May 24, 2024
Gilligan Stillwater

HOLLYWOOD, CA - NOVEMBER 04: Gilligan Stillwater (L) and musician Billy Gibbons attendd the Classic Rock And Roll Honour 2014 Award Ceremony at Avalon on November 4, 2014 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Chelsea Lauren/WireImage)

If you are married to someone considered to be one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time, then you are destined to have a feel of the limelight the person is in. This is exactly where Gilligan Stillwater found herself. It may come as a surprise if we told you that this name isn’t her name at birth.

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Anyways, you get to find out all about Stillwater and her relationship with Billy Gibbons, the darling of rock music fans across the world. Who is Billy Gibbons? Who is Gilligan Stillwater? How did they meet? What is each of them involved in? These and more questions are what we answered in this article. 

Quick Facts About Gilligan Stillwater

  • Name: Ellen J. Oetjen
  • Current name: Gilligan Stillwater
  • Date of Birth: March 8, 1965
  • Place of Birth: United States of America
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Height: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Weight: 55 kilograms (123 lbs)
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Profession: Actress

You see Billy Gibbons and he is almost recognizable from a mile out. What is the striking distinct feature that stands him out? His long, brown beard has to be it. Then, there is someone who is absolutely in love with this weird-looking man. This is where Gilligan Stillwater comes to play. 

Who is Gilligan Stillwater?

Born during the Vietnam War in the United States of America, Gilligan used to bear the name Ellen J. Oetjen. Her reason for changing her name is not known but it must have been personal. She was born on March 8, 1965, in Houston, Texas.

There is nothing about her background and who her siblings or parents are. The only reason we are talking about Gilligan Stillwater is because of her marriage to Billy Gibbons. Information about her personal life is not known, likewise, information about her social life isn’t.

She is also not active on Instagram and some other social media platforms. However, we have tracked her Twitter handle where she randomly tweets. 

Her original name shows that she has her roots in North Germany. In simpler words, she must have come from descendants of Germans. 

At this point, it is safe to say, Stillwater is a recluse and only got famous because of her relationship with Billy Gibbons who we understand is close to two decades old. 

Surely, there is a lot to talk about her husband, Billy Gibbons.

Who is Billy Gibbons?

He isn’t just a musician, Gibbons is also a talented actor. Anytime you see someone with the Stetson hat and a full-grown brown beard, that’s definitely Billy Gibbons. He was born William Frederick Gibbons on December 16, 1949, in Houston, Texas. His father Frederick Loyal was a musician. His mother’s name is Lorraine Gibbons. Billy Gibbons took after his father in the music setting. Billy was raised alongside his sister, Pam Gibbons. 

His career was set on the right path with help from his father. Gibbons, a seasoned guitarist, worked with bands like The Coachman, The Saints in his early school days. After a while, he called it quits with these bands and found a band himself called; Moving Sidewalks with  Tom Moore, Dan Mitchell, and Don Summers in 1966. He released his first album titled “Flash” with this band. 

Gibbons’ Professional Career

Three years later, in 1969, Billy Gibbons formed a group with Frank Beard and Dusty Hill called the ZZ Top band. The band has gone on to release several hit albums including Eliminator, La Futura among many others. The ZZ Top has released several singles like The Left Hand Know, My Baby She Rocks, Going Down, Standing Around Crying, La Grange, Second Line, Okie From Muskogee, and many others. Some of these songs have gone to win awards on their own. 

Gilligan Stillwater’s Husband is an Author

With his massive experience, it will not be off point to see Billy Gibbons share his experience in a book. Gibbons has a book he authored titled: Billy F Gibbons: Rock + Roll Gearhead. Many fans who have read the book say it is a loaded book for musicians in the Rock genre. 

Billy Gibbons is an Actor

With a charming personality as his coupled with a distinctive beard, he would pass to be an interesting character in movies. Gibbons has appeared in the Television series Bones. He has also made appearances in Rockin’ Roadsters. The brown bearded actor has also used his voice in shows like King of the Hill and Metalocalypse. 

How did Gilligan Stillwater and Billy Gibbons Meet?

The couple first met each other in the late 80s. Gilligan was only 15 years old, while Billy was 31. Of course, Gibbons didn’t take any advantage of Stillwater then. They admired each other and Gibbons had to wait till when she stops being a minor. What drew Gilligan to Gibbons is the amazing career he had had. After coming of age, the two later got into a romantic relationship. 

One fact is, Stillwater’s grandmother played a huge role in the couple marrying each other. 

After years of dating, the lovebirds tied the knot in a secret wedding on December 14, 2005. As late as this looks like, it was the first time any of them was getting married. They have been married for 16 years and there has not been any rumor about them splitting. 

Does Gilligan Stillwater and Billy Gibbons Have a Child?

The year is 2021 and so far, there is no kid from the Gibbons. It must have been a decision the duo took jointly. It also doesn’t look like there will be any kid from the star couple anytime soon. They are also not young anymore. There is, however, the option of adopting kids if they want. 

Gilligan Stillwater’s Net Worth

Having a man who is wealthy, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if Stillwater’s net worth leaves mouths agape. According to reliable sources, Stillwater’s net worth is $2 million. Her husband on the other hand has a whopping net worth of $75 million. 

Gibbons has a rich collection of cars including the 1962 Chevrolet Impala, the 1948 Cadillac Series 62, 1950 Ford Business Coupe. 

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Gilligan Stillwater and her husband Billy Gibbons are living life with no plans of having a child. The rumor about them having a daughter is false. Maybe someday the couple will have children, that remains to be seen.