recall after the first impression.

Whatever the case may be, one can only say what the eyes see. However, for a famous entity like Brian Baumgartner, whatever makes up his physique is an added advantage to his roles and career. Perhaps this is why so many realize virtue in his beam nice smile.

Not only is Brian’s composite personality a contribution to the entertainment industry, but also instrumental in the uprising of other stars. Every quality of his speaks louds to his audience. But recently, a more sudden interest of fans tilted towards his physical attributes especially his teeth and sudden weight loss. Therefore if you are among those interested in Brian’s enduring features then this write up is definitely for you.

What are there to know about Brian Baumgartner? What is controversial about his dentition and weight? Scroll through this piece and find out.

Quick Facts About Brian Baumgartner

Before we talk about the uniqueness of Brian Baumgartner, here is a quick profile of him you should glance through.

  • Name: Brian Bruce Baumgartner
  • Gender: Male
  • Gender Identity: Masculinity
  • Age: 48 Years (will be 49 by November)        
  • Date of Birth: November 29, 1972
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous for: TV Actor, Director
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Celeste Ackelson
  • Height: 6 feet, 1 inch (186 cm)
  • Weight: 95 kg  (209.5 lbs)
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Net Worth: $8 Million

10 Facts about Brian Baumgartner


1. Brian Baumgartner’s destiny was predetermined through accident:

Brian Baumgartner from his tender age was always fascinated by soccer. His father was majorly instrumental to his earliest dreams of being a footballer in the nearby future. Probably today he wouldn’t have been the Brian Baumgartner worth reading about in this article. But, an accident shaped Brian’s future and fine-tuned his interest to what he is now.

The famous American actor and director Brian had his initial sportsman’s dream thwarted when he sustained a fatal injury that necessitated surgery at the tender age of 13. As a result, he couldn’t continue with practice thereby channeling the energy into what made him famous today.

2. Brian Baumgartner is a trained, qualified and experienced actor

With regards to his expertise, Brian started acting from high school. He had his earliest education at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal and the Westminster Schools of which he finished in 1992. In addition, at Westminster, Brian started manifesting roles on staged drama. Furthermore, in the same school, he compiled and completed speech events that took him through his senior level leading him to the finals.

Moving forward, Brian made it into Northwestern University’s High School Institute where he belts his knowledge more in acting and stage performance. Being a boy open to more, he later got admission to study theatre art and major in acting in Southern Methodist University’s Meadows School. He graduated with a colorful result in 1995.

3. Brian Baumgartner Started little before making it big.

Brian had his days of little beginning when he started his profession at theatres. He began his career in Los Angeles at a Hidden Theatre in Minneapolis.  There, he became an Artistic Director. Brian’s professionalism at the Theatre paved the way to other bigger callings in the field even with other theatres.

Few of such included, Guthrie Theatre, Theatre de la Jeune Lune, Children Theatre Company, and others. In addition, only Theatre could not fully maximize Brian Baumgartner’s potential and this precipitated his transition to TV and film roles. Brian appeared on screen first in 2001 when he took the role of Roger in a Romantic comedy “Herman U.S.A.

4. Brian Baumgartner entered Limelight courtesy of his role in single movie          that became a breakthrough.

In the early months of 2005, Brian’s hard work paid off when he took a major role in the movie “The office” as Kelvin Malone. The show became a major hit even though its initial seasons were highly criticized. In fact, the show was tagged the greatest of all time. Furthermore, the plenteous accolades won from the onset of the film sustained Brian’s role in the show throughout its nine seasons. 

Thus the eight years (2005-2013) seasonal show featured Brian in the same role and caused increments in his net worth even after the series ended. Similarly, the film won him and other major actors many awards and nominations.

5. Brian Baumgartner discovered his directing ability along the line in his     career.

While Brian was still in his role in “The Office”, other opportunities for even more roles kept showing up. Some of the films he starred in during this time included “The romantic comedy “Licensed to Wed” of 2007, “Into temptation” and “The Last Push”. Along the line, Brian found himself directing an episode “After Hours” in the eight seasons.

By associated with the “big guys” in the industry, Brian became a famous director. Again, you will find Brian on the all-star celebs team in NBA 2K13 together with other big-time celebrities.

6. Brian Baumgartner develops his funny humors from imitating children.

The comedic actor Brian Baumgartner derives majority of his ability to be funny from children’s sense of viewing things. Brian will always say “I do have a childlike enthusiasm at times. I certainly enjoy life and get pleasure sometimes in childish things.” The famous actor mimics kids to smiles on viewers face.

7. Brian Baumgartner has married twice.


Many people even the famous actor’s fans; do not know that Brian Baumgartner has a history of divorce. Baumgartner first married to a pianist Julia Fisher.  Although Brian is famous for his funny comedic role in films, but guess what, that wasn’t the case in his marriage with Fisher. After his divorce paper with Fisher was finalized, Brian started dating Ackerson.  

From Ackerson’s statement, the actor Brian had made his way to her heart with his sense of humor. This is to say Brian Baumgartner has the ability to make her laugh even in the most serious situation. Perhaps this made their dating bond strong enough and directional. Moreover, the married couple dated a couple of years before deciding to walk down the aisle in 2014.

8. Brian has two children from two different Women.

The union between Brian Baumgartner and the pianist Julia Fisher was blessed with a daughter before their divorce. However, Fisher, ex-wife of Brian decided to go untraceable along with her daughter whose name remained unknown even after her divorce with Brian was finalized. Nevertheless, Brian’s marriage with Celeste was blessed with yet another baby girl, Brylee Bea Baumgartner in 2015. Thus, to Brian, he has two daughters, and to Celeste, She has a daughter.

9. Brian lost weight tremendously before his second marriage in 2014.

After the television series “The Office” that got Brian a fat pocket ended in 2014, his supporters noticed that his physique declined drastically. He seemed to have lost some pounds. This however didn’t go well with fans as they could not help but wonder why and how. Diverse theories and speculations arose leaving many questions on everyone’s mind.

Nevertheless, the actor and director cleared the air attributing his weight loss as a favorable response to his walkout and dieting. This was made captured in his statement patterning his dieting on simple and farm-fresh ingredients. Whichever the case is, one pretty obvious thing is that Baumgartner is looking good now.

10. Brian Baumgartner is a Social being.

The Comedic actor and producer have enormous social media identity. Not only does Brian an embodiment of happiness on the screen, but he also does the same through his social media handles. He manages his media platform personally and takes the avenue to keep close contact with his fans. Furthermore, Brian is active on Twitter and has more than 428.2k followers on Twitter and 854k followers on Instagram.

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Brian Baumgartner Teeth Facts

Brian’s teeth have raised so many controversies from his fans. This is perhaps because of the usual way he expresses joy- having a fantastic dental that brings about an infectious smile. Although many fans speculated that Brian has distorted dentition suspecting it to be the reason he does smile with his mouth open.

Nevertheless, his style of a smile has no link to any incomplete dentition. The truth is Brian has his 32-tooth intact. Though the teeth are just sparely jointed to the gums, definitely is there is nothing wrong with his teeth or dental arrangement.


The American famous Comedic actor and director who earned the name and fame both in theatre and industry takes delight in what he does. Moreover, he has known for his over-emphasized acting style as well as his unique personality. Even more interesting is the fact that regardless of his enormous roles, Brian is also an accomplished golfer. His ideology that “life is too short to spend it unhappy” motivates him to put more smiles on fans’ faces.