July 22, 2024

Sometimes one cannot help but wonder what punctures the love balloons of most celebrities, especially in America. It’s quite pathetic that after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a wedding, divorce becomes the next thing between 72 hours – 2 years. Oh…the life of a celebrity!. 

However, despite the downfall of many, it is quite interesting that the likes of Kelly Wermuth disband the stereotypes surrounding celebs marriages. Kelly Wermuth is popular more as the wife of a celebrity Mike Lookinland than her job as an actress. The couples directly complement each other in every of their endeavor. 

Keep scrolling to the end to learn more hidden facts about Kelly, her marriage, and her career that will thrill you.    

Quick Facts About Kelly Wermuth

But before getting more detailed, let’s take a sharp look at major demographics of Kelly Wermuth.

  • Name: Kelly Mike Lookinland
  • Maiden Name: Wermuth
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth:1962
  • Age: 59 years
  • Profession: Occasional Actress
  • Height: 5 feet  5 inches
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Nationality: American
  • Country: United States
  • Status: Married
  • Spouse: Mike Lookinland
  • Children: Scott and Joe Lookinland
  • Net Worth: $2 Million

10 Facts you need to know about Kelly Wermuth


1. Kelly is an Occasional Actress who got famous by proxy.

Kelly Wermuth is famous for her short brown hair and thin body. She is popular for her work on Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989), Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988), and Evil Angel (2009). Prominently, the occasional actress became more famous after marrying Mike Lookinland her boyfriend turned husband.

2. Kelly Wermuth entered media limelight courtesy of her matrimony.

Kelly after marrying, Mike Lookinland became even more famous. Unlike Kelly, her husband Mike had been famous from a tender age, thus he seems to carry the savor of influence and rob it on his wife Kelly Wermuth.

3. Kelly Wermuth was in-love with her husband long before the tied the knot.

Kelly has never dated anyone apart from her husband. Mike Lookinland found love in the eyes of the young Kelly and the love was unconquerable. The love had to be permanent, thus the couple covenanted the relationship in 1987. Kelly is happily married and their marriage has passed through the taste of time.

4. Kelly Wermuth and her husband Mike Lookinland are parents of two boys.

Kelly gave birth to Scott Lookinland just three years after marriage her marriage to her husband in 1990. Exactly three years after in 1993, Joe Lookinland, their second son was welcomed into the family.

5. Kelly Started dating at 24 and got married at 25.

For reason only known by the actress, Kelly does not have any record of past relationship with any other than her hubby. She seemed to have waited patiently for 24 years until she found love. In addition, in early years of 1986, Kelly Wermuth met Mike during her side hustle.

The two started being friendly and later made the relationship more defined by dating. Just immediately after a year after meeting themselves, they became assured of their purpose and got engaged then married.

6. Kelly Wermuth Net worth is tied to her marriage.

The actress engages herself in other productive and income-generating works aside from acting. Apparently, a majority of her wealth is connected to her marriage. It is almost a situation of the more the marriage grows in harmony, the more money the couples are entitle to. Currently, Kelly has a combined net worth of $ 2Million with her husband who is also an actor and a business tycoon.

7. Kelly together with Mike procreates a family of actors:

The family of Kelly Wermuth domicile in acting. Beginning from her husband Mike Lookinland to her two children, and even to extended family, all of them are famous actors and actresses. Acting seems to run in their bloodline.  Starting with Mike Lookinland, Kelly’s husband, he is known for his work on The Brady Bunch (1969), The Brady Bunch Variety Hour (1976), and The Way of the Gun (2000).

Furthermore, Kelly’s first son Scott is also famous for Growing Up Brady (2000). Noting on, Joe Lookinland, Kelly’s second child is an actor, known for Unaccompanied Minors (2006) and Everwood (2002).

The trait escalates into even extended family. For instance, Scott and Joe’s nephew, Todd Lookinland is known for his work on Men in Black (1997), and The Matrix Reloaded (2003). In addition, Bailie Breaux who is a cousin to Kelly’s s children is an actress, known for Ember (2013), Outsiders (2016), and Travelin’ Band (2012).

