Michael Oher Wife, Net Worth, Family, Bio, and Career

Who is Michael Oher wife? Initially, fans were fixated on Michael Oher’s career success, ranging from his first round of the 2009 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens to winning the Super Bowl XLVII.  In addition to his football career, he is also a good actor. He featured in the award-winning movie, The Blind Side. 

Michael Oher wife
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But in recent times, the attention on the football player has shifted from just his perfection on the field to his personal life. Hence the rave about Michael Oher wife.  Fans’ curiosity levels about Michael Oher wife skyrocketed eerily because of a  scandalous incident with an uber driver. 

In 2017, a Uber driver named Grima Berkessa called 911 to report Michael Oher and later sued him for $500,000  for assault. In his defense, Oher said that he got physical with him because the driver took a longer road to his destination, Nashville’s local comedy club. So that he could charge more. However, the driver claims that Oher was probably drunk and couldn’t recollect his thoughts because before the trip, he had asked him to follow a  car in front which his wife was in. 

If it weren’t for this instance, there wouldn’t have been any news relating to Michael Oher wife or his personal life.  This article will reveal more facts about Michael Oher wife, Tiffany Roy. Kindly read till the end. 

Is Tabitha Soren Michael Oher Wife?

Because Michael Oher has been very secretive about his personal life, fans were curious to know his wife when the news of the Uber scandal came to light. Numerous women were rumored to be his wife, among which was Tabitha Soren. However, after a continuous digging into the Oher’s personal lives, it turns out that Tabitha isn’t Michael Oher wife. Though she is married to a man named Michael Lewis. Perhaps she was mistaken to be Michael Oher wife because her husband, Michael Lewis, wrote Oher’s autobiography: Blind Side: Evolution of a Game.

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2. Who Is Michael Oher’s Wife?

Fan quest to know  Michael Oher wife can be likened to an ultimate search.  Haven discovered that Tabitha Soren wasn’t Michael Oher wife, so the search went on. And in no time, it was discovered that Michael Oher’s wife is Tiffany Michelle Roy. Other than the already established fact that they are married, there aren’t any other details about their marriage. 

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3. How Old Is Tiffany Roy?

Like her husband, Tiffany Roy is a secretive person. There arent many details about her life in the open. Per her age, rumor has it that she was born in 1992 in Lansing, Michigan. 

4. Tiffany Roy Owns An Online Boutique

Though she assists her husband in running Beat The Odds Inc., a non-profit company, as the Vice-president, Tiffany also owns an online boutique called the Feminish Collection.

5. How Many Children Does Michael Oher’s Wife Have?

The Oher family is really keen on privacy. However, it is known that they are a small family of three consisting of the football player, his wife, Tiffany Roy, and their under 5-year-old son, whose name is unknown. 

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6. Tiffany Roy’s Social Media Handles

Unlike most celebrity spouses who milk the popularity of their partners on social media,  Tiffany Roy lays lowkey.  She isn’t active on any social media platform.Like in real life where she avoid paparazzi and keeps her business under lockand key, Michael Oher wife doesn’t have a digital footprint. 

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The Oher couple are quite secretive. From the looks of things, if there hadn’t been an altercation with Michael Oher and the Uber driver, fans mightn’t had been hinted about  Micahel Oher wife.

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