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Being the wife of a global star surely has its merits. If you doubt, ask Erin Sutton, the delectable wife of Rock music legend, Paul Stanley. Indeed, Sutton doesn’t like to be seen in public that much but it is an inevitable fact that she can’t miss the spotlight.

If you are a music star, moreso a celebrated musician, you are bound to have fans, it is almost a given. And you know the hassles that come with having fans? You have people prying into everything that happens with you. It can be overwhelming sometimes, but this is the reality. 

Quick facts About Erin Sutton

  • Name: Erin Sutton
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White.

In this article, we will try to go deeper into the life of Erin Sutton which has become elusive because of her private way of life. She is not interested in being in the spotlight. However, she has to support her husband and this is what she has been doing for years now. While she may not fancy social media shenanigans, she is a strong backbone for her husband’s music which is all Paul Stanley needs from her. 

Who is Paul Stanley?

Paul Stanley was born Stanley Bert Einstein but decided to go with the former name as his professional name. He was born on January 20, 1952, in Manhattan, New York, United States of America to Jewish parents. Stanley can claim Polish as his father’s parents were from Poland.

He can also claim German, because his mother left Nazi Germany for Amsterdam, Netherlands. Stanley’s parents were music enthusiasts and he built his music passion by listening to Beethoven. 

Growing up, he joined a local band called Rainbow, but soon after, left to form his band. 

Today, Paul Stanley is a respected American musician, singer, and award-winning songwriter. He is also the co-founder, rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist of the hugely successful band, Kiss. Stanley is credited as being the writer of most of the band’s hit songs. The band’s debut album was in 1974. It generated a lot of rave reviews, establishing the band as one that was here to stay. 

For someone who is ranked as 18th on the list of Top 100 Metal Vocalists of All Time, then you must know he is already an icon in the world of rock music. 

Paul Stanley is married to Erin Sutton and they share an uncommon love that most celebrity couples would want to have. 

Let’s look at some facts about Erin Sutton, Paul Stanley’s wife. 

#1. Erin Sutton Met Her Husband in a Restaurant

Not so many people marry the people they meet in a restaurant or an eatery. A restaurant is a place for what it is for; eating. But for Erin Sutton, her first meeting with Paul Stanley changed everything. It was love at first bite. Pun intended. But it also goes both ways too. Paul in one of his interviews said he was compelled to talk to Sutton and the rest they say is history. 

#2. Erin Sutton Met Paul When He Was Fifty.

We are sure that not in her wildest imaginations would she have thought that she was going to fall in love with a fifty-year-old man at first sight.

Paul must be charming, we think. Or, another reason could be, Paul was already famous, so, feel free to make your deductions. In summary, they fell in love and age wasn’t a barrier. 

Erin Sutton
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#3. Erin Sutton is a Mother of Three

A year after their marriage, the couple had their first child Colin Michael Stanley born on September 6, 2006. The other kids Sarah Brianna Stanley and Emily Grace Stanley were born on January 28, 2009, and August 9, 2011, respectively. Erin also has a stepchild, Evan Shane Stanley, from Stanley’s previous marriage.

#4. If you See Paul Stanley, Then you Will See Erin Sutton.

Do you know how love birds don’t want to be inseparable? Yes, that’s the case for Stanley and his lovely wife. Inevitably, Stanley has to attend award ceremonies and a of those celebrities things, alongside his over the board dressing is his wife. You won’t find them apart. We think this is what has made them bond properly over the years. 

#5. Erin Sutton Has Been Married For 16 years

After dating for several years, the duo finally tied the knot on November 19, 2005, at Ritz-Carlton Pasadena, California in the presence of friends and family. They have not looked back since then. Moreso, there has not been any news of divorce as they have maintained a close relationship with each other while raising their children. 

#6. Nobody Knows What Erin Sutton Does

You may have seen her make appearances with her husband everywhere, but, no one knows to date what Erin Sutton does as a profession. There have been many speculations about her profession but nobody could pinpoint one. However, it is evident that she gets a lot of love and support from her husband which is welcome. 

#7. Sutton’s Husband Once Had Ear Surgery

At age 30, Paul Stanley had to have surgery on his ear. He had a mishap from a birth defect called microtia but he didn’t operate on it until he was 30 in 1982. What the defect does is that he wasn’t able to hear from that side of his ear. The surgery was done and it required that the cartilage needed was from his ribs. Paul Stanley has also had two hip replacements in his career. 

#8. Paul Stanley, Erin Sutton’s Husband Upgraded his Vocal Chords.

After singing for more than 40 years, Stanley in 2011, decided to have vocal cords surgery. For him, it was to improve his vocals that have over the years worn out. 


Erin Sutton is happy and this is evident when she and her husband come for the awards ceremony. It is true that he doesn’t have any social media presence but she sure has peace of mind and is content with raising her kids.