8. Kelly Wermuth is just two years younger than her husband.

Unlike some families in American who are extremist with regards to age gap in marriage, Kelly Wermuth is just two years younger than her husband. Mike Lookinland was born in December, 1960 while the wife Kelly Wermuth came into the world two years after in 1962.

9. Kelly Wermuth and her husband have worked together on a Project in their career.

Regardless of being couples, the two love birds further extend their love vibes outside the home. Lookinland worked as a production assistant while his wife, Kelly wermuth worked as an extra on Halloween 4: The Returns of Michael Myers and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers. One can only imagine how lovely the atmosphere had been when the couples perhaps engaged in some discussion on bed after work towards the success of the project. No wonder their relationship is unshakable till date.

10. Kelly Wermuth had been in her marriage for more than three decades.

The famous couple’s marriage has proven to be unaffected by external pressure. The marriage hasn’t been blessed with female children. Notwithstanding, the couples kept on to their vow till now without any history of separation or near divorce situation. Kelly Wermuth and Mike Lookinland have been married for lovely 33years and counting. This month of May, the couples have celebrated their 34th marriage anniversary.

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Kelly Wermuth better half, Mike Lookinland


This article may be one leg standing if I fail to bring to your perusal brief information about Kelly Wermuth’s better half, Mike Lookinland. Therefore adjust your sitting position and enjoy more of Kelly Wermuth by reading a shot about her husband.

Early Life

Michael Paul Lookinland popularly known as Mike is an American former actor.  Mike is famous for his role as the youngest brother Bobby Brady on “The Brady Bunch” spanning from 1969 until 1974.

Already known, Lookinland was born in 1960 in Mount Pleasant, Utah, which is a small town located eighty miles south of Salt Lake City. In addition, Mike has a younger brother named Todd, who is also famous in the entertainment industry. Lookinland grew up from a Christian family to worship with Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Mike Lookinland is a self-professed, highly motivated person who was known for his focus attitude. In addition, Mike attended the private Chadwick School on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Southern California, and graduated in 1978.


Mike started appearing on a screen as early as when he was 8years old. The earliest career of Lookinland was as a TV commercial actor before he was cast in “The Brady Bunch”. He has naturally sandy-colored wavy hair. But owing to the role he needed to play, he had to have his hair dyed dark brown and straightened to match the part. During the last two seasons of “The Brady Bunch”, his natural hair color was finally allowed to show.

His brother Todd appeared in a “Brady Bunch” episode that served as a start up for series called Kelly’s Kids. This basically was about a husband and wife who adopt three boys, one white, one black, and one Asian. However, the pilot didn’t see any breakthrough.

Shortly after the final season of “The Brady Bunch” wrapped filming, Mike also appeared in the disaster film “The Towering Inferno”. This happened in the early months of 1974 alongside with other famous actors and colleagues handing the same project. In addition, Mike also made appearances in the 1970s TV show “The Secrets of Isis”. Before then, Mike had been instrumental to the voice of Oblio in the 1971 animated film “The Point”.

Furthermore, in the 1988 Mike reprised his role as Bobby Brady to be a “Very Brady Christmas”. Again in the 1990 sequel series, Mike also reprised “The Bradys”, in which Bobby Brady was involved in a racing car accident. This eventually made him a wheelchair user throughout that series.

Going forward, Mike Lookinland spent several years as a television camera operator. In fact, he made an appearance in the 2000 TV movie “Growing Up Brady” as Shorr, and as the camera operator during the Brady Bunch episode “Room at the Top”.

Mike Lookinland as of Today

Mike Lookinland, the American former actor retired himself from show business.  He decided to spend is old days to operates a business that makes decorative concrete in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mike and Kelly his wife base currently together in the same city.


Being a celebrity is one thing, but marrying and being able to sustain a home worth celebrating is another thing. The latter entails more work to some extent than the former. This is exactly what Kelly Wermuth, and the entirety of her marriage represent. Not only has the famous actress and her famous former actor husband scaled through together, but they also brought up their two kids who are now big boys in the industry to follow suit in the same pathway. Regardless of the paucity of information about the actress, the slight seen is worthwhile and has added more accolades to her portfolio.